How to Get Rid of Ants in Malaysia 2022

Sensing annoyances like pests inside your home is quite the most distressing feeling.

It will surely lead you to an icky spirit that makes you feel like something eerie is watching you through the walls and ceilings of your place.

Of course, you can speculate that there is more than your creeping imagination.

However, you don’t need to panic if this shifts into your worst reality. Even if there is a possibility that you will spot an ant army parading over your countertop, there are means to solve it.

And honestly, there are countless of them that you can even do yourself. These solutions are offered here in Malaysia and mostly one click away from your phone or gadget.

All you need to do is know the best of the best and put them into action. Lucky you because this informative guide is your today’s heaven-sent call.

Read on to the best ways and deals to clear pesky ants once and for all. But first, what kinds of ants appear in the comforts of our homes?

What are the Most Common Ants in Malaysia?

Since we are discussing ants, we will give you a little background of what kind of them are safe or prone to infestation. Based on research, there are 12,000 ant species known to men.

Scattered across the globe, they usually live in colonies and have an organizational division of tasks. Ants belong to the Formicidae family within the Hymenoptera order. It is the order in which bees and wasps also go.

Surprisingly, they are dominant on Earth and live wherever except in Antarctica. Though regularly acknowledged as problem insects, many of them present a central part of a robust ecosystem.

Up to this date, there are 23 identified species of ant in Malaysia.

But, only a small number of them can invade homes and buildings. Check the most common ones listed below:

The Black House Ants

Black Ants in Malaysia are also known by the name Ochetellus. These are typical house pests that measure 2.5mm long and are immensely black.

Originally natives in Australia, these ants can be found in urban and rural areas. They are fancy to form and build their actual nests in holes or cracks.

Furthermore, they are more of a household annoyance rather than a harmful vermin.

The Fire Ants (Red Ants)

As red-hot as it sounds, fire ants are a common type of insect in Malaysia and are usually feared by many. They are also called RIFA and can grow long to 6mm.

With their sturdy jawbones and 5 to 5 teeth, one bite from these flaming insects, and the victim can feel lingering pain. These RIFA love to nest in piles and mounds out-of-doors or open areas.

What is more, they can be disruptive in the way that they can launch regulated charges on targets.

The Garden Ants

Don’t be fooled by its bubbly name because these ants are small but terrible hunters that can terrify your home peace. Ranging in an average length of 4mm, they are black pests like Ochetellus Ants.

With their protein-sourced system, Garden ants can only feast on sugar from natural roots and water. These ants might appear as extroverted insects, but they can also target indoors.

Of course, the wall cavities of a household are a perfect feeding spot. In addition, they leave marks of stinking coconut smell after sustaining.

Therefore the other name, Odorous House Ant.

The Weaver Ants

Weaver Ants or the Karenga Ants in Malaysia are also common ants that harm various households across the country. They are so far the longest among the said sorts.

These weavers can get tall up to 10mm. We know, it sounds pretty terrifying. But what is more horrifying is the fact that they are aggressive and hard-biters that are extremely painful.

When these weaver ants attack, they emit a formic acid emitted from their abdomen into the wound.

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Moreover, they can also signal others in the colony to gather more backups for a relapse.

Remember, ants may be tiny creatures, but they can be trouble once unified.

Opportunely, there are hundreds of reliable pest control products in Malaysia if you want to get rid of them fast, aside from hiring pros.

Let us all find it out by seeing the list below:

Best Pest Control Products in MalaysiaTypeBest Price (RM)

Bio-D Orbit Natural Insect Control Spray (300ml)



Green Leaf Powerful Powder Ant Killing Bait



Pest Exchange Magnum Ant Killer Liquid Bait

Gel Type


PEST ASIA Ant Eco Gel Bait

Gel Type


Ninja Bee Ant Liquid Bait Killer

Gel Type


Camay Repellent Spray (500ML)



King Kong Ant Killer (5g)

Gel Type


RANAI Termite Spray (500ml)



SIP-PESTKILEER Ultrasonic Pest Repeller



SJ Ant-Out Kill Ants Gel Bait (15g)



What is the fastest way to get rid of ants in Malaysia?

