Top Coffee Brands in Malaysia

Top Coffee Brands in Malaysia 2021

Drinking coffee is one of the first things a lot of people do upon waking. Well some even before they sleep. Many people confess that they can’t think clearly or function well if they haven’t had their daily dose of caffeine, and there are others who drink coffee just because they love the taste.

Malaysia has always had a vibrant coffee culture. Everyone has their favourites, whether it’s kopi, kopi-O, kopi-O kosong, instant coffee, or all of the above and everything in between. It’s awesome that the best coffee companies in the country offer a wide range of coffees for us to indulge in and enjoy any time of the day.

If you’re a coffee drinker but tend to go for just one or two kinds of instant coffee, we daresay there’s a lot you’re missing. Check out these Top 10 Coffee Brands in Malaysia and their top-selling product so you’ll have an idea of what to get next when you shop for coffee online.

Top Coffee Brands in MalaysiaTaste of CoffeeBest Deal (RM)
OldTown White Coffee

Bestseller: White Coffee 3-in-1 Hazelnut Instant Premix White Coffee, 15s x 2

Creamy white coffee with hazelnut flavour and aroma 12.87

Bestseller: Essenso Microground Coffee 2-in-1 Coffee & Creamer, 20s

Arabica instant coffee with no added sugar12.87
Ah Huat

Bestseller: Kopi-O with Sugar, 20s

Black coffee with sugar 9.50

Bestseller: White Coffee Tarik – Original, 15s

White coffee blended with hand-pulled coffee 12.86
Aik Cheong

Bestseller: Cafe Art 3in1 Cappuccino, 12s

Arabica-Robusta coffee with rich and foamy texture and choco granules 9.99

Bestseller: L.A. Coffee , 24s

Low-acid coffee 9.99

Bestseller: Decaffeinated Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee, 100g

Medium-roasted decaffeinated coffee 23.15
Chek Hup

Bestseller: 2 in 1 Ipoh White Coffee & Creamer, 12s for 2 packs

Robusta-Arabica white coffee with creamer, rock sugar packed separately 26.90

Bestseller: Stevia White Coffee, 12s for 5 packets

White coffee sweetened with stevia 64.50

Bestseller: Latte Caramel Coffee, 20s

Creamy white caramel-flavoured coffee 9.70
Which coffee brand is best?

Top 10 Must-Get Coffee Brands in Malaysia

1. OldTown White Coffee

Bestseller: OldTown White Coffee 3-in-1 Hazelnut Instant Premix White Coffee

OldTown White Coffee 3-in-1 Hazelnut Instant Premix White Coffee is best malaysia coffee brand list

OldTown White Coffee is the first of its kind in Malaysia, and it’s often considered the “true white coffee.” it has its origins in the OldTown in Ipoh, where the country’s white coffee culture was born.

The 3-in-1 white coffee blend is one of the bestsellers not only in Malaysia but in Hong Kong and Singapore as well, and is exported to more than 20 countries around the world. It’s made with only the best Liberica, Robusta, and Arabica coffee beans, which are all processed in a perfect temperature and time ratio.

A top favourite among white coffee lovers is the Hazelnut flavour, which brings out the rich, creamy, and full-bodied taste of white coffee, made more delectable by the distinct taste and aroma of hazelnuts. Other variants of this premix coffee include Natural Cane Sugar, Mocha, and White Milk Tea.

Get the OldTown White Coffee 3-in-1 Hazelnut Instant Premix White Coffee 15 Sticks at

2. Super

Bestseller: Essenso Microground Coffee 2-in-1 Coffee & Creamer

Super Essenso Microground Coffee 2-in-1 Coffee & Creamer

Super Essenso Microground Coffees are dubbed “packets of sunshine” because they can really brighten up your day. The Essenso Microground Coffee 2-in-1 Coffee & Creamer is a bestseller, favoured by many for its intense coffee taste and roasted aroma without the added sweetness.

Essenso Microground Coffee is made using a proprietary technique called Microplus, which preserves the essence of Arabica coffee beans. In this technique, the beans are finely ground at a low speed in an environment that is cold and free from oxygen, therefore keeping the coffee in its freshest state. It’s then blended with premium Arabica instant coffee for a richer taste, deeper aroma, and fuller body.

Get the Essenso Microground Coffee 2-in-1 Coffee & Creamer 16g x 20 at

3. Ah Huat

Bestseller: Ah Huat Kopi-O with Sugar

Ah Huat Kopi-O with Sugar is best Malaysia Coffee Brand List

There’s nothing like the friendly persona of good ol’ Uncle Ah Huat to bring a smile to your face and coffee to your table. Ah Huat, a brand owned by Power Root, offers a wide range of products that cater to a variety of local tastes. One of the brand’s bestsellers is the Ah Huat Kopi-O with Sugar.

