What to Buy For Friend’s Birthday in Malaysia 2021

It’s always thoughtful to give your friend a special gift especially on his or her birthday or other special occasions. While there are so many items available in the market, it might be difficult for you to choose which one totally suits him or her. So when looking for a gift idea, try to consider your friend’s interests so you can ensure he or she will really appreciate it.

Don’t know what to give your friend? In this article, we’ll give you a comprehensive list of gift ideas you can choose from.

Get The Best Gift for Best Friends in MalaysiaPrice

Silver Plater Charm


Photo Frame


Insulated Tumbler Coffee Travel Mug


Ceramic Color Coffee Mug


Hanging Photo Display


Expanding Photo Locket Necklace


Fujifilm Single Use Disposable Film Camera


Handmade Traveler’s Notebook


Fujifilm Instax Camera


Air Humidifier

What can you buy for your friend’s birthday?

Top 10 Best Gifts For Your Friend In Malaysia

Your friend deserves a treat from you whether it’s his or her birthday or whatever occasion it is. And discovering his or her interest is important so you can find the gift that will definitely be useful for him or her. Use this guide to get some idea if you’re thinking of the perfect present.

Silver Plater Charm

What to Buy For Friend's Birthday in Malaysia? Bamoer Silver Plater Charm is a good present to Buy For Friend's Birthday in Malaysia

One of the best gifts your friend can receive is a charm especially if she’s a she. Bamoer Silver Plater Charm is a cute bracelet you can give her. You can also get yourself one so it can serve as your friendship bracelet.

This pandora lookalike bracelet comes with a heart pendant and cherry blossom charm that’s perfect especially if your friend has a love for Japan. It’s made with pure silver plate, copper, alloy and glass beads and is perfect for events like parties, weddings or even just for a casual day. This is definitely a must-have in your options if you’re looking for a great gift idea.

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Wooden Photo Frame

Umbra Prisma Photo Frame is the Best Gifts for your Best Friends, let him place your picture of you and him or her right beside her bed,

Memories are treasure and you must keep every bit of it in any way you can. The best way to do this is to gather photos and display it in a beautiful way. Urban Prisma Photo Frame is a picture frame like no other.

This geometric photo frame comes with a unique shape and style that’s perfect for your bedside or study table. It also fits minimalistic themes with pastel shades of wall paint. Make your favorite photo together look more beautiful through this frame. You can get one for your friend and insert your best picture together to serve as a remembrance of a beautiful memory.

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Insulated Tumbler Coffee Travel Mug

What can you buy for your friend's birthday? you can consider an Insulated Tumbler Coffee Travel Mug for the friend who always buy from starbucks or Gongcha

Does your friend love coffee or bubble tea? Is he or she environmentally friendly? Then a pretty coffee tumbler is a great gift idea for your friend! This insulated tumbler coffee travel mug is made with stainless steel with screw on its lead to make sure it won’t leak.

It comes in different colors. Choose one that’s perfect for your friend’s preferences. This is vacuum insulated so you can make sure your coffee will stay hot even for long hours. You can also use this as a water tumbler for long office hours. It will stay cold even before you consume all of it.

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Ceramic Color Coffee Mug

Aneka Ceramic Color Coffee Mug is the best gift from Malaysia, mugs are useful in the office and is a useful product to get as a gift

Who doesn’t love mugs? It’s most people’s best pal every morning for coffee or tea! If your friend prefers mugs over tumblers, then it’s time to get him or her one! But of course, you don’t want to give him or her a dull one. Aneka Ceramic Color Coffee Mug is a beautiful one that comes in different colors.

This is not just for home use. It’s also perfect for travel and work! It’s made with high quality ceramic so you can ensure durability for a long time. This is definitely a good gift for all occasions and special days. However, colors are sold randomly. But whatever color your friend gets, he or she will surely love it.

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Macrame Hanging Photo Display

What is a unique birthday gift? Macrame Hanging Photo Display is a unique birthday gift for your bestie. there will be many photos of you and him/her frolicking around and they are perfect memories to keep and look at many years later

Does your friend love boho themes? If your friend is a lady, then she’ll definitely love having a new hand-crafted photo display! This macrame hanging photo display is perfect for your room. Get one for your friend and let her insert your photos together to create a lovely memory gallery.