Top 10 Ant-Killer Deals to Purchase in Malaysia

1. Bio-D Orbit Natural Insect Control Spray (300ml)

Bio-D Orbit Natural Insect Control Spray (300ml) is the Top 10 Ant-Killer Deals to Purchase in Malaysia, pest control in Malaysia, best for Cockroaches, Termites, Ants, How to Get Rid of Ants in the House and in Your Yard, How do I permanently get rid of ants?, How do you get rid of ants permanently naturally?, How do I get rid of unwanted ants in my house?, DIY‌ ‌Ants‌ ‌Treatments Malaysia

Bio-D Orbit Natural Insect Control Spray – Ant Pest Control Malaysia

If ants are already disturbing the peace of your home, then it is only necessary for you to make a move. Try this Bio-D Orbit Natural Insect Control Spray now!

It is an organic repellent spray that produces a natural scent upon usage and kills pests like ants. 100% effective and safe to use, you can spray it in every area with troublesome insects. Also, you can put it on the possible pest scales at home to be sure.

Made by the Bio-D brand, this repellent is also a best seller and legislated different certifications. So, make sure the protection of your home by counting on this top-notch deal!

Key Features:

  • 300ml Volume Capacity
  • Easy to Use
  • Exempted by Singaporean Environment Agency and Malaysian Pesticide Board
  • Safe for Children and Pets
  • With Non-Toxic Formulation
  • Eliminates other Pests such as Roaches and Flies
  • Includes Multi-Purpose Protection Feature
  • Best Seller in Malaysia
  • Available in 2 Scents, Natural and Lavender
  • Tested and Proven by Experts and Economical
  • Spray Type of Repellent
  • 100% Legit

Get this ant killer at

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2. Green Leaf Powerful Powder Ant Killing Bait (5g per Pack)

Green Leaf Powerful Powder Ant Killing Bait (5g per Pack) is the Best Products to Get Rid of Ants in Malaysia, How do you use green leaf powder to kill ants?,Green Leaf Ant Killing Bait Powder Insecticide,How do powder ants kill bait?,What is the best chemical to kill ants?,What does ant powder kill?, POWDER ANT KILLING BAIT, COCKROACH KILLING BAIT, How does green leaf powder work?, Is green leaf powder safe?, Is ant killer powder poisonous to humans?, How does ant killing powder work?,

Green Leaf Powerful Powder Ant Killing Bait – Ant Pest Control Malaysia

Pests like ants can point to true horrors to any place it will invade. When it occurs, you might want to use something potent like the Powder Ant Killing Bait by Green Leaf.

It only has a 5g net size per pack but includes a resolute formulation for pest killing.

Unlike the first deal, this is in powder format. This means that you have to set it up first to make sure that it works.

Since it consists of heavy-duty materials, the Green Leaf Ant Killing Bait is not advisable to use freely in places, particularly kids. So, for an instant kill of pests, get this deal today at a super low charge.

Greenleaf Powder Cockroach Killing Bait Roach Insect Killer Review

Key Features:

  • 5g Volume Capacity
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Ideal Bait in Cool and Dry Areas at Home, Hotel, Malls, and other Places
  • Famous Malaysian Brand and Trusted by Many
  • Eradicates other Annoyances like Cockroaches
  • Includes Strong Formulation and a Tad Toxic
  • Keep Off Children and Pets
  • Available in 1 Pack per Order or Bulk Purchase
  • With Customer Satisfaction
  • Power Type of Repellent
  • 100% Legit

Get this ant killer at

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3. Pest Exchange Magnum Ant Killer Liquid Bait

Pest Exchange Magnum Ant Killer Liquid Bait is the Best Products to Get Rid of Ants in Malaysia, Roach, ant, and fly control is available in many forms, bayer maxforce ant killer,
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Pest Exchange Magnum Ant Killer Liquid Bait – Ant Pest Control Malaysia

There is nothing more stressful than the discovery of your humble abode holding an ant infestation. And what’s worse is the solution you will put against these gruesome pests.

