Where to Buy Bicycles Online in Malaysia 2021?

Bicycling is becoming a trend all over the world, especially with public transportation turning potentially lethal as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, so if you’re looking to get into it, now’s a great time to get started.

Of course, before you even think about all the gear you’ll need and all the places you’ll go, the first thing you’ll want to consider is getting your first bike and where to buy it. There are plenty of great bicycle stores around Malaysia, but with the pandemic still raging on and public safety our number one priority, why not explore other, safer, and more convenient options? Getting a bike online might be your best bet.

Should I Buy a Bicycle Online?

While nothing beats paying a visit to your local bike store and taking a look at every single model they have in stock until one calls out to you enough to make you want to get it, there are plenty of downsides, too. Especially when you consider the COVID-related dangers of going out into public spaces and perusing bikes that may have come in contact with hundreds of people over the course of the day, then going in-store may not be the ideal method to acquire your bike of choice. The next best thing? Online shopping.

There are plenty of benefits to buying your bicycle online, and one of the biggest of these benefits is the fact that you’ll have access to a much larger selection of bikes than any single store can match. Online shopping platforms offer bikes from the typically dozens of bicycle stores they’re partnered with, so not only are you getting more options, but you’re also afforded the convenience of delivery, great discounts, and more. Our top recommendations are Shopee and Lazada.

Top 6 Best Bicycles You Can Buy Online in Malaysia

If you’re looking for the best bicycles you can buy in Malaysia – whether it’s in terms of value, performance, features, or otherwise – then you’ll find that there are so many models available across dozens of brands that it might be a little intimidating to choose just one. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of the best bicycles in Malaysia: to help make that buyer decision go a little smoother, and help ensure that you’re getting the bicycle that suits your needs and your budget. Plus, with these bikes, you won’t even have to go out in this pandemic to find what you’re looking for- they’re all conveniently available on Shopee and Lazada – the two most popular online shopping destinations in Malaysia. Read on to find out what’s in store.

6 Best Bicycles to Buy Online in MalaysiaBest Deal
MACCE 26” Foldable Mountain BicycleRM249.90 – RM274.90
TREKING 24” Fixed Gear Bicycle (Fixie)RM275.00
SOKANO OnRush 26” Foldable Mountain BicycleRM323.80
VEEGO 20” 21-Speed Mountain Bicycle for kidsRM150.00
MONTBIKE Kaimarte 26” Fat Tire BicycleRM649.48
POLYGON Cascade 3 27.5” Mountain BicycleRM999.00
Top Bicycle Brands And Prices in Malaysia

1. MACCE 26” Foldable Mountain Bicycle

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Bicycles Price in Malaysia

While foldable bicycles are generally favored by commuters and those looking for a convenient way to travel, there are also some great, sportier options out there that feature the oh-so-elusive portability that a folding form-factor provides. One such bike is the MACCE 26” Foldable Mountain Bike.

With trail-worthy performance and 21 speeds, the MACCE 26” Foldable Mountain Bike is an extremely popular bicycle in Malaysia prized for its versatility and portability. Made from lightweight but durable alloy, this bicycle comes with a 21-speed gear system and 26-inch wheels that’ll let it take on any trail or road.

Of course, with this bike one of the most appealing features is that it’s foldable. While the folding mechanism is sturdy and reliable, it doesn’t fold as conveniently as other foldable bikes that are designed with portability in mind – due largely to the fact that it has bigger wheels that get in the way of portability.

The MACCE 26” Foldable Mountain Bicycle is available in four colors – black, red, yellow, and white – with a choice of either Alloy or Sport wheels.

Macce Bikes are made in China.

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2. TREKING 24” Fixed Gear Bicycle (Fixie)

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Affordable, durable, and versatile, the TREKING 24” Fixed Gear Bicycle is a great fixed-gear road bike for any and all occasions. With a lightweight and aerodynamically-designed bicycle frame made from high-quality steel, this bicycle offers plenty of value and performance for its price. Plus, while fixed gear bikes don’t usually come with brakes, this model comes with a front disc brake for safety and extra stopping power when you need it.

Combining durability and reliability in a lightweight frame and at an affordable price, the TREKING 24” Fixed Gear Bicycle is a popular model that you’ll often see being used in city-streets and trails all over Malaysia. The TREKING 24” Fixed Gear Bicycle is available in four colors: green, red, blue, and orange.

