Popular Wedding Doorgift Ideas in Malaysia 10 Brilliant and Easy Wedding Ideas

Popular Wedding Door Gift Ideas in Malaysia 2021

Congratulations on your engagement!

If you’re looking for some popular wedding doorgift ideas to help make your special day as memorable as possible for you, your partner, and all of the people you choose to share it with, then you’ve come to the right place. In this short buyer’s guide, we’ll be walking you through some great wedding doorgift ideas to make sure that your keepsakes and wedding favors make a lasting impact on all of your guests. Read on to find out more.

What to Consider For Your Wedding Door Gift

Before we get started on the most popular wedding doorgift ideas for your wedding in Malaysia, there are a few important things to consider before making a decision. After all, it’s your special day, so make sure you take these factors into account so your doorgifts can make your wedding delightful, special, and memorable for everyone:

Your Wedding Doorgift Should Be:


Your wedding is your special day, one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and you want to make sure that’s unique. One way to aid in that is to make sure your doorgifts aren’t generic or too common. That way, your guests will keep the gift and have fond memories of your wedding for years to come.


One way to make sure that your wedding guests truly cherish and keep the doorgifts you provide is to make it personal. By adding customizations, engravings, and other kinds of personalization to your doorgifts, you’re giving your guests a reason to keep your wedding favors and the memories that come with them.


While knick-knacks are fun and make for great decorations at the home or office, it’s important to remember that not everyone has the luxury of space. By keeping doorgifts practical and usable, your guests can use and enjoy them for years to come.

Enjoyable and Fun

Doorgifts don’t have to be expensive or stand the test of time. Sometimes, as long as they’re enjoyable, they can imbue your guests with happiness and good vibes that they’ll remember forever.

Cost of the Product

For some people, money is no object. But sometimes, we don’t have that spare cash. That said, you don’t have to spend a fortune to give your guests memorable, unique, and high-quality doorgifts. There are many great affordable options online!

Top 7 Popular Wedding Doorgifts You Can Buy in Malaysia

Doorgifts can come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re best when it comes from the heart. That said, if you need some ideas, we’re here to help. Plus, we’ve even included some great examples of each popular doorgift idea that you can get for your own wedding.

Custom Printed Candles

Sensual and romantic, candles are a popular wedding doorgift not just in Malaysia but all over the world. Additionally, candles come in all shapes and sizes – and some of them even come with their own glassware cases – which makes for endless possibilities when it comes to customization and personalization. Get custom candles with the name of your guests, or the name of you and your future spouse, as a token of thanks and remembrance for attending your special day.

Candlelit Malaysia Custom Printed Candles

Candlelit Malaysia Custom Printed Candles is the Top 7 Popular Wedding Doorgifts You Can Buy in Malaysia

Candlelit Malaysia specializes in custom candle prints and designs, particularly for special occasions like your wedding.

Get it now on

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Custom Keychains

If you’re looking for a wedding door gift that’ll stand as a daily reminder of the moments you shared with friends and family on your special day, then getting a custom keychain is the way to go. After all, what better way to use a keepsake than to take it around with you everywhere you go? Another great thing about keychains is that they’re easy to engrave: make sure your design not only represents your wedding, but also singles out every guest by name to serve as a reminder of your bond and friendship.

Custom Wooden Keychain Keepsake

Custom Wooden Keychain Keepsake, Chinese wedding door gift, Wholesale wedding door gifts, What is a door gift? customisation represent thoughtfulness and uniqueness

Whether it’s to promote your business or to commemorate a special occasion, these custom wooden keychains are a great, affordable way to get your message across. You can have them engraved with names, quotes, and even simple images to make sure your guests would want nothing more than to attach their keys to it right away, and carry the memories of your wedding with them wherever they go.

Get your Engraved Wooden Keychain now at

Custom Coasters

Similarly to keychains, custom coasters are also a great doorgift since your guests will always be able to find practical use for them just about anywhere. Whether they keep them at home or at their office, a custom coaster – especially one that’s personalized for each guest – is a great way to make sure your guests leave your wedding happy, carrying with them keepsakes that’ll serve as gentle reminders of your friendship and the special moments you shared with them on your wedding.

Custom Engraved Wooden Coasters

Custom Coasters is top cheap wholesale price for wedding favors, door gifts, cenderahati kahwin

With a classy, sophisticated design and the option for personal engraving, these custom engraved wooden coasters are a great way to bring practicality and elegance to your wedding and give your guests something they can make use of whether it’s at home or at their place of work.

