Top Nugget Brands in Malaysia

Top Nugget Brands in Malaysia 2021

Nuggets, the most popular variant of which are chicken nuggets, are well-loved by kids and grownups alike. These nuggets are yummy, crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, easy to prepare, and come in various shapes and flavours. Ready-to-cook nuggets can be deep-fried or baked, then dipped into ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, teriyaki sauce, or any other sauce that you like.

According to food historians, the first chicken nugget in the world came in the form of a breaded chicken stick. It was proposed by a man named Robert C. Baker, a professor from Cornell University in the United States, whose expertise is poultry science.

Thanks to Professor Baker’s idea, we now have a multitude of nuggets from different local and international brands. We’ve selected the Top Nugget Brands in Malaysia, along with their best-selling products, to help you in your shopping. Check out these yummy nuggets today!

Top 10 Nugget Brands in Malaysia

1. Ramly

Product: Nuget Ayam Salutan Tempura / Tempura-Coated Chicken Nuggets

Ramly Nuget Ayam Salutan Tempura / Tempura-Coated Chicken Nuggets is brand of chicken nuggets taste like Mcdonalds. best frozen chicken to buy in malaysia

Ramly has been in the fast food and frozen products business since 1984, but its history traces back to 1979, when Haji Ramly Mokni began selling burgers with his wife in street food stalls. Back then, the main problem was them not being able to verify if the meat they sourced were halal. This eventually led him to product a halal-certified meat source for Muslim consumers.

The Ramly burger patty remains the company’s top product, but in its lineup you can also find some of the best nuggets in Malaysia. Ramly offers four nugget varieties: Chicken Nuggets, Fish Nuggets, Beef Nuggets, and its best-selling Tempura-Coated Chicken Nuggets, which is so tasty it can seriously give the Ramly burger a run for its money.

Get the Ramly Tempura-Coated Chicken Nuggets 1kg at

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2. NutriPlus

Product: Crunchy Tempura Chicken Nuggets

NutriPlus Crunchy Tempura Chicken Nuggets is best store bought chicken nuggets in malaysia

Another major player in the Malaysian food industry, NutriPlus is a brand under Lay Hong Berhad. It is known for its high-quality eggs and other poultry-related products, such as frozen dressed chicken, chicken chicken parts, and processed chicken products.

Its processed products include the NutriPlus Golden Choice Chicken Nuggets and the featured product for this list, the best-selling Crunchy Tempura Chicken Nuggets with Cheese. If you’re a cheese lover, this is definitely a must-try.

Get the Nutriplus Crunchy Tempura Chicken Nuggets 800g at

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Product: Chicken Nuggets Tempura

Likes Chicken Nuggets Tempura is best supermarket nugget brand in malaysia, macdonald chicken nugget, chicken mcnugget, 10 piece chicken nuggets calories

Likes is a brand under the Eng Peng group of companies, which started out as a family-owned farm in the 1980s. Over the years, it has steadily expanded, growing to become one of Sabah’s biggest suppliers of poultry products and frozen food.

In fact, the company is currently the largest vertically integrated producer of poultry and related products in Sabah. This means that Eng Peng is involved in the entire production process and distribution process, allowing it to have better control over the quality of its products as well as the stability of its supply chain.

One of its bestsellers in the nugget category is the Likes Tempura Chicken Nuggets, which are made with seasoned chicken meat. They’re coated in a tempura batter for that extra crisp outer texture.

Get the Likes Chicken Nuggets Tempura 1kg at

4. Fusipim

Product: Tomyam Fish Nugget

Fusipim Tomyam Fish Nugget is best fish nugget brand in malaysia

Fusipim started out in 1983 as a small home enterprise selling fish balls before going corporate five years later. In the years that followed it expanded, modernising its operations to cater to greater consumer demand and offering more frozen and processed food products. In 2014, the company built another factory to process more products so it can meet export demands.

The Fusipim Tomyam Fish Nugget is one of its top-selling nuggets, favoured by many for its unique and authentic tom yum taste.

Get the Fusipim Tomyam Fish Nugget 500g at

5. DoDo

Product: Kiddos Fish Nuggets – Veggies

DoDo Kiddos Fish Nuggets - Veggies is best fish nugget brand for children in malaysia young kids kuala lumpur

DoDo is the signature brand of Thong Siek Food Industry Pte Ltd, which started out in 1976 as a small family business in Singapore. The company is known as a leading manufacturer, distributor, retailer,and exporter of surimi-based processed seafood products.

