Best Baking Oven in Malaysia

Best Baking Oven in Malaysia 2021

Let’s admit it, with most Malaysians forced or encouraged to stay at home, some of us now have the time to do some home baking. Baking is a good avenue to express our creativity, practice cooking skills and also make delicious homely pastry for the family. We have compiled some of the best baking ovens in Malaysia that you can find online.

Best Baking Oven in MalaysiaRecommended for
KHIND 28L Electric Oven Beginner Bakers/ Cooks
Butterfly 5229 Electric Oven Baking for Small Family
Sharp 42L Electric Oven Frequent Bakers
Nippon Neo A3201 Electric Oven All-round Bakers/ Cooks
Morgan 45RC Electric Oven Power Bakers
Best oven for baking in Malaysia

Advantages of owning a baking oven

Before making that purchase here are some things that you might want to know more about ovens.

  • Most ovens are now multi-functional

Aside from baking, many ovens are now usable in cooking different types of dishes such as roasted chicken, steamed fish, and broiled veggies. It can also save you from purchasing more kitchen appliances like a toaster for example.

  • Most ovens allow you to cook multiple batches at the same time

There always comes a time that your food does not fit in any of your pots and pans, and honestly, it would take you to spend a longer time in the kitchen. With a good oven, you can just put your dishes inside, set the right temperature, and wait until the timer goes off.

  • Most ovens make cooking more even and nutritious

Stovetop cooking requires constantly checking in and adjusting the heat in contact with the pan. This makes some dishes unevenly cooked and more saturated with flavor on one part while the other is slightly burnt or bland. Ovens have multiple heating zones and even convection fans that enable heat to be evenly distributed on your food resulting in a nice crisp and right amount of golden brown texture.

  • Most ovens are safer to use than stovetop cooking

Speaking of stovetops, another advantage of ovens is that most models have timers and temperature controls that make burning accidents from cooking to happen. With the right time and temperature set up, you can go on and spend time on other things such as entertaining guests and maybe setting up the table.

  • Most ovens are easy to clean and maintain

We all know that after all the cooking and eating part, the tedious part of cleaning comes next. With ovens now designed with durable stainless steel and baking trays with non-stick coating. Keeping your kitchen clean and tidy after cooking is now less of a hassle.

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Top 5 Most Popular Baking Oven in Malaysian Households

These electric baking ovens are normally used to bake cakes and even cooking like roasting and grilling. Baking your food gives a fuller taste because it uses its own oil that helps to make it richer and juicier in flavor. Most of the ovens that are listed below are very easy to use and usually fit into any kitchen style. Let us check each of them one at a time.

1. Best Beginner-Friendly Baking Oven

KHIND 28L Electric Oven

Best Beginner-Friendly Baking Oven in Malaysia is the KHIND 28L Electric Oven. We love the tradition Square & Vertical Oven Design and 28 Liter Household Large Capacity. Really handy during big malaysian family gathering. Top & Bottom Heater Selection of 100°C to 200°C Temperature Control. Energy Saving Oven Lamp is also plus point.


  • Has energy-saving oven lamp
  • Has top and bottom heater selection
  • 28L capacity


  • Has no convection fan
  • Not rotisserie equipped

Get started with honing your baking skills with this baking oven from Khind. It comes with a baking tray holder, baking tray and baking rack. It has temperature control from 100oC to 220oC making it suitable for making incredible toast, cake, and pizza.

You can opt to use just the top heater, the bottom heater, or both depending on the dish that you are making. The energy-saving oven lamp allows you to monitor and observe your food during the baking process. It may not have a convection and rotisserie option but this oven can still be used to broil and can keep some of your leftover food warm.

As a beginner’s oven, its overall design is not overwhelming with buttons and functions. It is one of the most user-friendly ovens released in the market. It is also not bulky and will certainly not take too much storage space in your kitchen counter.

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2. Most Efficient Baking Oven

Butterfly 5229 Electric Oven

the Best Efficient Baking Oven in Malaysia is Butterfly 5229 Electric Oven. here is a Brand since year 1935. with 1380 watt and 4 stages function controller. we love the Upper and lower heating elements temperature controllers
The Heater: Upper - 690W and Lower - 690W. cooks cookies really well. best cookie oven in malaysia. a 60 minutes timer selector with auto ringing bell and 20L capacity, it is really suitable for malaysians who are busy or forgetful.


  • 4 stage function controller
  • Timer selector with auto ringing bell
  • Rotisserie and convection function


  • Small baking capacity

Get this durable baking oven from Butterfly for your baking needs. This oven has a convection fan that makes heating inside the oven much even and helps cook food faster compared to regular baking ovens. You can also make the best chicken meals by using the rotisserie function.

Along with the crumb tray, 2 pieces of the baking tray, and baking racks, this oven has a 4-stage function controller to cater to your dish. Never worry about burning the food while you go and do other things because the 60-minute timer has an auto-ring bell to get your attention once done.

One thing that can put you at a disadvantage when you use this oven is that it has a small baking capacity. You might have to choose a small to medium size chicken for roasting and it may take you a few batches of cupcakes and cookies to bake.

