Top Sausage Brands in Malaysia

Top Sausage Brands in Malaysia 2021

There are days when you have a fierce craving for a tasty sausage sandwich or want to eat your favourite claypot chicken rice with savoury Chinese sausage. Sausages, made from ground or minced meat with salt, spices, and other flavourings, are easy to prepare and can be cooked through steaming and stir-frying.

While there are plenty of sausage varieties available on the market, it’s recommended to purchase from the Top Sausage Brands in Malaysia. Many of these brands offer Halal sausages as well. Check them out!

Top Sausage Brands in MalaysiaHalal/Non-HalalPrice (RM)

Product: Cheese Chicken Frank, 300g



Product: Beef Frankfurter, 340g
Product: Chicken Breakfast Sausages, 600g
Victoria Crest
Product: Chicken Dynamite Chilli Sausage, 400g
Product: Mini Chicken Cheese Sausage, 400g


Product: Breaded Prawn Sausage, 1kg
Product: Vienna Sausage, 600g
Tuck Kee
Product: Tuck Kee Chinese Chicken Sausage, 300g
Product: Chicken Sausage, 22g



Hong Qiao
Product: Taiwan Sausage Original, 250g



Kaa Xiang

Product: Kaa Xiang Chinese Sausage, 500g



Choy Kee
Product: Premium Homemade Chinese Sausage, 500g



Wicks Manor

Product: Cumberland Pork Sausages, 400g




Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage – Maple Syrup, 272g



Edwards of Conwy
Product: Traditional Pork Sausages, 400g



Best Sausage Brands

Top 15 Sausage Brands in Malaysia

Halal Sausage Brands

1. Nutriplus

Halal Product: Cheese Chicken Frank

Nutriplus Cheese Chicken Frank 300g price: RM5.50 is Top Sausage Brands in Malaysia

Nutriplus, a brand under integrated livestock farming company Lay Hong Berhad, is known for its top-quality poultry-related products. It offers eggs, processed chicken and chicken-related products. It has a number of chicken sausage varieties, such as the Smoked Chicken Frank, the Honey Chicken Frank, the Honey & Chilli Chicken Frank, and its bestseller, the Cheese Chicken Frank.

The Nutriplus Cheese Chicken Frank 300g pack contains six pieces of traditional chicken sausages with tangy cheese chunks. It’s tasty and popular with the kids as well.

Get the Nutriplus Cheese Chicken Frank 300g at

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2. Ramly

Halal Product: Beef Frankfurter

Beef Frankfurter x 10pcs (340g) price: RM7.71

Ramly was founded in 1984 with the goal of producing hygienic and quality Halal products that are delicious and affordable. It has since become one of the top sausage brands in Malaysia, but its product lineup doesn’t only consist of sausages. It also offers burgers, nuggets, fried chicken, and other frozen, ready-to-cook treats. One of its top sellers is the Beef Frankfurter, which is made of beef meat, soy protein, spices, and modified corn starch.

Beef Frankfurter x 10pcs (340g) price:

3. PrimaBaguz

Halal Product: Chicken Breakfast Sausages

PrimaBaguz Chicken Breakfast Sausages 600g price: RM13.90 is The Best Gourmet Sausages in Malaysia

PrimaBaguz was established in 1987 and manufactures premium Halal products, both frozen meat and non-meat products. Its product range includes cold cuts and delicatessens, patties, soups and sauces, and of course, sausages and frankfurters. One of its bestsellers is the Chicken Breakfast Sausage, which, like all of the products offered by PrimaBaguz, is made from selected high-quality meat and natural ingredients.

PrimaBaguz Chicken Breakfast Sausages 600g price:

4. Victoria Crest

Halal Product: Chicken Dynamite Chilli Sausage

Victoria Crest Chicken Dynamite Chilli Sausage 8pcs x 50g price: RM39.00 is Top 15 store-bought sausages in Malaysia Kuala lumpur
Victoria Crest Chicken Dynamite Chilli Sausage 8pcs x 50g price: RM39.00 is top 15 most eaten brands of sausages in Malaysia

Victoria Crest is another homegrown company that specialises in the production of premium Halal meat products. Although the brand’s primary range of products is heavily influenced by traditional British recipes, it also has more innovative flavours such as Sarawak Pepper, Lamb & Cranberry, and Dynamite Chilli.