Get Custom Engraved Wooden Coasters now from

Marble Effect Custom Resin Coasters

Marble Effect Custom Resin Coasters is excellent Unique Wedding Favors & Door Gifts, atas and highly unique, best gift for guests in Malaysia

Another great resin coaster option – and customizable, too – these marble effect custom resin coasters offer the durability and affordability of resin with the premium look of marble stone. They even come with cute little thank you boxes for your guests.

Get this Marble Effect Custom Resin Coasters now at

Cutlery Sets

Specialty cutlery sets are another popular doorgift idea that pretty much ticks all the boxes: they’re practical and can be used anywhere and everywhere, they’re not too expensive (unless you opt for genuine silverware), and you can even customize the boxes they come in so that they’re both unique and personal. If you opt for cutlery sets as one of your wedding favors, your guests will remember all those special moments every time they take a tasty spoonful.

Flower Printed Cutlery Set Doorgift

Flower Printed Cutlery Set Doorgift, Door gift for wedding Reception

There are lots of cutlery sets you can buy online as a wedding favor, but instead of opting for outlandish – and sometimes impractical – designs, this flower printed cutlery set offers high-quality stainless steel, a spoon and fork designed for practical use, all packaged in elegant floral print.

Get Flower Printed Cutlery Set Doorgift now at

Premium Snacks & Food Items

One way to make sure your guests all have a good time is to present them with some premium snacks and food items at your wedding. If they go home with those snacks, then you’re giving them something enjoyable for days to come, and if they finish them all at your wedding, then they’re going home with memories of a happy tummy that they’ll hold on to forever.

GPR Royal British Butter Cookies

Premium Snacks & Food Items, GPR Royal British Butter Cookies, Malay Wedding Door Gift, cookies for wedding door gift

Affordable and oh-so delicious, GPR Royal British Butter Cookies are a high-quality treat that your guests would love to munch on after the wedding. Made using the original British recipe for world-class butter cookies, this premium snack food is sure to perk up the mood at your wedding reception and keep your guests happy and in seventh heaven. Plus, GPR Royal British Butter Cookies are Halal certified.

Get GPR Royal British Butter Cookies now at

White Castle Chocolate Chip Cookies

7 Wedding Doorgift ideas, wedding doorgift cookie food item, wedding, gifts, White Castle Chocolate Chip Cookies, Indian Wedding Door Gift

If you’re aiming for something a little more decadent, White Castle Chocolate Chip Cookies are also a premium snack food that’s sure to be a hit at your wedding. Featuring a widely-loved traditional butter cookie recipe with the added richness of creamy chocolate chips, White Castle cookies are a treat that everyone will love. They even come in Assorted if you prefer more variety. White Castle cookies are Halal certified!

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Plants and Succulents

Instead of your usual knick-knacks, many newlyweds opt to give away live plants – particularly low-maintenance ones like succulents – as door gifts at their wedding reception. Plants serve a dual purpose: at the start of the wedding, they can be used as cute decorative pieces, and at the end of the event, guests can take one home with them to care for and cherish the bond you share. Depending on the species, succulents can last over a hundred years with proper care, so they’re great if you want your guests to have a lasting reminder of your wedding.

Real Live Succulent Cactus

Where to Buy Door Gift for Wedding Reception in Malaysia, Real Live Succulent Cactus, useful gift for wedding guest, bride groom friends

There is an absolutely fantastic selection of real live succulent cactus plants available online, and they’re pretty amazing, especially considering the price. Make sure you choose long-lasting species and high-quality pots to ensure the best doorgift at your wedding. Some species – like the barrel cactus – can last centuries with minimal care.

Get Real Live Succulent Plants now from RM2.80/ piece or RM4.00/ piece.

Where to Buy Door Gift for Wedding Reception in Malaysia

Popular Wedding Door Gift Ideas in MalaysiaGet it at
Candlelit Malaysia Custom Printed Candles


Custom Wooden Keychain Keepsake

RM2.10/ piece

Custom Engraved Wooden Coasters

RM3.68 onwards

Marble Effect Custom Resin Coasters

RM12/ piece

Flower Printed Cutlery Set Doorgift

RM15.35/ piece

GPR Royal British Butter Cookies

RM2.47/ box

White Castle Chocolate Chip Cookies

RM2.40/ box

Real Live Succulent Cactus

RM2.80/ piece

What do you give as a wedding gift to a guest?

Whether you’ve opted for something unique, something personal, something practical, something everyone can enjoy, or a combination of any of these criteria, we hope you found the best doorgift ideas for your wedding right here in our list of the most popular wedding doorgift ideas in Malaysia.

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