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3. Best Quality Baking Oven

Sharp 42L Electric Oven

Sharp 42L Electric Oven is the Best Quality Baking Oven in Malaysia. Malaysians loved the 3-Level Heating + Convection. And sharp brand oven has Longer Cooking Time (120 Minutes Cooking Time). allows you to rest while your dinner is cooked. the Rotisserie Function is reviewed by many people as the best. Multi Function and Temperature range from up to 250 degreeº allows us to cook many different types of food.


  • 3 level heating
  • Longer allowable cooking time
  • Huge oven space for dishes


  • Aluminum baking tray
  • Expensive price point

If you are looking for an oven that allows you to save time in making your baked goodies, check out this baking oven from Sharp. It has over 42L cooking capacity and a huge oven space. It makes it easier to make huge batches of baked goods and at the same time saves you energy too.

The top and bottom heater gives you the result of an even and fast cooking experience. The stainless steel heating element and temperate glass door can manage a maximum heat level for safer cooking. It also makes the cleaning part easier and less of a hassle. You may want to extend a little more patience when cleaning the baking trays because it does not have a non-stick coating.

Another thing that is so great about this oven is that the large capacity does not compromise its compact size. It’s 550 x 327 x 478 unit dimension could still fit in most kitchen countertops Given that it is from one of the best brands of home appliances, its durability and quality has been tested and it comes at a pretty high price. However, with all its features and functionalities this oven would certainly be one of your best kitchen purchases.

4. Best Multi-functional Baking Oven

Nippon Neo A3201 Electric Oven

we consider the Nippon Neo A3201 Electric Oven as the Best Multi-functional Baking Oven. It has Extra Large Capacity: 32L good for the regular big malaysian family with many children and relative. we find it Ideal for Toasting, Baking & Broiling. The Convection Function can Circulate warm air for FAST & EVEN baking. Rotisserie Fuction: Rotates food for FAST & EVEN baking (can grill Chicken up to 3kg). good for pasar malam. 100ºC - 250ºC Temperature Control and 4 stages of switch heating selector: Top / Bottom / Top & Bottom / Off
use the 60 mins Timer with bell ringing & Automatic Shut-off for safety feature. Tempered glass door with heat Resistance function is awesome and loved by our reviewers.


  • Heatproof handle
  • 360o Rotisserie Roasting
  • Multi-layer baking


  • Food may cook slower

This Nippon baking oven is ideal for toasting, broiling, baking, and cooking a scrumptious chicken rotisserie. It has useful accessories for rotisserie such as a rotisserie lifter and skewer. You can also use the baking tray to roast, broil, and bake. The baking rack will definitely be useful for your pizza party.

The heating zone can be adjusted using the function control knob. You can use the top heating, bottom heating, or both heating element zones at the same time. Never worry about the oven overheating because it is specifically designed to release easily.

Compared to using a gas oven, this electric oven takes much longer to heat up and therefore tends to cook food much slower. Other than that, electric oven such as this one from Nippon is much more affordable and easy to install in your kitchen.

5. Best Powerful Baking Oven

Morgan 45RC Electric Oven

The Best Powerful Baking Oven is the Morgan 45RC Electric Oven. It comes with 6 function selector : OFF, both upper & lower heating with convection, upper heating with convection,both upper & lower heating ,upper heating with rotisserie and both upper & lower heating with convection + rotisserie. We love the 60 minutes switch off timer with ring and 100 ̊C to 250 ̊C adjustable temperature selector for various cooking functions in the kitchen. Malaysians also love the 4 pcs Stainless Steel Heating Element that is safe. With inner oven lamp we can see what is going on inside the oven. also comes with Accessories: Rotisserie set, wire rack, 2pcs enamel baking tray, crumb tray and tray handle


  • 6 heating function selector
  • 45L capacity
  • Stainless steel heating elements


  • Convection function may require more energy

Having your own electrical baking oven is definitely an investment. One of the most accessible baking tools is Morgan Electric Oven. It has stainless steel elements that make it easier to clean and maintain. Its 100oC to 250oC adjustable temperature functions using up to 1800W power.

You may have to be prepared with paying an increase in the electricity bill because this oven relies on electricity to function. It also requires a bit more energy when you use the convection function. On the plus side though, the convection gives a huge advantage in getting your dish done in a less period of time. It ensures fast and even heat distribution.

Other than the bills, you will never have the problem of not making the most out of your oven because it comes with all the accessories that come with it such as 2 pcs. of enamel baking tray, baking rack, crumb tray and handle, and rotisserie set.

What type of oven is best for baking in Malaysia

If you are a novice in the world of baking, getting an electric oven is one of the most value for money kitchen appliances that you can have. It can double as a tool to cook scrumptious meals and even a simple toast can be done fresh out of an oven. It is basically a multi-functional tool that would certainly help you show off your culinary skills.

Most of these ovens come with some basic tools such as trays and racks to help you become fully equipped and make the most out of your newly bought oven. You can also monitor your dishes without disrupting the cooking process through its see-through tempered glass door.

So what do you think? Have you found the perfect oven for you on this list? Head on to your trusted online shopping website such as Shopee and Lazada to start your baking and cooking journey.

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