What to Do While in Quarantine with Covid-19 Malaysia 2021

Today, we’re still dealing with a global pandemic. While everyone is doing a great job maintaining the FMCO, it’s easy to get bored especially at home. But there are so many things you and your family can do to kill some time and bond with each other! 

What do you usually do nowadays that we’re all stuck at home? Whether you want to do something for yourself or for your family, read along this article and discover some activities you can do while quarantined at home.

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Things to do in Malaysia while quarantined at home

Do you prefer doing workouts? Or do you love cooking? There are so many things you can do now that you and your family are quarantined at home! The choices are almost endless. And we’re here to line them up here for you so you can have an idea how to productively kill some time.

Practice meditation.

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Meditation is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and anxiety and you can easily do this at home. It can give you a calm, peaceful and balanced mind. But these benefits don’t just end once you finish doing your daily meditation.

Meditation will also help you kick start your day and get through it more calmly and help you reduce and manage certain medical conditions if you have any.

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Stay Active, Do yoga.

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The art of yoga is about controlling your mind, body and soul for a better overall emotional and mental state. This is also a great way to combat stress and anxiety brought by the pandemic and FMCO.

Try doing this with your family. There are so many tutorial videos you can try online which both kids and adults can easily follow. And you can start doing yoga with just a rubber mat at home! It’s a low cost and effective family activity you can try.

Stay Physically Fit – Workout, workout, workout.

Now that we’re facing a health crisis, ensuring a healthy body is important. And while everyone is stuck in their homes, it’s time to make yourself productive by creating a workout routine. Start with the basics before jumping to the complex ones.

Just like yoga, you can find so many workout routines on Youtube that even beginners can easily follow. You can also do this with your family! If your house is big enough, get a treadmill!

Learn new recipes.

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Cooking is a great hobby! While it’s a little bit complicated for beginners, there are so many ways on how you can start up. Recipes are available online and they’re easy to follow. In this time of pandemic and FMCO, learning new recipes is a nice thing to do.

Try different cuisines and cook for your family. It’s also better if you’ll discover some ways on how you can upscale your leftovers and turn it into a new dish. And as you go further, you might also discover some ways on how you can tweak those recipes with your own twists.

Or if you are feeling lazy, order food online!

Grow your own Food, Practice gardening.

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For plant and nature lovers, practicing gardening and improving your collection of plants is a great way to reduce boredom in this time of pandemic. You can collect different terrariums and arrange them in your garden for a new look. Revamp your garden or turn your balcony into a vegetable farm.

For simple gardening, you can also find different terrarium designs online which can definitely capture your interest like the Egg Forest DIY Bottle Terrarium Kit. Great fun with kids.

Get Creative, Do art activities with your family.

Do art activities with your family while quarantined at home,

Do you love art? Then your family probably loves it too! There are so many art kits you can find online which both kids and adults will definitely enjoy. This is a great way to bond with your family and start a wonderful collection of artworks.

Try different home bonding art kits and start crafting your first artwork with your family!

Be Productive, Read that book you’ve been wanting to finish.

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Do you have a certain book that you’ve been wanting to read but have no time to focus on and totally immerse yourself in it? Then it’s the perfect time to do that! Read that book you’ve been wanting to finish.

Books exercise your brain, imagination and vocabulary. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, buy yourself a book and get some alone time to finish it.

Buy a book online now!

Keep a journal.

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Jot down your daily thoughts and ideas and turn it into a wonderful collection you can forever treasure. Get a journal and make it your best friend where you can spill everything–like you’re writing in your diary.

But this is not limited to a notebook. You can do this using your tablet, laptop or phone wherever you’re most comfortable writing your ideas on.

Catch up with your family.

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Back in the days when FMCO was non-existent, we used to go out more frequently than bonding with our families. During this time of pandemic, grab your opportunity to catch up with your family.

Have some time to talk to them, ask how they are and how life has been for each of them these past few months. Think of some ways on how you can all enjoy and bond even while staying at home. Make each day count.

Watch movies with your family.

Of course, watching movies will never miss this list! This is the most popular way to kill some time or bond with the whole family. Go get your favorite popcorn and browse through Netflix for a movie!

This is a great way to end your day after doing a lot of house chores. Focus on your family’s favorite genres. You can streamline different genres and decide which one goes for each day just to add some excitement to your family movie day. And of course, try different popcorn flavors to make it more exciting!

Engage yourself in music. Sing a song.

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Music is one of the best things that can soothe a heavy feeling. In this time of pandemic, we all know how hard it is to cope and adjust with the mandatory quarantine. With this, try to engage yourself in music. Practice playing different instruments or just focus on listening to a new genre.

You don’t have to master it all. You just have to learn how to manage stress and anxiety through music.

Find the Best Home Karaoke Systems in Malaysia.

Learn a new language.

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There are so many ways to improve yourself and one of these is to learn a new language. It’s fun and very interesting! Everyone is probably eager to learn a new one, but doesn’t have time to do so.

Take this opportunity to learn that one language you’ve been wanting to learn. You can use different apps you can find online like Duolingo and Memrise. You can also enroll in an online language class if you prefer a classroom setup.

Get you and your family tested.

COVID-19 is not a joke. If you feel any early signs or symptoms, don’t hesitate to get tested. And it’s safer if your family will be tested too, especially those who run errands outside. You can go for an in-home COVID-19 swab test so you no longer have to go out to get tested.

Being disciplined and responsible are key to prevent a massive spread of COVID-19. So if you know you have had direct contact with someone who just recently tested positive, then initiate and make a move to get yourself tested right away.

Why is it important to be productive in this time of pandemic?

Staying at home and not being able to socialize with your friends can sometimes feel toxic and draining especially for a long period of time. So the least that you can do for yourself is to keep yourself busy with the things you don’t usually do before.

Stress and anxiety may arise especially if you’re an extrovert type of person who usually goes out and socializes with other people. But if you let yourself get drained and anxious, you’ll take a toll on your mental health.

Learning new skills and hobbies is always good for your personal development. Bonding with your family strengthens your connection with each and everyone. And of course, workout is important especially today that we’re dealing with a health crisis.

Don’t let yourself get bored. Juggle these new tasks and you’ll eventually find yourself enjoying it. After all, you can still catch up with your friends online. What matters most is to maximize your time at home with your family and make yourself as healthy as possible to prevent any health risk.

What to do while Quarantined at Home in Malaysia

We’ve been dealing with this health crisis for more than a year now. And while it’s still here, make your time at home worth it. You don’t just bury yourself in your bed all day long. You want to make the most out of it. So do whatever you can to make yourself productive and find new interests that can boost your motivation.

What do you usually do to kill some time at home? Do you find the same activity in this list? Then you might want to incorporate more out of all these activities! Take your time and try different things and let yourself discover where you’ll enjoy the most.

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