That said, if you’re not familiar with tools or bike assembly, this bike might give you a little trouble out of the box since it requires some minor assembly before use. Of course, for the sheer value you get out of this bike, you can always take it to your nearest bike shop for assembly and still come out on top.

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3. SOKANO OnRush 26” Foldable Mountain Bicycle

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Another great foldable mountain bike, the SOKANO OnRush 26” Foldable Mountain Bicycle may be a little pricier than other options, but with premium build quality and a host of performance-oriented extras, this bicycle offers tremendous value.

Available in three colors – green, white, and blue – as well as three rim options – alloy, sport, and special – the SOKANO OnRush 26” Foldable Mountain Bicycle is a premium foldable bicycle that’s equipped with some great features. These features include double disc brakes for superior stopping power and stability, thickened front suspension fork for additional shock absorption, and a high-carbon steel frame for durable, lightweight performance perfect for cruising.

The SOKANO OnRush 26” Foldable Mountain Bicycle comes with a great folding mechanism – reliable and quick, so setting up and packing up always goes smoothly.

Despite the array of features on this premium foldable bicycle, it may be a little pricey for the performance you get. That said, in terms of value and durability, this affordable bicycle should leave any customer satisfied – whether you’re a bicycle novice or a seasoned enthusiast.

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4. VEEGO 27.5” 21-Speed Mountain Bicycle

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If you’re looking for a simple yet high-quality mountain bicycle that’s equipped with everything you need for safe, reliable performance, then we highly recommend the VEEGO 27.5” 21-Speed Mountain Bicycle. With a solid, rigid form-factor, this bicycle may not come with all the bells-and-whistles of more advanced models, but it’s built well and it’s affordable, too.

With a larger 27.5” wheelset and a durable, heavy-duty steel frame, the VEEGO 21-Speed Mountain Bicycle is a great for intermediate riders who want one of the most reliable, value-for-money bicycles available in Malaysia. Available in multiple colors, including Blue Green, Blue Red, Blue Orange, and Red Yellow), this 21-speed mountain bike offers versatility and an all-new design, making it ideal for everything from your daily commute to your off-road adventures.

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5. MONTBIKE Kaimarte 26” Fat Tire Bicycle

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If you’re looking for a top-notch fat tire bike that offers great value and performance across the board, then we highly recommend checking out the MONTBIKE Kaimarte 26” Fat Tire Bicycle. Outfitted with 26” x 4” Fat Tires, this bicycle offers the heavy-duty performance of a fatty while still providing comfort and aesthetic performance with its attractive looks.

Built with a high-carbon steel frame, this bicycle sacrifices lightweight convenience for heavy-duty performance. Fat Tire bicycles are known for comfortably bulldozing their way through all kinds of terrain, and the MONTBIKE Kaimarte 26” is no exception. From road to track to mountain trail, this Fat Tire bicycle should provide smooth, comfortable performance anywhere.

Equipped with 21-speed Twist Shifters for sportier performance and a front mechanical disc brake and linear pull brake in the rear, the MONTBIKE Kaimarte 26” offers excellent stopping power and control. While fat tires are naturally good at absorbing shock due to their size and thickness, this bike is also outfitted with sturdy shock absorbers.

That said, fat tire bikes don’t specialize in speed, so if you’re looking to get from point A to point B in as little time as possible, then it might be better to check out the other options on this list.

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6. POLYGON Cascade 3 27.5” Mountain Bicycle

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While affordable bicycles from all kinds of brands are available at different price ranges, there’s also a reason why people pay extra for big brand names. The POLYGON Cascade 3 is a 27.5” Mountain Bike, and while it doesn’t offer that many advanced features, enthusiasts still opt for this pricey model because of its tried-and-tested reliability, quality, and performance.

Assembled to the highest standards and made with performance parts, the POLYGON Cascade 3 is a true enthusiast’s bicycle, offering the best blend between high-end performance and value for money. With a sporty ALUTECH frame, performance 27.5” tires, double-wall alloy rims, a 21-speed Shimano shifter, and TEKTRO disc brakes, this bicycle is an excellent mid-range option that performs well on and off the road.

The POLYGON Cascade 3 is available in Red or Cream colors.

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Where is the best place to buy a bike online in Malaysia?

Whether you’re picking it up for your daily commute, your weekend adventures, or as a personal hobby or sport, bicycling is a great activity to get into, especially in this new normal. For whatever purpose, need, or budget, we hope you found the best bicycle for you right here in our handy little guide on where to buy bicycles in Malaysia.

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