How to Renew Passport in Malaysia 2022?

Renewing your passport is a necessity especially when you travel from time to time. To avoid last minute processing, you should prepare your requirements and have it renewed at least six months before expiry of your current passport.

Malaysia is the first country to issue biometric passports by adding the thumbprint data to the passport chip. Thanks to the continuous improvement technology, you can process your passport renewal online and avoid the long queue of applicants as well.

Launched by the Immigration Department of Malaysia last September 2016, MyOnline Passport is accessible to any of your gadgets 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Talk about convenience and innovation, right?

However, the online application is only applicable for those who have an existing passport with a microchip, for old passports without chips or passports for replacement due to damage or loss, you would have to process this in person.

The process is straightforward and easy but if you are worried you might miss a small detail, we have compiled everything you need to take note of when renewing your Malaysian passport from start to end.

How to Renew Passport for Malaysians Online?

You can now renew your passport in the MyOnline Passport website and pay it online using your direct debit or credit card. For regular passport renewal for Malaysian citizens, you can follow these simple steps and avoid any hassle.

1. Prepare Requirements for Passport Renewal

To make sure your online passport renewal will go smoothly, check on the qualifications and requirements below.

  • Applicants must be at least 13 years of age with an issued e-passport with an electronic chip before.
  • Passport must be in good condition, no missing or torn pages, and a working chip.
  • Prepare a recent passport photo following the required specifications.

Passport Photo

In preparing for your passport photo, make sure the following instructions are followed:

  • Background must be white color without any shadows visible in the photo. Other background colors will not be accepted.
  • Clothes worn in the photo should be dark colored and cover both shoulders and chest.
  • For women wearing hijab or headscarf, wear one that is dark colored and does not cover the face.
  • Glasses, accessories on the head, and colored contact lenses are prohibited.
  • Photos submitted should be obtained in soft copy from professional photo shops, pictured hard copies nor polaroid pictures are not accepted.

2. Encode Information Needed

First, select the circle for applicants of 18 years and above. In the next section, you will be asked to enter your document number, if the document is under Semenanjung, Sabah, or Sarawak, your identification card type and its number. They will also ask you to choose a preferred collection office.

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Simply follow the instructions stated in the system and upload all necessary documents. Once your application has been submitted, you can now proceed to payment.

3. Payment

Payment can be made online without any hassle using your credit or debit card (FPX). Rates for renewal are as follows:

  1. Regular Application for 13 to 59 years old: RM200
  2. Application for Senior Citizens (60 years and above): RM100

Do not forget to print the receipt of payment as it will be presented during your appearance.

4. Collection

After payment, the date and time of collection will be given to you. Applications made before 3PM during weekdays will be processed and will be for releasing on the same day. While applications completed after the cut off time will be processed for collection after 10AM of the next working day. On the designated schedule, you should present yourself for collection. They will ask for your identity card, existing passport, and the receipt from online registration.

Online Passport Renewal for Applicants Under 18

In applying for minors, it is close enough to the regular renewal process but the legal guardians who gave permission on the previously issued passport are the only ones allowed to apply for renewal of the minor’s passport online. During the collection of the passport, the legal guardian should be present with the passport owner at the immigration office or the passport will not be released.

On the first page, select the circle for applicants under 18. You will be asked to encode necessary information of both the passport owner and the legal guardian’s identification number. You would simply have to submit all the requirements, pay your fees, wait for the schedule, and show up for the collection!

Possible Issues for Online Payment

Problem with Payment

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If a problem with your payment occurred, concern should be forwarded to the bank instead of the immigration.

Problem with Picture

In case your picture got rejected due to any oversight in the specifications needed, you may proceed to the JIM Office to retake the picture at the Collector’s Office.

“Please Refer to Immigration Office”

If the message above appears in your application, it means there may be a problem with your application and cannot be processed online due to the following reasons:

  • Your previously provided fingerprints may be not available or no longer legible and have to be scanned again so there will be no problems during the use of fingerprints during entrances and exits later on.
  • You did not meet the requirements indicated in the MyOnline Passport website.
  • There is inaccurate or conflicting information entered as detected in the system.

How to Renew Passport for Malaysians Manually?

In case you are not eligible for renewal through online application, you can still renew your passport manually. It may be a bit tiring but what’s the use of your passport if it’s already expired? No need to worry though, we will make sure you are completely prepared on the day of your appointment to make your experience smooth and fast.

1. Set your Appointment Date

As early as possible, visit the Online Appointment Application website and check which is the best date for you. Remember that this is a first come, first served basis, and you can set an appointment as early as three months before the selected date.

Check on the available date and time based on the working hours of the nearest office to you since it may vary from locations. Be reminded that applicants who are found abusing the appointment application would be blocked from the site so choose a date that you are certain you can attend.

2. Prepare Documents a Day Before Your Appointment

Ensure that all documents you need are complete before going to your appointment. Bring your identification number or Mykad, your existing passport, your card for payment, and the email confirmation of your appointment. We recommend preparing everything a day before your schedule so you would not leave in panic and miss a document or two.

3. Go to Your Appointment

Confirmation of appointment details will be sent to your email, this should be printed and brought to your appointment. Remember to wear dark clothes covering your chest and shoulder, and proceed to your scheduled appointment without any contact lenses, sunglasses, or accessories on the head for the picture taking.

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Arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time since the Immigration may cancel your appointment if late, and you would have to reschedule again. During the appointment, supply all the information asked by the immigration. Note that it is your duty to ensure accuracy and completeness in the provided details since the Immigration may make further verifications if found necessary.

4. Payment and Collection

Even if you are processing your passport renewal manually, the Immigration currently does not accept any cash payments and only e-Payments such as credit cards, debit cards, and Touch ‘n Go e-wallet are allowed.

After paying your fees of RM200 for 13-59 year olds and RM100 for senior citizens, they will start processing your renewal and will release it after an hour.

As simple as that, you would have your renewed passport valid for another five years. Even with the pandemic, there may be unforeseen circumstances, but the Immigration Department of Malaysia adapts and does their best to make sure your legal documents are valid and updated.

Reminders when Renewing Passport

  • Make sure to put accurate and correct information asked on the website. Be reminded that provision of false information would cause rejection of application and may result in legal actions taken under Section 12 (1) (c) of the Passport Act 1966 (Act 150).
  • Online payment for transactions cannot be processed during 10:55 PM to 12:30 AM due to system maintenance so you may settle your payment after 12:30 AM.
  • Always keep a reminder of your passport validity expiration in advance so you would not rush the renewal process.

Your passport is a valuable personal document and it is important to always keep it safe, clean, and valid. Having it renewed may sound like a tiring and long chore, but it really is not. Simply refer to the requirements and steps simplified in this article and get ready for a smooth procedure. Have you decided when to set your appointment?

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