Weird Things You Can Buy From Shopee Malaysia

When shopping, we usually browse product categories that cover our essential needs, such as groceries, gadgets, appliances, and the likes. But while it’s necessary to buy these things, there are times when we go out of our way and buy something we don’t need, or in some instances, things we know nothing about. We just got curious. That’s it. Call it impractical, but it happens. The good thing is, these random purchases can be one of your best deals if you know where to look. Well, if you’re in the mood to window shop, check out these weird things you can buy from Shopee Malaysia. Surely, you’d be amazed at the joy and amusement these products can give you.

Weird Things You Can Buy From Shopee MalaysiaBest Deals
Dancing Inflatable ManRM35.00
Squishy Eggplant ToyRM7.98
Pimple Popper Board GameRM18.60
Funny Peek Monster Wall DecalRM0.64
Realistic Dino Gloves PuppetRM13.90
Tiny Hands Finger PuppetRM1.96
CHUA Dragon Head StaplerRM26.85
Funny Doge MousepadRM3.55
Selens Green Screen SuitRM39.10
Le Tooter Fart Prank ToyRM6.42
What are the weird things you can buy from Shopee Malaysia that will surely bring you a good time?

Top 10 Weird Things to Buy From Shopee Malaysia

1. Dancing Inflatable Man

weird things to buy on Shopee malaysia

Are you looking for something that can quickly make your workspace look a little less boring? If so, you might want to consider this funny-looking Dancing Inflatable Man! You can use it as an entertaining tabletop or an attention-grabbing corner display in your living room.

Waving and dancing like an energized kid, this product is not only amusing and cute –it can even teach you swaggy moves! It comes in different colors, such as red, blue, and yellow, quickly giving off a vibrant vibe and atmosphere. To be more specific, this weird item is made of polyester and plastic and measures 14.54in x 2.95in x 2.16in. Its size allows you to set it up anywhere you like –in your living room, bedroom, porch, on your office table, quickly and almost effortlessly. Furthermore, it is effortless to operate; plug it in, turn on the switch, and get on with the groove!

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2. Squishy Eggplant Toy

weird items to buy on Shopee malaysia

These days, it seems that we are more prone to stress. There are just too many changes in our routines –in our professional careers and personal lives. If you happen to find yourself constantly feeling stressed at the end of the day, you might want to check out this weird yet cute Squishy Eggplant Toy. It works similarly to a stress ball. But, admit it or not, it looks more interesting!

Crush this thing, stretch it, roll it, or throw it –do whatever you want to release your stress. You can even roll this product into a ball and then watch as it returns to its original shape! At 12cm by 5.5cm, this stress-reliever is perfectly sized for your hands.

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3. Pimple Popper Board Game

useful items to buy on Shopee malaysia

Board games are always exciting, especially when there are consequences, right? And as weird as it may seem, there’s a board game that might look disgusting to some but amusing to most, and it is called pimple popping! Of course, if you want to try, you have to get this trending Pimple Popper Board Game!

Don’t overthink –Pimple Popper does not involve actual pimple-popping! Instead, it lets you experience the struggle of trying to pop zits carefully. As a reward, you get points. But if you accidentally popped them off too hard, prepare yourself for elimination and for that icky, uncomfortable splash on your face. Don’t worry; the Mega-Zit Plunger is filled with clean water. Try this with your family or friends, and you’ll surely experience one of the best laughs of your life!

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4. Funny Peek Monster Wall Decal

Though some people may raise eyebrows, we have to admit that scary pranks are fun, especially when done inside bathrooms where most scenes in horror movies take place. If you’re in the mood to pull off a fantastic prank, you might want to check out this Funny Peek Monster Wall Decal.

Stick this wall decal on the surface of your toilet, and your crazy plan of scaring your friends or guests is good to go. And since this product is made of PVC material, you can easily remove it and reuse it in other places such as bedroom doors, cabinets, or drawers without worrying about leaving disgusting stains on your stuff!

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5. Realistic Dino Gloves Puppet

cool things to buy on Shopee malaysia

Are you looking for high-quality puppets that are pocket-friendly and safe? Level up your kids’ playtime with this Realistic Dino Gloves Puppet! Not only can you use this thing to entertain your kids but as well as your pets! After all, role-playing with puppets can significantly make playtime more interactive. It also helps enhance creativity and imagination.