One of its bestsellers is the Kiddos Fish Nuggets – Veggies, a bite-sized seafood treat that is both appetising and healthy. Yes, it has real vegetables, and it tastes so good kids won’t be able to say no.

Get the DoDo Kiddos Fish Nuggets (Veggies) 300g at

6. Marina

Product: Tempura Chicken Nuggets Original

Marina Tempura Chicken Nuggets Original is best tempura chicken nugget brand in malaysia

Marina is a brand under the company FFM Berhad. In the beginning, it only offered the classic Tempura Chicken Nuggets and Nuggets with Vegetables, but it has since expanded its product range to include frankfurters, beef balls, beef burgers, chicken fries, and even square burger patties, designed for making sandwiches with the traditional bread loaf.

The Marina Tempura Chicken Nuggets Original variant remains its bestseller. This nugget is made from lean chicken breast meat and coated with quality tempura flour.

Get the Marina Tempura Chicken Nuggets Original 800g at

7. Mushroom

Product: Crab Flavour Nugget

Mushroom Crab Flavour Nugget is best crab nugget brand in malaysia

Mushroom is a brand under QL Foods, which manufactures and exports products to different countries all over the world according to strict Halal and European standards. The company is committed to using only the best ingredients, including the freshest seafood, choosing only the parts that are good for eating. You’ll also be glad to know that the company doesn’t use any meat substitutes whatsoever.

Mushroom products are loved for their delicious and springy texture. Crowd favourites include the fish balls and fish cakes, which all come in several varieties. Mushroom offers nuggets as well: the Crab Flavour Nugget. The crab nugget has that winning combination of crunchy exterior and spongy, flavourful interior that is sure to delight even the most picky of eaters.

Get the Mushroom Crab Flavour Nugget 500g at

8. Valley Fresh

Product: Tempura Chicken Nugget

Valley Fresh Tempura Chicken Nugget is best chicken nugget gooding in malaysia

Valley Fresh products are manufactured by HLRB Processing Sdn Bhd, based in Merlimau in Melaka. The company ensures that all of its operations and practices are carried out in strict compliance with all related regulations as well as food safety standards. All of its poultry products are also treated and prepared in accordance with the Islamic faith, so you can be sure that your Valley Fresh purchase is certified Halal.

One of its best-selling products is the Tempura Chicken Nugget, which is best cooked deep-fried until the outer layer becomes golden brown in colour. This makes the tempura nugget have that desirable crunch.

Get the Valley Fresh Tempura Chicken Nugget 900g at


Product: KLFC Chicken Nugget

KLFC Chicken Nugget is best chicken nugget brand in malaysia

KLFC stands for Kuala Lumpur Fried Chicken. It was established in 1989 and is primarily involved in making poultry products. Its Halal product lineup ranges from frozen raw poultry parts, to further processed poultry-related products, to ready-to-eat products. The company has a food safety management system in place to ensure food quality and safety.

In addition to marketing its products under KLFC, the company also trades other products, such as beef, mutton, and seafood. It only has one nugget variant in its catalogue, but the KLFC Tempura Chicken Nugget is definitely not one to be overlooked. With its crispy crust, tender meat, and tasty flavour, it really exceeds our expectations.

Get the KLFC Chicken Nugget 900g at

10. Ayamas

Product: Nuget Ayam Crispy / Crispy Chicken Nuggets

Nuget Ayam Crispy / Crispy Chicken Nuggets is best local nugget brand in malaysia

Ayamas, or Kedai Ayamas, is the first established store in Malaysia to sell Halal fresh chicken and other poultry-based products in modern, hygienic, and convenient setting. It also offers customers ready-to-eat food such as Nasi Kandar Ayam Masala, Nasi Pilaf Ayam Mentega, Nasi Biryani Bukhara Ayam, and more.

It also offers several ready-to-cook products, ranging from spices and pastes to special sauces and other kitchen-shelf products. One of its top frozen foods is the Ayamas Nuget Ayam Crispy or Crispy Chicken Nuggets.

