Best Built-in Oven Brands in Malaysia 2022

With the advent of the modern open-floor plan for kitchens, people continuously search for appliances that offer a compact form and extensive features. One such indispensable kitchen appliance is the oven. In the past, ovens came in large, bulky ranges that ate up much of a kitchen floor space. Thankfully, there are now built-in ovens invented not only for people with limited space but also for those trying to achieve open-floor plans for their kitchen. However, choosing the right one comes down to balancing the budget with available space and cooking needs. Don’t worry, though, as this list of the best built-in oven brands in Malaysia is made specifically to assist you in picking the best kitchen equipment that fits your needs and money.

What are the Top Benefits of Having a Built-in Oven?

In response to the revolutionary changes the kitchen floor plan has undergone, it isn’t surprising that appliances would also undergo the same transformative and innovative evolution. Kitchen appliances now come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. Regardless of the brand and the cost, users can take advantage of the following benefits.

1. Built-In Ovens Provide More Space

The most evident advantage of having your built-in oven is the amount of kitchen floor space you can save. This kitchen equipment is often attached to a compartment on your kitchen wall, usually at around eye level. This ergonomically inspired idea means you can say goodbye to the days of bending down to check the food. Instead, you can monitor your dish in a comfortable, upright position. The risks of spilling hot and heavy dishes out of the oven also disappear since you can now retrieve your dishes and transfer them to your nearby countertop with relative ease.

2. No More Cooking Capacity Issue with a Built-in Oven

Built-in ovens come in various shapes and sizes, as well as how much cooking capacity they possess. It means that they can cater to a wide variety of consumers — from novice home cooks who typically cook at least three meals a day to professional chefs who need an oven with as much cooking capacity as possible to cook multiple dishes at the same time for most of the day.

3. Built-In Ovens Offer Multiple Design Features

When a guest or a new employee walks and sees your built-in oven for the first time, the first thing they will notice is how sleek, futuristic, and sexy it looks. Aside from the eye-catchy aesthetics, these ovens also offer various features like knobs with precision temperature control. It is beneficial for budding chefs who want to strictly follow the temperature of their dishes to the exact detail in their cookbooks. Delay start functions offer convenience for cooks that can’t physically start their ovens at certain times. Ovens with automatic timers shut off automatically either after a dish is cooked or after a certain amount of time. This innovation offers ease of mind to customers who want to ensure that their appliances aren’t only safe but also energy-efficient.

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4. Built-in Ovens are the Safest Ovens

Built-in ovens are generally the safest option among different oven types. First, they are typically installed by professionals. Whether you opt for an electric or gas-powered oven, you can rest assured that your built-in oven is installed appropriately to avoid any accidents or mishaps. Due to how high built-in ovens are installed, children usually can’t access them. Even if a child manages to reach the oven, child-lock features prevent them from turning the oven on and causing harm to people and property.

5. Built-In Ovens are Convenient to Clean

Last but certainly not least is how built-in ovens come in a variety of easy cleaning options. According to a 2020 article, built-in ovens’ cleaning options are generally divided between enamel-coated ovens, steam cleaning ovens, catalytic ovens, and pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens. Enamel-coated ovens, as the name suggests, have been treated with enamel. The enamel makes it easier to clean the oven after cooking. Steam-cleaning ovens use steam to loosen debris, making cleaning easier. Catalytic ovens have chemically treated liners to absorb grease and later burn it off or soften it. Finally, Pyrolytic ovens can safely burn at high temperatures, turning leftover food residue into ash which can easily be wiped off afterward.

Top 10 Built-in Oven Brands in MalaysiaBest Price to Get (RM)
Foster S4000 MWO Built-in Microwave OvenRM5500 
TEKA HBB 635 Built-in Electronic OvenRM3180 
Teka – Steak Master – Built-In Electric OvenRM9350 
Electrolux 53L Built-in OvenRM1285 
Rubine RBO-LAVA-70SS Built-In Oven   RM919
Beko 71 Litres Built-In OvenRM1700
Bosch Serie 2 66L Built-in OvenRM2319
Elba EBO-E7080D(SS) 70L Built-in OvenRM1385
Firenzzi FBO-6010 XP 65L Built-in OvenRM1250
What are the best built-in oven brands in Malaysia?