One of its top products is the Chicken Dynamite Chili Sausage, made from natural lamb casings and three types of chilli. It’s best cooked gently and slowly, without pricking the casing, to retain its full spicy flavour.

Victoria Crest Chicken Dynamite Chilli Sausage 8pcs x 50g price:

5. Madubee

Halal Product: Mini Chicken Cheese Sausage

Mini Chicken Cheese Sausage 400g price: RM15.36 is The best supermarket sausages for Malaysia

Madubee is a brand under PFT Food Industries, which was established in 2003 and is a top producer of high-quality processed meat products. It prides itself on providing premium quality and healthy Halal frozen foods and smoked meat products that are naturally smoked by woodchips. One of its top-selling frozen sausages is the Mini Chicken Cheese Sausage, which is a favourite among consumers, especially children.

Mini Chicken Cheese Sausage (Halal) 400g price:

6. Fusipim

Halal Product: Breaded Prawn Sausage

Fusipim Breaded Prawn Sausage 1kg Sosej udang bersalut is Top 15 Best Sausages in Malaysia

Fusipim was established more than 30 years ago by a fisherman named Eng Seng Poo, who lived in the Sungai Burung Fishing Village in Selangor. He sold his boat to start his fish ball business, and to make his customers remember him and what he’s selling, he gave his products a name, and Fusipim– “Rich Food”–was born. The brand has since grown, expanding its line of products.

One of its top sellers is the Breaded Prawn Sausage. If you would like to try a sausage that is not made of chicken, pork, or beef, then this product is worth a try. This sausage is made using surimi pieces, complete with delicious prawn flavouring. It’s not only tasty but crunchy too, thanks to the generous layer of breadcrumbs that will really make you want more.

Fusipim Breaded Prawn Sausage 1kg price:


Halal Product: Vienna Sausage

Likes Vienna Sausage 600g. to Choose Sausages in Malaysia, you have to look at the meat content, meat type, and additional flavorings such as black pepper, chilli salsa and more. Here best prices Buying Guide to sausages in malaysia

Likes is a brand under CAB Cakaran Corporation Berhad, based in Georgetown in Penang. It has an integrated poultry farming business model and has also expanded into retail, operating medium-sized supermarkets under Jaya Gading and Home Mart Fresh & Frozen, where you can find all of its products.

One of its top-selling products is the Vienna Sausage, made from chicken meat. It makes for a great snack and can also be used to add flavour to soups, macaroni and cheese, or casseroles.

Likes Vienna Sausage 600g price:

Non Halal Sausage Brands

8. Tuck Kee

Non Halal Product: Tuck Kee Chinese Chicken Sausage

Tuck Kee Chinese Chicken Sausage 3 pairs (300g) price: RM24.00 is best Chinese sausage brand in Malaysia

Tuck Kee offers a range of quality waxed meat products using only the freshest meat and premium ingredients. All of the brand’s Chinese sausages are locally produced in Penang to guarantee quality control over everything, from the selection of raw ingredients to the entire production process.

One of its bestsellers is the Chinese Chicken Sausage. Like other Tuck Kee sausages, it’s seasoned with Chinese soy sauce and rose wine and made with natural sausage linings. The natural collagen in the linings seal in the fragrant and sweet aroma and gives the sausage a meatier flavour.

Tuck Kee Chinese Chicken Sausage 3 pairs (300g) price:

9. JinLuo

Non Halal Product: Chicken Sausage

JinLuo Chicken Sausage 22g price: RM1.20 is top chinese chicken Sausages in Malaysia

JinLuo prides itself on being one of China’s top processed meat brands. It processes about 2 million tonnes of meat and meat products annually and uses advanced high-temperature sausage production lines as well as low-temperature meat products. Its sausages, like the best-selling Chicken Sausage, are a customer favourite not only in China, but also in Singapore and Malaysia.

Get JinLuo Chicken Sausage at

10. Hong Qiao

Non Halal Product: Taiwan Sausage Original

Hong Qiao Taiwan Sausage Original 250g price: RM9.60 is top taiwanese Sausages in Malaysia

Hong Qiao specialises in the production of Taiwanese-style sausages, which are among the most popular traditional snacks you can buy at the night markets in Taiwan. Hong Qiao brought the Taiwan sausage to Malaysia, adding to it a variety of new flavours to suit diverse palates.