This display frame comes with removable wooden clips so you can stick your pictures there and move it easily as you like. It’s also perfect for customization! You can add some LED lights and create an aesthetic vibe to your room. This is surely one of the best gifts yet to give to your friend!

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Expanding Photo Locket Necklace

What is the best gift for a friend? Petenies Expanding Photo Locket Necklace is the best gift for a friend, sentimental and dated, Delivery Gift Services In KL To Send Presents To Family And Friends

Pictures are absolutely important to preserve good memories. And one of the best gifts you can give your friend is a locket necklace with your picture together inside it. This is a very sweet way to let him or her know that she or he will have your back anytime.

Peonies Expanding Photo Locket Necklace comes with an angel wings design and a spacious type of locket where you can put up to three small photos. This can serve as a mini camera roll that can easily be folded into a beautiful necklace. If you’re looking for a necklace for your friend, then you should go for this one.

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Fujifilm Single Use Disposable Film Camera

Fujifilm Single Use Disposable Film Camera is top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones in Malaysia

Traveling is one of the best things in this world and you want to keep every bit of it through beautiful photos. If your friend loves taking pictures and travelling, then Fujifilm Single Use Disposable Film Camera is a great gift idea.

This film camera comes with a built-in flash and 27 exposures. Give your friend the best way to create and preserve best memories! The pictures that you can gather together from this disposable film camera can be a perfect display for your room. It expires, but you can choose one that can last for a long time before you can use it.

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Handmade Traveler’s Notebook

Handmade Traveler’s Notebook, get your best friend an Online surprise gift delivery Malaysia

It’s a thoughtful act to help your friend organize all the things she or he needs to get done for the week. And the best way to do it is to give him or her a journal where he or she can jot down notes. This handmade traveler’s notebook is perfect for both men and women.

It’s made with premium quality cow leather and has a rustic, vintage look. This is great for traveling or even journaling for your plans for the week. It comes with three different notebook inserts: backing, white and craft that’s perfect for your everyday use. Indeed, this is a perfect way to help your friend organize his or her day or even write down some memories.

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Fujifilm Instax Camera

Fujifilm Instax Camera is an Online Gift Delivery in Malaysia based on Occasion, gift Accessories, Jewellery. Edibles Chocolates Cakes, Wooden Gifts, Flowers, Wines, Glass & Tumbler. Mother's Day. Birthday. For Him. For Her.

If you prefer long term use instead of those disposable ones, then Fujifilm Instax Camera is a go-to option. This is a cute and portable camera you can bring anywhere you want. It also comes in different colors so if you’re planning to get your friend one as a gift, you can pick a color that best suits his or her personality.

This Instax camera produces wonderful Polaroid pictures that are worth displaying in your room to preserve your created memories together. You can put up grid wall frames and hang them with wooden clips. You can also put some LED lights so it can look more beautiful. If you want to give your friend a cozier Instax camera, you can incorporate it with a cute case that’s handy.

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Air Humidifier Diffuser

Baigu Air Humidifier is a A Practical And Fun Gift to send to yoru friend as birthday present, christmas present, buy less useless items, waste less, time for a change for good

Air humidifiers are a room essential! It creates a pleasant smell that can be beneficial for your health and overall well-being. One of the best brands when it comes to air humidifiers is Baigu Air Humidifier. If you want to give your friend a more relaxed resting time and sleep, then this is the best gift yet to give.

This humidifier comes with a bamboo-like texture in three different colors. Pick one that suits your friend’s preferences. And the real magic in this product is its essential oils. You can also buy some scents for your friend so it’s ready to use. In choosing an essential oil, you must consider its health benefits first.

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10 Gifts Ideas For Your Best Friend in Malaysia

Your friend is one of the best gifts you ever received in this world. So cherish and appreciate them as much as you can. They’re always there for you when you need them so giving them something that can make them special occasionally is important.

No matter what you choose as a gift, he or she will surely love it. He or she will know that you’ve chosen it with pure love and care. 

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