Top 10 Built-in Oven Brands in Malaysia: Get the Best One for Your Kitchen!

1. Foster S4000 MWO Built-in Microwave Oven

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If you’re in the market for a built-in oven that goes above and beyond what standard ovens offer, the Foster S4000 MWO may be the right fit for you. It features a thirty-two-liter oven capacity, five cooking functions, and touch controls giving it a futuristic feel. Are you bothered about how tough it is to clean? Its pyrolytic self-cleaning function will burn all those worries away, along with the tough grease and stains left behind from an eventful cooking session.

In addition, people with limited kitchen space can benefit from the Foster S4000 MWO with its built-in micro + grill function. So if you want to heat a late-night snack or some leftovers or want to try your hands at being a grillmaster, the Foster S4000 MWO has your back.

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2. TEKA HBB 635 Built-in Electronic Oven

top built-in oven brands in Malaysia

In the market for an oven that performs as well as it looks? The TEKA HBB 635 Multifunction Oven does precisely that. Its stainless steel and black finish give it a sleek and sexy vibe, while eight cooking functions ensure it can flexibly adapt to cooking a wide array of dishes. The TEKA Multifunction Oven also comes with touch controls and an electronic timer that fuses futurism and functionality.

Cleaning is also a breeze with TEKA’s patented HydroClean®PRO system. With just a glass of water, this oven uses steam-cleaning technology to remove surface dirt in both a convenient and eco-friendly manner. Whether you’re looking for aesthetics or an environmentally friendly oven for your cooking needs, you can’t go wrong with choosing this product!

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3. Teka – Steak Master – Built-In Electric Oven

Bestselling built-in oven brands in Malaysia

Are you looking for an oven that can help you make perfectly cooked meats? Then TEKA’s STEAKMASTER Multifunction Oven is what you need in your kitchen. This specialized multifunction oven comes with TEKA’s very own SteakGrill technology allowing the Steakmaster to reach cooking temperatures of up to seven hundred degrees celsius, just like in a barbecue! It also includes a special cast-iron grid with two placement options perfect for cooking different sizes and thicknesses of meat. In addition, the Steakmaster includes twenty different automatic programs that will guide you on cooking time and temperature depending on meat type, cut, and finish. However, the Steakmaster isn’t limited to cooking meat, as it comes pre-loaded with 20 different international dishes with temperature and time guides.

Cleaning has never been so easy with Steakmaster’s Dual Clean technology. Steam cleaning is perfect for daily maintenance, while three different pyrolysis levels turn the toughest of cooking stains to ash. Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, if you want what’s best for your meats, the Steakmaster is your best friend in the kitchen.

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4. Electrolux 53L Built-in Oven

Affordable built-in oven brands in Malaysia

If you’re looking for a budget oven that is simple but can do the job right, the Electrolux 53L Built-In Oven may be the perfect match. Combining classic functionality with a polished and modern look, the Electrolux offers a fifty-three-liter oven capacity, perfect for everyday use or the occasional feast. With its Mechanical Timer Control, the Electrolux 53L makes burning dishes a thing of the past. Fan-assisted heat circulation guarantees even cooking temperature for your dishes, and six cooking functions allow you to cook more dishes for less.

With an enamel interior that repels grease and dirt and removable doors, the Electrolux 53L oven is easy to clean and maintain. If you’re into old-school ovens that can compete with the rest for a budget-friendly price, give the Electrolux 53L Built-In Oven a shot.

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5. Rubine RBO-LAVA-70SS Built-In Oven

best built-in oven brands in Malaysia for homeowners

Perhaps the most budget-friendly option on this list, the Rubine RBO-LAVA-70SS Built-In Oven is ideal for customers that want to pay less without scrimping on features and functionality. You won’t be running out of space for your dishes anytime soon with a seventy-liter cooking capacity. Versatility isn’t an issue either, as the Rubine RBO-LAVA-70SS features eight cooking programs perfect for any of your cooking needs. Mechanical controls give a classic feel, and a timer control function ensures your dishes are cooked on the dot. Plus, with built-in oven lights, you can watch your food as you cook clearly without opening the oven door and lose precious cooking heat.

Rubine RBO-LAVA-70SS Built-In Oven also features an enamel-coated interior and removable oven doors for easy access and a hassle-free cleaning experience.