Its top-selling sausage is the Hong Qiao Taiwan Sausage Original, the recipe of which is more than 30 years old. It has a good balance of saltiness and sweetness and has a unique taste, thanks to the combination of Taiwanese specialties and the traditional flavour of Malaysian food.

Hong Qiao Taiwan Sausage Original 250g price:

11. Kaa Xiang

Non Halal Product: Kaa Xiang Chinese Sausage

Kaa Xiang Chinese Sausage 500g price: RM18.00 is top chinese Sausages in Malaysia

Kaa Xiang offers a variety of dried meat and dried meat products, such as the top-selling Chinese Sausage. It’s locally made and uses local pork to guarantee it’s always freshly made. The sausage is made under strict quality control, ensuring only the best in terms of colour, texture, and of course, taste. This dried Chinese pork sausage contains no preservatives and no artificial colouring.

Kaa Xiang Chinese Sausage 500g price:

12. Choy Kee

Non Halal Product: Premium Homemade Chinese Sausage

Choy Kee Premium Homemade Chinese Sausage 500g price: RM13.00 is The Best chinese Sausages in Malaysia

Choy Kee is a popular food and beverage company based in Kuala Lumpur. It is popular for its barbecue sliced meat and floss meat. Its Premium Homemade Chinese Sausage is also a win, with its delicious mix of savoury and sweet flavour that will leave you wanting more. Choy Kee uses only premium ingredients, including local pork, to ensure the best Chinese sausage taste.

Choy Kee Premium Homemade Chinese Sausage 500g price:

13. Wicks Manor

Non Halal Product: Cumberland Pork Sausages

Wicks Manor Cumberland Pork Sausages 400g price: RM36.90 is The Best Pork Sausages in Malaysia

Wicks Manor is a brand under Sasha’s Fine Foods. The pork in the sausage comes from Wicks Manor, a family-run enterprise in Essex, England. The pigs on the farm are fed on a nutritious and natural diet of barley and wheat that is grown and milled on the farm. The pigs are also free to roam in shaded outdoor pens, resulting in high-quality pork that tastes great.

The Wicks Manor Cumberland Pork Sausages are gluten-free. They are a typical plain British pork sausage but with added herbs and spices to bring out the best in flavour.

Wicks Manor Cumberland Pork Sausages 400g price:

14. Johnsonville

Non Halal Product: Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage – Vermont Maple Syrup

Vermont Maple Syrup Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage 272g price: RM29.90 is The Best Breakfast Sausages in Malaysia penang melaka

Johnsonville was named after the town where it was first established as a butcher shop in 1945. The sausage made in that little butcher shop in Johnsonville, Wisconsin in the United States came from an old family recipe. During the 1950s, demand for the sausage expanded into nearby communities, and as the years went by the Johnsonville sausage reached other cities, states, and countries as well.

In Malaysia, one of Johnsonville’s top-selling products is the Vermont Maple Syrup Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage. It’s ready to eat out of the package and can also be heated in the microwave or on the stove. This variant is made with real maple syrup for a different, yet delightful flavour.

Johnsonville Maple Breakfast Sausage (Non-Halal) price:

15. Edwards of Conwy

Non Halal Product: Traditional Pork Sausages

Edwards Traditional Pork Sausages 6pcs (400g) price is top 15 Most Popular Malaysia brand Sausages

Edwards of Conwy has been making its best-selling Traditional Pork Sausages for more than 30 years, using only the finest ingredients. The company’s roots lie in North Wales in the UK. For its sausages, the company sources only the best cuts of Red Tractor British pork shoulder and natural hog casings. These traditional Welsh sausages can be cooked via grilling, frying, or baking.

Edwards Traditional Pork Sausages 6pcs (400g) price:

Which Sausage Brand is Good?

From local classics chicken sausage to taiwanese sausage bangers or german franks, these 15 sausage brands are bursting with flavors and are worthy for breakfast, barbeque or stir fry. Sausages doesn’t have to be pork, and they plump in other meat as well. Do always take note of the meat content as this affect the quality, taste, texture and nutritional content of the sausage.

After we look at these exciting best sausages you can get from the top sausage brands in Malaysia. Which of these have you tried or are interested in taking a bite of? Have you got a favourite sausage snack, dish, or recipe you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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