Favorably, there are multiple deals available in Malaysia that you can avail of from this moment. For instance, the Pest Exchange Magnum Ant Killer Liquid Bait is one of the best ant-dealing solutions yet. It is a liquid gel form that measures about 50 ml per tube.

Manufactured from toxic-free specifications, the Pest Exchange Liquid Bait is very reliable to use.

All you need to do is the 3-Step Rule of using it – Inspection, Treating Stage, and The Follow-Up. Also, don’t forget to use this along with a baseboard to complete the bait plan.

Key Features:

  • 50ml Volume Capacity
  • Easy to Use with a Non-Toxic Formulation
  • Get rid of the Queen Ant and even the Colony from Common Ant Species
  • Includes Active Ingredients to Entice Ants ASAP
  • 3-Step Usage: Inspection, Treatment, and Follow Up
  • Approved by Experts and has a Sound Price
  • Liquid Gel Type of Repellent
  • 100% Legit
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Get this pest killer at

4. PEST ASIA Ant Eco Gel Bait

PEST ASIA Ant Eco Gel Bait is the Best Products to Get Rid of Ants in Malaysia, Pest Asia Ant Gel helps you get rid of ants in just two to three days. It's formulated to attract ants quickly, What is the best homemade ant killer?,Can Salt kill ants?,What do ants hate the most?

PEST ASIA Ant Eco Gel Bait – Ant Pest Control Malaysia

Getting rid of ants does not have to be boring and plain. With PEST ASIA Ant Eco Gel Bait, your pest solution experience would be an exciting one.

Given the detail that it can eliminate pests like ants, the design of this deal itself makes it stand out. We mean, it is a vaccine-type of packaging! Looks pretty cool, agree?

It has a 10g net size with no scent included. Thus, it is safe to apply anywhere the pests are on site. On top of that, its duration effect can last for a long time and has a chain-killing end.

Key Features:

  • 10g Volume Capacity
  • Stress-free and Safe to Use with Real Results
  • With Non-Toxic and Non-Pollution
  • Long Effect Duration
  • Includes Anti-Gel for Roaches Too
  • No Mess or Smell Involved
  • With Cheap and Reasonable Value
  • Famous in the Malaysian Household
  • Gel Type of Repellent and Designed as an Injection
  • 100% Legit

Get this ant killer at

5. Ninja Bee Ant Liquid Bait Killer

Ninja Bee Ant Liquid Bait Killer is the Best Products to Get Rid of Ants in Malaysia, Ant killing eco bait ,ant ,pestcontrol ,pestkiller ,semut ,ninjabee ,​ubatlipas ,cockroach ,antkiller ,ubatsemut, What can I spray outside for ants?,What smell do ants hate?

Ninja Bee Ant Liquid Bait Killer – Ant Pest Control Malaysia

End the ant madness in your home with this Ninja Bee Ant Liquid Killing Bait! It is a non-toxic repellent that draws and eliminates household pest ants in fast mode.

Ensure that even the queen will perish in the application. Easy to use, you can do the terminating process on your own.

You don’t have to stress again because it is economical and available in many quality online shops in Malaysia. Get this deal before it is too late!

Key Features:

  • 50ml in Size
  • Safe for All
  • Ideal for Terminating Seen and Unseen Ants across the Target Area
  • With No Toxic Materials Included and has Set of Active Ingredients
  • Available in Economy Cost
  • Convenient and Lure Insect Control Type
  • High in Ratings from Stores Online
  • Liquid Type of Repellent
  • 100% Legit

Get this ant killer at

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6. Camay Repellent Spray

Camay Repellent Spray (500ML) is the Best Products to Get Rid of Ants in Malaysia, organic insecticide spray that kill and repel insect, What is the best ant killer for outdoors?, Place Traps Near Activity, How do you get rid of ants permanently?, How do I control outside ants?