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6. Beko 71 Litres Built-In Oven

Beko 71 Litres Built-In Oven is the best built-in oven brands in Malaysia for chefs, Are electric ovens good for baking?

Known for their creative cooking solutions, Beko’s Built-In Oven 71 Litres BIM16300XC is their mid-range answer for your cooking needs. Sporting a stylish, sleek, and futuristic design, the BIM16300XC fits perfectly into any modern kitchen. A wide range of heating options is also available. Top heating is ideal for browning dishes, while bottom heating is perfect for pastry bases and plate warming. Fan heating ensures even heat circulation and distribution, perfect for baking and roasting dishes. You can even use all three heating options simultaneously with 3D Cooking, guaranteeing even heat spreading and temperature distribution.

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Cleaning and maintaining this built-in oven is simple and easy thanks to a fusion of catalytic liners Beko’s SteamShine technology. The former absorbs cooking grease and food odors, while the latter uses steam cleaning to soften grease and dirt to transform it into easily cleanable residue.

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7. Bosch Serie 2 66L Built-in Oven

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Sleek and modern, this Bosch Serie 2 66L Built-in Oven is one of the kitchen equipment that is hard to resist. With a 3D hot air system, pop out controls, and three functions, this product is highly recommended for families who love gatherings. 

Among the most notable features of this built-in oven include EcoClean Direct which is an integrated cleaning system. You will also love the cooking functions that can be customized, an electronic programming display, an automatic defrosting system. There are no sharp edges and the lustrous stainless steel material ensures that your purchase is a win-win in terms of durability and aesthetics. The built-in oven comes with standard accessories: enamel baking tray and combination grid.

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8. Elba EBO-E7080D(SS) 70L Built-in Oven

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Elba is a widely appreciated model for kitchen equipment. Its appliances are known for their performance and sleek designs. So, if you want to ensure you’ll get the best value for your money, then pick this product, and there won’t be room for regrets. 

Boasting a capacity of 70L, you have nothing to worry about even if your whole family and bunch of friends gave you a surprise visit. It comes with eight functions, including a full grill and a fan. The top and bottom elements come with a fan as well. The program selection works mechanically and works with an automatic cut-off timer. You will also appreciate this built-in oven’s cavity cooling system, cool touch glass, triple glazed glass door, and LED display. 

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9. Firenzzi FBO-6010 XP 65L Built-in Oven

Firenzzi FBO-6010 XP 65L Built-in Oven is Best built in oven in Malaysia, What brand is good for built-in oven?, Which is best built-in oven?, How do I choose a built-in oven?, Which company is best for ovens?

The Firenzzi FBO-6010 XP 65L Built-in Oven can be considered a necessity for people who love to do outdoor cooking. This versatile product is also a perfect companion for traveling and grilling steaks during fantastic weather. So, if you are looking for an all-rounder, you might want to take a look at this product. 

It comes with eight functions which you can control mechanically. It also boasts a forced cooling and exhaust system that helps conserve energy. The toughened glass casing also ensures the durability of this product from familiar elements. You have nothing to worry about keeping it clean because it comes with an enamel inner tank. You’ll also get one baking tray and one wire shelve as your free accessories when you order this built-in oven. 

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10. LIVINOX LBO-LINOX 9F-75SS Built-In Oven

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Durable both for indoor and outdoor cooking, this heavy-duty LIVINOX LBO-LINOX 9F-75SS Built-In Oven will surely make a significant difference in the way you cook and prepare food. With a 75L capacity, you can even host an impromptu party!

This product boasts nine functions that work mechanically. It also comes with a self-cleaning mode system that can remove all of your worries after a long and tiring day. The black brushed stainless steel frame and removable triple layer glass door ensures that you have kitchen equipment with an impressive aesthetic design and, of course, great functionality. 

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Why Shop for a Built-in Oven Today?

Undoubtedly, modern cooks and chefs have liked the built-in ovens, a highly-considered innovative architectural trend for kitchens. Not only does it give users an unobstructed view of their culinary performance, but it also provides a more streamlined way to maneuver the kitchen during the cooking process. And today, with the increased need to stay at home and cook food, homeowners are also finding the need for kitchen equipment that can make their work relatively easy without compromising the cooking time and quality of the dishes. If you are one of these people, then you’re on the right page as everything we’ve outlined in this review are sure to bring you the utmost service you need.

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