Top 10 Fish Sauces in Malaysia

Top 10 Fish Sauces in Malaysia 2021

Fish sauce is a salty condiment made from fermented fish. It is a staple in many Asian cuisines, particularly Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. Many scholars believe that the flavorful sauce may trace its origin to an ancient Roman colony in Africa.

According to history buffs, the people of ancient Carthage have long been making sauce from fermented fish. When the Cathaginians were conquered by the Romans, their fish fermentation techniques also spread throughout the European continent, and then to Asia via the Silk Road.

Many centuries later, fish sauce remains a popular condiment around the world. It is commonly used in cooking meals and as base for other sauces, dips, and dressings. And as Asian cuisines and tastes vary from one country or region to another, fish sauces also vary in terms of the kinds of fish used and other ingredients, which influence their unique flavors.

In this list, we present the Top 10 Fish Sauces in Malaysia for your gustatory pleasure. Try one or try them all!

Top 10 Fish Sauces in MalaysiaBest ForPrice (RM)

Knife Thai Fish Sauce, 750ml

Thai dishes and dipping sauces


Chin-su Nam Ngu, 500ml

Vietnamese dishes and dips


Korean Fish Sauce for Making Kimchi, 800g

Korean dishes and making kimchi


HHC Sotong Sos Ikan, 880g

Thai dishes and dipping sauces


Ferry Brand Fish Sauce – Anchovy, 700cc

Thai dishes and dipping sauces


Happy Home Vegetarian Fish Sauce, 380g

Vegetarian dishes


HHC Bawai Putih Sos Ikan, 880g

Stir-fry Thai dishes, dipping sauces


Red Boat 40°N Fish Sauce, 500ml

Vietnamese, Asian dishes


Vegan Fish Sauce, 300g

Vegetarian dishes


Tiparos Fish Sauce, 700ml

Stir-fry Thai dishes, dipping sauces


Where to Buy Fish Sauce in Malaysia

The 10 Best Fish Sauce in Singapore

1. Knife Thai Fish Sauce

And The Best Fish Sauce in 2021 Is Knife Thai Fish Sauce, Which Thai fish sauce is best?

Knife Thai Fish Sauce contains no artificial colouring and no preservatives. This fish sauce originating from Thailand is just what you need when you’re looking to add a tasty tang to your food, be it as a seasoning or as a dipping sauce. If you find soy sauce too much for your palate, product would be a good alternative. It is characterised by a clear and light colour and is made using anchovies mixed with salt and sugar. It’s certified halal by the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand too, so it’s a good fit for any kitchen or dining table.

The 750ml bottle is good for 50 servings, with 15ml or 1 tablespoon per serving.

Get the Knife Thai Fish Sauce 750ml at

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2. Chin-su Nam Ngu Fish Sauce

Chin-su Nam Ngu Fish Sauce is the Fish Sauces Chefs Swear By, Why is fish sauce so good?, Do you need to refrigerate fish sauce?

Chin-su Nam Ngu is one of the most popular fish sauces in Vietnam. It’s a favourite among many consumers because of its delectable taste and versatility. It can be used as a dip, marinade, or spice when cooking.

This delectable fish sauce is made from anchovies from Vietnamese waters such as Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, and Phu Quoc. Only fresh, moderately large fish are used. Small fish are returned to the sea, while spoiled fish are removed completely. The anchovy extract is processed according to a double pasteurization system and then bottled in an automated and sterilized environment. It is also said that each bottle of fish sauce goes through 15 stages with 40 quality checks before it’s distributed in the local and global market.

Get the Chin-su Nam Ngu 500ml at

3. Korean CheilJedang Fish Sauce for Making Kimchi

Fish Sauce Taste Test, 10 Brands Compared we love Korean CheilJedang Fish Sauce for Making Kimchi, Thai fish sauce is the best fit for Thai dishes

If you like cooking Korean food, then we recommend giving this Korean Fish Sauce a try. It’s ideal for making kimchi and other Korean dishes. This fish sauce is also made from anchovies and coarse sea salt through fermentation.

Anchovy fish sauce is considered an essential ingredient when making different types of kimchi, along with shrimp fish sauce, to accelerate the fermentation process. It can also be used to season soup and blanched vegetables. This would give side dishes and soups that extra umami.

Some Korean dishes you can make using this fish sauce are pork bone soup or gamjatang, radish kimchi, toran-guk or taro soup, dakgaejang or spicy chicken and vegetable soup, Korean steamed egg, mandu-guk or dumpling soup, gogi sundubu-jjigae or spicy soft tofu with beef, chayote kimchi, seafood pancakes, and fresh kimchi salad.

Get the Korean Fish Sauce for Making Kimchi 800g at

4. HHC Sotong Sos Ikan

HHC Sotong Sos Ikan

The HHC Sotong Sos Ikan / Sotong Brand Fish Sauce is halal certified and is processed from high-quality ingredients. It does not contain any flavour enhancers or chemical preservatives, so you only get the good stuff. Naturally pressed from sea salt and anchovy extract, it’s best used for Thai dishes, dipping sauces, and salad dressings.