Prevention is better than cure. When you feel like icky ants are now hiding in the cracks or walls of your space, it is okay to come in handy.

Immediately avail a solution that makes an infesting issue a piece of cake like the Camay Repellent Spray. Proudly produced by a local brand, it is a spray type of repellent with organic ingredients and free from hazardous substances.

You can use it quickly and in fit to the potential spots of ant infestation. It has a volume set to choose from between 100ml, 200ml, and the biggest, 500ml.

Offered at a cost-effective charge, this Camay Repellent contains numerous grants and awards. So, settle with an award-winning purchase like this one!

Key Features:

  • 500ml in Volume or, you can also choose from 100ml or 200ml
  • Certified Safe and Handy
  • Poison-Free
  • With Anti-Fungal Elements
  • Water-Based and Not Sticky to Apply
  • Stainless, Simple, and Unscented
  • Award-Winning Deal in the International Scene
  • Reasonable in Price
  • Super-Fast and Easy to Use
  • 5 out of 5 Ratings from Consumers
  • Spray Type of Repellent
  • 100% Legit

Get this ant killer at

7. King Kong Ant Killer (5g)

King Kong Ant Killer (5g) is Best Products to Get Rid of Ants in Malaysia, no.1 Ants Exterminator‎, Natural Ant Killer Made in MY, Kills entire ant colonies, kill ants in apartment, kill ants in house

If you want a repellent that works like a king, then you might want to give King Kong Ant Killer a try! It is a powder type of ant terminating bait that has a 5g capacity.

With its best features, it is pretty famous to consumers.

Fast in process, this is exceptionally manageable that includes a long-term impact upon practice. Do not blow your chance and purchase the King Kong Ant Killer right now.

Secure your family towards an ant home invasion!

Key Features:

  • 5g Net Size
  • 100% Control among Pesky Ants
  • Available in 2 Unit in 1 Box Pack or Single Order Only
  • With an Active Ingredient of 0.09 % Hydramethylnon
  • Manageable and Ideal for Outdoors or Indoors
  • Speedy Performance yet Long-Lasting Outcome
  • Includes a Basic Type of Ant Bait
  • Good Value and High-Ratings from Users
  • Powder Type of Repellent
  • 100% Legit

Get this ant killer at

8. RANAI Termite Spray (500ml)

RANAI Termite Spray (500ml) is the Best Products to Get Rid of Ants in Malaysia, How to get rid of ants permanently, Termite Killer powder Strong Effects, termite medicine to kill termites, whole nest Killing Drugs white ant medicine

Terminating pests at the comforts of your home will be swift than ever with this Termite Spray by the local brand RANAI.

Available in 500ml net size, it is a spray type of solution that you can use easily. It is not suited to indoor locations since it has a somewhat dangerous formula for discharging ants or pests.

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You must hold this in safe storage and use it when no kids are involved. Yet, it is one of the most marketed deals in Malaysia to solve insect dilemmas.

If you want to be fearless at getting rid of ants, this RANAI Ant Killing Spray Deal is the one for you.

Key Features:

  • 500ml Volume Capacity
  • Eradicates Ants Fast and Easy to Use
  • Includes the Elimination of Extra Pesky Pests like Lizards and Snails
  • Ideal for Outdoor Use or any Open Space Area
  • Odorless and Keep Off to the Reach of Children
  • Single Item per Order
  • Immediate Line of Attack with its Lethal Materials
  • Low-Cost and Prized by Consumers
  • Spray Type of Repellent
  • 100% Legit

Get this ant killer at

9. SIP-PESTKILEER Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

SIP-PESTKILEER Ultrasonic Pest Repeller , How to get rid of ants permanently, Do ultrasonic electronic pest repellents really work,What is the most effective ultrasonic pest repeller?,Do ultrasonic pest repellers go through walls?, What do ants hate most?,What smell makes ants go away?,How long does it take for vinegar to kill ants?