Get the Ayamas Nuget Ayam Crispy 850g at

Cooking Instructions from the Top Nugget Brands in Malaysia

Frozen and ready-to-cook nuggets come with a set of instructions for cooking, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick to those instructions every time you want to enjoy your favourite nuggets. Here are some cooking and preparation tips for your nuggets. Take note that cooking times may vary depending on the type of nugget and cooking method.

  • When baking in a traditional oven, preheat the oven first to 375°F. Spread the frozen nuggets on a baking sheet and let bake for up to 30 minutes or until the crust is golden brown in colour.
  • If you’re using a toaster oven, you can also use it for cooking the nuggets. Turn the nuggets over to the other side when they start turning golden brown.
  • When frying in a pan, heat the oil until hot before frying the nuggets over medium heat. It can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 12 minutes depending on the nugget. Make sure to turn the nuggets over after a few minutes so that both sides are cooked evenly. Drain the oil and set on a plate with a paper towel to absorb any excess oil.
  • You can also use an air fryer for cooking your nuggets. Pop them in there for 12-15 minutes in a medium heat setting.

Why are McDonald’s chicken nuggets so good?

Why do Chicken McNuggets taste so good?, Is McDonald's chicken nuggets real chicken?, Why are McDonald's nuggets so addictive?, Are McDonald's chicken nuggets bad for you?, Why do McDonald's chicken nuggets taste different?
Why do Chicken McNuggets taste so good?

Have you ever tasted McDonald’s chicken nuggets and you can’t get enough of it? McDonald’s chicken nuggets are undeniably addictive because it tastes so good. Why? The secret lies in the chicken and batter. The right batter makes it a perfect combination of fresh chicken, making great-tasting nuggets. Plus, these nuggets have sugar content, and this is why you might be craving them. Who knows if McDonald’s has a secret ingredient that makes their chicken nuggets taste good.

Can you buy frozen chicken McNuggets?

There are some news circulating around that some of us have found a brand that tastes exactly like McNuggets, and it is pointed out by many that First Pride brand of chicken nuggets is the manufacturer of Malaysia McDonald’s main supplier, the MacFood Services Sdn Bhd. First Pride nuggets can be bought in supermarkets, though it is said that there is no frozen bag of McNuggets. If McNuggets give you the kick, just buy the First Pride brand since some Malaysians say it tastes exactly the same.

Top Nugget Brands in MalaysiaOther Nugget Variants


Product: Nuget Ayam Salutan Tempura / Tempura-Coated Chicken Nuggets, 1kg

Chicken Nuggets, Fish Nuggets, Beef Nuggets


Product: Crunchy Tempura Chicken Nuggets-Cheese, 800g

NutriPlus Golden Choice Chicken Nuggets, Crunchy Tempura Chicken Nuggets – Original


Product: Chicken Nuggets Tempura, 1kg

Crispy Chicken Nuggets, Cheezy Chicken Nuggets


Product: Tomyam Fish Nugget, 500g

Crab Flavored Nugget, Breaded Fish Nugget, Breaded Prawn Nugget


Product: Kiddos Fish Nuggets – Veggies, 300g

DoDo Kiddos Fish Nuggets – Original, DoDo Breaded Fish Nuggets,DoDo Kiddos Fish Nuggets – Cheese


Product: Tempura Chicken Nuggets Original, 800g

Tempura Chicken Nuggets with Chicken Sausage Chunks, Chicken Nuggets with Vegetables, Chicken Nuggets with Cheddar Cheese, Breaded Chicken Nuggets – Barbeque, Breaded Chicken Nuggets – Black Pepper, Breaded Chicken Nuggets – Original, Fish Nuggets, Fish Nuggets with Seaweed


Product: Crab Flavour Nugget, 500g

No other nugget variant

Valley Fresh

Product: Tempura Chicken Nugget, 900g

Regular Chicken Nugget


Product: KLFC Chicken Nugget, 900g

No other nugget variant


Product: Nuget Ayam Crispy / Crispy Chicken Nuggets, 850g

Golden Chicken Nuggets

Top 10 Supermarket Chicken Nuggets that can Fight MacDonald’s

Where to Buy Nuggets Malaysia

And that’s it for our list of the most delicious nuggets from the top nugget brands in Malaysia. Do you and your family have a favorite kind of nugget? What do you love about it? Let us know in the comments!

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