This weird item is made of soft rubber, which effectively reduces safety hazards when playing with kids. You can choose among three colors: red, green, and green-brown-yellow. You may also want to check out this product right away because a cashback promo awaits!

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6. Tiny Hands Finger Puppet

weird items on Shopee malaysia

Calling funny TikTok content creators out there, this Tiny Hands Finger Puppet might be all you need to pull off another trending video! Or, if you’re in the mood to prank your friends, trust that this weird thing can also serve the purpose. Imagine getting awakened by gentle strokes on the face, only to see those cute yet sometimes creepy tiny hands. Surely, you’d come back to your senses faster than you can blink!

These puppets are made of rubber, and they can be worn easily on your fingers. They mimic a child’s small and cute hands. Also, since the product is made from flexible materials, rest assured that they fit all finger sizes! You have different designs to choose from, including left and right hands, scissors hand, closed fist, ok sign, thumbs-up sign, and finger heart sign.

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7. CHUA Dragon Head Stapler

cool items to buy on Shopee malaysia

Staplers are a staple tool in offices. However, since they almost look the same, you can easily misplace them or trade them for another. Well, if you want to ensure you will never lose your stapler, you might want to pick out an odd yet eye-catching design such as this CHUA Dragon Head Stapler.

The product boasts a fierce design –a gothic-looking dragon head. It is made of quality composite resin carefully hand-painted and polished for a more realistic appearance. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also does the job! It is easy to use as well, thanks to its non-jamming technology. Aside from its primary function, it can also serve as an added aesthetic decoration.

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8. Funny Doge Mousepad


functional items to buy on Shopee malaysia

The fluffy Shiba Inu named Doge has become an internet sensation and a meme material since 2013. Her shocked, round-faced photo has influenced people to print custom designs on shirts, posters, stickers, and even mousepads! And whether you’re a fan or not, you will surely appreciate this Funny Doge Mousepad!

This 24cm x 20cm Doge Mousepad is a rubberized item. It provides the same function as normal mousepads do, only in a cuter manner. By simply looking at the funny face of Doge, you’ll surely find your work less stressful and your workspace a little more enjoyable!

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9. Selens Green Screen Suit

weird useful products on Shopee malaysia

If you’re an aspiring video creator, you surely know how a green screen can do wonders in video editing, right? Well, you might see this product as a weird thing, but arguably, green screen suits are no longer a stranger to today’s generation. To reduce the hassle and stress of post-production, YouTube and TikTok creators wear this funny-looking suit to create and enhance their video content quicker and faster.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable yet functional green screen suit, you might want to check out this stretchy Selens Green Screen Suit. It comes with a detachable head and glove parts. The design of this product allows you to wear it easily and quickly, regardless of your size. However, the manufacturer still gives you two options: L (167cm height) and XXL (179cm height).

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10. Le Tooter Fart Prank Toy

functional products on Shopee malaysia

Ever watched video pranks on YouTube? Have you ever considered pulling off your fart pranks? Here’s what you have to add to your shopping cart now – the hideous, handheld Le Tooter Fart Prank Toy!

Made of latex and rubber, this funny prank toy creates embarrassing and crazy farting noises! Though it comes with a simple design, rest assured that it can deliver the purpose most realistically. The product measures 4cm x 4.4cm toy, making it extremely easy for you to hide it inside your hands! Squeeze it by its sides, and the crazy job is done!

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Weirdest Products on Shopee That People Actually Love

Searching the net for weird and funny things to buy is a kind of guilty pleasure. Many people today do it as a form of recreational activity. Well, given the escalating pressure and stress we get from time to time, it’s only worth going out of our mature shopping ways once in a while. And if you are feeling the kick, we’re telling you that there’s no better way to satisfy your curiosity for weird items other than Shopee Malaysia. Plus, the products are extremely affordable!

Why Go to Shopee Malaysia If You’re Looking for an Exciting Shopping Experience?

Shopee is one of the most trusted e-commerce platforms across Southeast Asia. In its subsidiary in Malaysia alone, the platform hosts approximately 47.33 million monthly visitors. The numbers shouldn’t come as a surprise anyway since this e-commerce giant offers a premium and hassle-free online shopping experience. Plus, it’s a big factor that its products are guaranteed to be authentic. Furthermore, Shopee Malaysia prides itself on flexible modes of payment, fast and reliable shipping, high customer satisfaction ratings, customer loyalty benefits, numerous cashback vouchers, promos, and item discounts.

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