If you want to kill the troubling ants invading your house in style, then the SIP-PESTKILEER Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is your best call!

It is a modern solution for pest removal that you can get at an inexpensive cost. Easy to use despite its impressive build and technology.

You only have to make sure to plug it properly and turn it on in the pest-prone area. However, it will probably take a while to clear all the pests knowing that this is more of a controller than an immediate killing item.

As recommended, it is best to settle to a 1300 square feet distance. So, level up your approach to household ant removal with this SIP-PESTKILEER Ultrasonic Pest Repeller! Awesome, right?

Key Features:

  • The New Generation and Technology to Solve Infestation
  • With a High-Quality Pro Pest Repel Kit
  • Easy to Use and Affordable
  • Guaranteed Safety to Kids, Pets, and Adults
  • Requires Plug to Start Working
  • Results are Most Likely to Show After a Month
  • Incredible Proficiency and Non-Toxic
  • Suits Indoor Use Only
  • Ultrasound Machine Type of Repellent
  • 100% Legit

Get this ant killer at

10. SJ Ant-Out Kill Ants Gel Bait (15g)

SJ Ant-Out Kill Ants Gel Bait (15g), getting rid of ants in Kuala Lumpur, Natural and Non-Toxic Ways To Get Rid Of Ants, How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally Malaysia, Best Termite Control in Malaysia

Say goodbye to the ants marching to your ceilings or walls as you use this new SJ Ant-Out Kill Ants Gel Bait.

It is a famous brand in Malaysia, with a certified formula that can drag common ants to their extermination. All you need to do is apply it to your desired area and wait for a week to see the results.

SJ Ant-Out Kill Ants Gel Bait contains a 15g mass that matches indoor places if an ant infestation transpires. Prevent those icky insects from disturbing your resting place by using this deal today.

Key Features:

  • 15g Volume Capacity
  • An Attractant to Different Sorts of Ants
  • Low Toxic Level to Human and Animals
  • Ready and Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Favorable to Malaysian Homeowners
  • 3 to 7-Day Effectivity
  • 1 Unit Per Order
  • Expiry of 2 Full Years from Manufacturing Date
  • Ideal for Indoor Use
  • Keep it Out of Children Reach
  • Charming Packaging
  • Gel Type of Repellent
  • 100% Legit

Get this ant bait product at

How do I get Rid of Ants in Malaysia?

Ants are a manifestation of life. Although, that doesn’t indicate that they need to be a part of our homes.

With a few basic measures for safety in place and a few rigid precautions, you can keep your space ant-free.

In addition, you must attempt to use eliminating goods on hand before anything else. It may sound handy to consult experts for help, but it is more fulfilling if you try it yourself first. Get the courage to save your home.

Also, learn that the best idea to deal with ants is to exclude anything that would draw them in the beginning.

Stock the food properly and clean your home twice a week. Ensure that there are no existing crumbs or spills for more than a day.

Check your property regarding gaps around windows, under doors, in the floors, and so forth.

How do you get rid of ants inside the house?

There are a few simple things you can do to get rid of the ants inside your house.

One is to figure out where they are coming from and try to block their access.

Another is to set out bait for them that they will take back to their nest, which will ultimately kill the entire colony.

Finally, you can use a pesticide or insecticide to get rid of them. If you have pets or children, be sure to choose a product that is safe for them.

How do I get rid of tiny ants fast?

There are a few things you can do to get rid of tiny ants fast.

One is to put some pill size dab of ant killer powder near their entrance points and/or where you’ve seen them.

Another is to mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle and use that as a repellent. You can also use essential oils, like peppermint oil or tea tree oil, as a repellent.

Finally, you can try using citrus juices, since ants don’t like citrus smells. Hope one of these methods helps!

Ant Killer Malaysia

Finally, if you are still unsure, we are here to help. This content curates the best products to get rid of ants in Malaysia right now. Give it a look!

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