This instant coffee is made from premium coffee beans that are roasted in an environment with a mild and low temperature. It’s not too bitter or too sour, but just right, and is non-irritating to the stomach. If you’re a fan of sweet black coffee, this coffee variant would be perfect for you.

We love to froth our milk and pair with this Kopi O to turn it into a cappuccino. Swee wor.

Get the Kopi-O with Sugar 20g x 20 at

4. OWL

Bestseller: OWL White Coffee Tarik – Original 3in1

OWL White Coffee Tarik - Original 3in1 is best malaysia local coffee brand

Singapore-based OWL was founded in 1956. It first specialised in making roasted and ground coffee under the name Sin Hup Huat Co. In 1994, the company was incorporated, becoming OWL International Pte Ltd. It has since become a distinct brand name, much respected for its enduring coffee manufacturing tradition.

One of its bestsellers is the White Coffee Tarik – Original 3in1 instant coffee, which combines the rich and creamy flavour of white coffee with the bold and fuller taste of hand-pulled coffee. This coffee is made from Sumatra Mandheling Arabica beans, which are grown on the slopes of Mount Leuser in Indonesia.

Get the Owl White Coffee Tarik – Original 3in1 36g x 15 at

5. Aik Cheong

Bestseller: Aik Cheong Cafe Art 3in1 Cappuccino

Aik Cheong Cafe Art 3in1 Cappuccino is best instant coffee brand in malaysia

One of Malaysia’s most popular coffee brands, Aik Cheong started in a little shop along Temple Street in Old Melaka Town. Hard work led to expansion, and now coffee lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting which Aik Cheong coffee to buy. The company roasts about 3 tonnes of coffee beans every day. It offers 12 different varieties of coffee products, including the best-selling Aik Cheong Cafe Art 3in1 Cappuccino instant coffee.

This coffee is made from Robusta and Arabica beans and blended with sugar and creamer. The taste is balanced well, and the aroma may make you reach for another cup. It has a strong, full-bodied taste with a rich and foamy texture. Each sachet comes with a packet of chocolate granules you can sprinkle over your coffee.

Get the Aik Cheong Cafe Art 3in1 Cappuccino 25g x 12 sachets at

6. Kopiko

Bestseller: Kopiko L.A. Coffee

Kopiko L.A. Coffee is best kopi premix brand in malaysia

Kopiko is an Indonesian brand named after the kopiko coffee bean grown in Hawaii. It was first known for its coffee candy. So if you love the candy, you gonna enjoy the coffee! Kopiko grows its own coffee beans so it’s quite natural to go into the instant coffee business as well. This is why we now have Kopiko coffee, which entered the Malaysian market in 2001.

A favourite variant among consumers, especially those with sensitive tummies, is the Kopiko L.A. Coffee, introduced to Malaysians in 2013. The beans for this coffee are roasted at a controlled temperature so that the resulting product has a lower acid content. Yes, L.A. stands for low acid. Even with its decreased acidity, this coffee still retains the aromatic flavours of a full-bodied coffee.

Get the Kopiko L.A. Coffee 20g x 24 at

7. Boncafe

Bestseller: Boncafé Decaffeinated Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee

Boncafé Decaffeinated Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee

In the early days of coffee consumption in Malaysia, drinking decaffeinated coffee was unheard of. There was no such thing as a decaf. With the introduction of decaffeinated drinks to the market, however, there came an interest, especially among those who enjoy drinking coffee but want or need to limit their caffeine intake for health reasons or personal preferences.

Boncafe, established in Singapore in 1962, offers a number of gourmet roasted and ground coffee, including one of the best decaf coffees you can find in Malaysia. The Boncafé Decaffeinated Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee is a premium product that retains the authentic aroma and taste of medium-roasted coffee without 97 percent of the caffeine in regular coffee.

Get the Boncafé Decaffeinated Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee 100g at

8. Chek Hup

Bestseller: Chek Hup 2 in 1 Ipoh White Coffee & Creamer

Chek Hup 2 in 1 Ipoh White Coffee & Creamer is most popular white Coffee brand in Malaysia 2020

Established in Ipoh in the mid-20th century, Chek Hup began as a rock sugar business. It expanded to include instant beverages, launching the 3in1 Ipoh White Coffee in 2000. Aside from white coffee, the company also offers instant Hot Chocolate and Teh Tarik. Its premium rock sugar remains a core ingredient in many of its products.

The 2in1 Ipoh White Coffee & Creamer is one of its bestsellers. It’s made with a blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, with no artificial flavouring added. There’s no rock sugar in the premix coffee, but Chek Hup provides it anyway in separate packets so you can add it to your coffee if you prefer. What’s more, the rock sugar has a low glycemic index, which is good for managing blood sugar levels.