Like other Thai fish sauces, this fish sauce is amber in colour and is known for having a more pungent and saltier flavour than Vietnamese fish sauce. It’s full of essential nutrients contained in fish, such as protein, iodine and vitamins A and D, which are further enhanced by fermentation.

Get the HHC Sotong Sos Ikan 880g at

5. Ferry Brand Fish Sauce – Anchovy

Ferry Brand Fish Sauce - Anchovy

Ferry Brand Fish Sauce – Anchovy is made from salt, water, and you guessed it – anchovies. This fish sauce is certified halal by the Islamic Committee of Thailand and is a good substitute for salt. It brings a more savoury umami taste to whatever dish you like. A little goes a long way too, which means you don’t need to use a lot to enhance the flavour of your food.

You can use this fish sauce for vinaigrettes, pasta sauces where you’d normally use anchovies, marinades, braised meats, stir-fry dishes, and soups. It’s pretty much a staple in Thai dipping sauces, which range from garlicky to spicy. You can also try making your own homemade Pad Thai, whose basic ingredients include rice noodles, eggs, tofu, and a sauce made with dried shrimp, chili, tamarind paste, palm sugar, and of course, fish sauce.

Get the Ferry Brand Fish Sauce – Anchovy 700cc at

6. Happy Home Vegetarian Fish Sauce

Happy Home Vegetarian Fish Sauce Best Sellers in Fish Sauces

Up next in our list is the Happy Home Vegetarian Fish Sauce. It enhances the delicious flavour of food and is suitable for vegans. It is made from soybeans and processed with water, salt, sugar, vegetarian seasoning, soy sauce and flour. It’s manufactured right in Johor by Happy Home, which specializes in vegetarian instant sauces, special seasonings, and sauces. This fish sauce is suitable for Thai dishes.

Because of the amino acids in soybeans, as well as the soy sauce and sugar in its ingredients, this fish sauce has a rich umami flavour with just the right hint of sweetness. It’s great for a variety of dipping sauces, curries, stir-fry, and even ramen and pho. If you’re looking for a vegetarian-friendly fish sauce, give this one a try!

Get the Happy Home Vegetarian Fish Sauce 380g at

7. HHC Bawai Putih Sos Ikan

HHC Bawai Putih Sos Ikan

HHC Bawai Putih Sos Ikan is another Thai fish sauce you’ll be glad to have on your condiment counter. It’s also halal certified and made from fresh anchovies and salt, with no chemical preservatives whatsoever. It also doesn’t contain sugar, artificial colour, 3-MPCD and MSG.

This Thai fish sauce is rich in natural protein and has a robust flavour that makes it ideal for dipping, marinating, and stir-frying. It’s great not only for Thai dishes but also for international recipes. Simply add a few drops of this fish sauce to your dishes to instantly make them more delicious. Some of the dishes you can use this with include Thai pineapple shrimp curry, chicken ramen, baked pompano, Cambodian ginger catfish, stir-fried tofu with cashews, and Panang curry with chicken.

Get the HHC Bawai Putih Sos Ikan 880g at

8. Red Boat 40°N Fish Sauce

Red Boat 40°N Fish Sauce

Red Boat 40°N Fish Sauce is a premium-quality fish sauce originating from Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam. It’s halal certified and is brewed for 12 months using only two ingredients: sea salt and fresh anchovies. Compared with other fish sauces, this one has the highest natural protein content.

It doesn’t contain MSG, flavour enhancers, brine, or sugar, so it’s naturally gluten-free and also shellfish-free. This is essentially fish sauce in its purest form, so it’s very rich in protein and has an intensely rich and flavourful taste.

This fish sauce consistently ranks high in taste tests and is a favourite of many chefs around the world, so it’s also a staple in many restaurants. If you’re looking for a fish sauce that can truly take your dishes to the next level, better check this one out.

Get the Red Boat 40°N Fish Sauce 500ml at

9. Vegan Fish Sauce

Vegan Fish Sauce is really flavorful

This Vegan Fish Sauce sold by Vege Station is 100 percent plant-based. It is made using pineapple, red yeast rice, vegetarian seasoning, salt, sugar, and water. This fish sauce substitute gives the same umami without any animal ingredients, so it’s a great option for vegans, vegetarians, those who have seafood allergies, and those who don’t particularly like the smell of fish sauce.

Get the Vegan Fish Sauce 300g at

10. Tiparos Fish Sauce

Tiparos Fish Sauce is made from salted anchovies or other fishes that takes up to 2 years to ferment.

Tiparos Fish Sauce is one of the most popular fish sauces in Thailand, as it’s served throughout the country’s street food stalls. It has also become a favourite among Malaysian consumers because you can use it on just about anything. It comes in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle that makes cooking and preparing dipping sauces easier. This fish sauce is made from anchovy extract, sugar, salt, and water.

Get the Tiparos Fish Sauce 700ml at

The Best Fish Sauces in Malaysia for Your Culinary Creations

There are lots of different ways to incorporate fish sauce in your food. For some, fish sauce (a low-sodium solution) can be used as a substitute for salt. You can also use fish sauce when making Vietnamese pho, achaar or pickled mixed vegetables, rambutan curry, kuaytiaw reua or Thai boat noodle soup, pad thai and of course, kimchi. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping for your fish sauces today!

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