Get the Chek Hup 2 in 1 Ipoh White Coffee & Creamer bundle of two 30g x 12s at

9. PappaRich

Bestseller: PappaRich Stevia White Coffee

PappaRich Stevia White Coffee is Best white Coffee Brands in Malaysia 2020

PappaRich is relatively young compared with most of the coffee brands present in Malaysia, but it has grown so much that it merits a place in this list. PappaRich is known for its chain of restaurants and food outlets offering authentic Malaysian dishes and other pan-Asian delicacies. Of course, its menu would not be complete without white coffee, which is available prepackaged and can be bought from local and online retailers.

The PappaRich Stevia White Coffee is one of its best-selling products, and a favourite among those who need to watch their sugar intake. Instead of sugar, this coffee is sweetened with stevia extract. Stevia, a tropical herb, is a natural sugar substitute that is up to 300 times sweeter than white sugar but with a tiny fraction of the calories. Aside from stevia extract, this instant coffee is also made from selected Robusta beans and New Zealand dairy.

Get the PappaRich Stevia White Coffee 30g x 12s at

10. Nescafe

Bestseller: Nescafe Latte Caramel Coffee

Nescafe Latte Caramel Coffee is top 10 Best Instant Coffee Brands in Malaysia 2020

Nescafe is one of the most well-known coffee brands in the world, and it offers a wide variety of products to suit all tastes and preferences. Its coffee originated in Brazil in the 1930s, where it developed soluble coffee. Nestle launched the brand in Switzerland in 1938, exporting the instant coffee to the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. Product innovation continued over the years, and now we have instant coffee in every flavour and format imaginable.

One of the brand’s top-selling products in Malaysia is the Nescafe Latte Caramel coffee. If you have a sweet tooth and prefer your coffee without a bitter aftertaste, you better give this variant a try. It’s a white, frothy, milky coffee with the rich, sweet taste of caramel. Like other Nescafe products, the Latte Caramel coffee is made with a blend of high-quality coffee beans.

Get the Nescafe Latte Caramel Coffee 25g x 20 sticks at

Coffee Terminology in Malaysia & Singapore

Tell the Aunty/ UncleWhat is inside your KopiCafé Term
KopiBlack coffee with sugar and condensed milkCafé
Kopi OBlack coffee with sugar, but without condensed milkLong Black/ Americano
Kopi O KosongBlack coffee without both sugar and condensed milkLong Black/ Americano
Kopi CBlack coffee with sugar and evaporated milkAmericano
+ Siew Dai/ Xiu DaiBlack coffee with less sugar and condensed milkLong Black/ Americano
+ Gah DaiBlack coffee with more condensed milk and sugarLong Black/ Americano
+ PohCoffee with more hot waterLong Black
+ Gao/ GauCoffee with lesser hot waterEspresso
+ Tii Lo/ Di LoCoffee with even lesser hot waterDouble shot Espresso
+ Sua2 cups of anything
+ PengAdd iceIced Coffee
How to Order Kopi Like a Pro in Kopitiam

Is instant coffee good or bad for you?

Is instant coffee good or bad for you?, What is the healthiest instant coffee?, Are instant coffee sachets bad for you?, Is instant coffee better than ground coffee?, Is Nescafe instant coffee good for health?
Instant Coffee: Is It Good or Bad For You?

Instant coffee has been popular nowadays since it’s handy and easy to prepare especially for busy ones in the morning before going to work or to school. But instant coffee has some pros and cons you need to consider.

Instant coffee contains a chemical called Acrylamide that can be harmful to your body. Aside from existing in instant coffee, this chemical can also be found in different types of foods, smoke and even on household items, so don’t be too alarmed.

Of course, moderate consumption of coffee is fine. However If you frequently drink coffee, you can alternate the instant coffees with freshly brewed ones instead so you can have a variety throughout the whole week. 

How to Pick a Good Instant Coffee

How to Pick a Good Instant Coffee, How do I choose the best instant coffee?, Best Instant Coffee: Ultimate Guide to Beans and Brands in Malaysia,
How do I choose the best instant coffee?

Instant 3 in 1 coffee is the go-to option of most people since it’s easy to prepare and so handy that you can just put it in your pocket if you’re in a hurry. This is a great partner to kick start your day and keep yourself awake for the entire day. Or just relax your mind mid day.

The roast of the coffee can be light, medium or dark. When choosing a good instant coffee, assess which among these three perfectly suits you. You can find different varieties in your local grocery or even online.

Some of the best brands you can find are Nescafe Taster’s Choice House Blend Instant Coffee, Starbucks Decaf Italian Roast Instant Coffee, Mount Hagen Organic Fairtrade Instant Coffee and Folgers Classic Best Instant Coffee.

Which Coffee Brands to Buy Malaysia

That’s it for our list of the top coffee brands in Malaysia and their bestsellers. What’s your favorite coffee brand and product? Which of the coffees on our list have you tried or are keen to try? Let us know in the comments!

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