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Famous Snacks in Malaysia You Must Try 2021

You know what they say: “when in Rome, eat what the Romans eat.” Life will definitely be boring without snacks. Well, if you’re ever in Malaysia, make sure you try these famous Malaysian snacks and experience the iconic food items that have made a mark on the lives of Malaysians everywhere.

Top 15 Famous Must-Try Snacks in Malaysia

Our school-boy and school-girl days may have come and gone, but there’s still plenty of ways for us to get our hands on the snacks we loved as kids! Apart from hanging out in school districts and buying snacks from hawkers and vendors, you can now get any of these famous snack foods online! Check out the list below to find out more:

Mamee Monster Noodle Snack

Mamee Monster Noodle Snack is Top 15 Famous Must-Try Snacks in Malaysia

Mamee Monster is a popular snack in Malaysia because of how it combines the goodness of instant noodles with the satisfying crunch of chips and crisps. Unlike traditional noodles, Mamee Monster can be eaten right out of the pack, no cooking required. Plus, it’s seasoned with the same kind of instant mee flavors. Crunch, our favorite is Chicken, what’s yours?

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White Rabbit Cream Candy

大白兔 大白兔糖 大白兔奶糖 奶糖 牛奶糖 糖果 糖 大白兔奶糖散装结婚庆满月回礼喜糖零食 White Rabbit Milk Candy Sugar are best Snacks That Are Fast & Easy in Malaysia

One of the most popular candies not just in Malaysia but in other parts of Southeast Asia, as well, White Rabbit Cream Candies have been enjoyed by every Malaysians all over the place for years. This candy is common during Chinese New Year.

One unique thing that people love about White Rabbit is the unorthodox white wrapper that covers the candy itself. This wrapper is actually made of a special edible cellophane made from rice, and when you pop a White Rabbit candy in your mouth, it dissolves quickly while adding a creamy texture to the sweet, caramel goodness of the candy.

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Ice Gems

BISKUT ICE GEM / BISKUT AISKRIM (300GM) 手工花占饼干 is Popular local snacks in Malaysia

Ice Gems (also called Naval Biscuits) are a traditional snack in Malaysia that’s been around for decades. The idea behind them is simple: it’s a crunchy, bite-sized biscuit (plenty delicious on its own) that’s topped with a hard, sweet icing.

Ice Gems have been enjoyed by Malaysian children since the 1960’s, and to this day are still one of the most unforgettable snack foods enjoyed by the youth. Ice Gems come in different colors, which leads to a lot of fun as kids loved to pick out their favorite colored Ice Gems (even though they all tasted the same, anyway!)

Some kids just pick off the sweet part and leave the biscuit behind!

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Wheel Crackers

Keropok Roda / Wheel Crackers Traditional Wheel Crackers 传统风车饼/车轮饼 200g is top 15 Popular Local Snacks In Malaysia To Enjoy This festival

Plain salted wheel crackers are a specialty Malaysian snack that’s also been around for as long as most of us can remember. Lightweight and crunchy, with a definitive shape that gave the snack its name, Wheel Crackers are popular snack foods that offer a simple but addictive savory experience. Just like with modern potato chips and nachos, wheel crackers are a famous Malaysian dish where you can’t stop at just one.

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Biskut Piring

Childhood Biscuit Piring Wafer Handmade Childhood Biscuit Wafer Piring Wafer, Biskut UFO, Kuih Bulan is a snacks to buy in Malaysia

These traditional Malaysian snacks used to be everywhere – often seen at funfairs and pasar malam – although admittedly they’re not as popular as they were twenty years ago. Handmade biscuits that come in different colors – usually red, green, and yellow – Biskut Puring are crispy wafers that are sweet, but not too sweet, and are much loved by younger kids because of their affordability.

Made from eggs, flour, coconut milk, and sugar, biskut puring is a simple snack food but has brought joy to many afternoons spent after school. This flaky biscuit could be a nightmare for parents.

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Haw Flakes (San-Cha)

TWINFISH Haw Flakes 276g can be bought at Shopee malaysia or lazada malaysia I buy traditional snacks in Malaysia during childhood times

Haw Flakes are thin disc-shaped candies that look sort of like coins, and arguably also taste like coins with their unique sweet-sour flavor. Their taste may not please everyone, but Haw flakes are so popular in Malaysia that they’re definitely a must-try! With its red packaging, it is a common sight during Chinese New Year.

Haw flakes get a lot of rap because people think that Haw is the brand name for this sweet and pleasantly sour snack food, but it’s a little-known fact that they’re called Haw Flakes because they’re made from the fruits of the Hawthorn Tree. This amazing treat is a good snack for those with health diseases.

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Er Duo Bing (Biskut Telinga)

Biskut Telinga (Ear Biscuits) 耳朵饼 牛耳饼350g is the 15 Best Local Snack Brands To Try in Malaysia

Although technically a Chinese snack food, Er Duo Bing (literally ‘ear biscuits’) are an extremely popular snack food in Malaysia, too. Called ear biscuits because of how they look like pig ears, er duo bing is a crunchy snack food that offers savory goodness in every bite.

Watch out though, these speciality crackers from Ipoh might be a little harder (can fight the Murukkus) than other biscuits, but we like to think it adds to this snack food’s unique charm.

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Lemon Tablets

the Lemon Tablet Candy Gula-Gula Limau 柠檬饼柠檬糖 8g x 5 rolls is 15 souvenir snacks from Malaysia to bring home

Refreshing and sweet, lightweight but flavorful, and oh-so affordable, lemon tablets are a long-time favorite snack that has been enjoyed by Malaysians for years. Both children and adults love these Lemon Tablets, with kids stuffing their pockets with the stuff and adults always having a tube handy in case they need some mid-day refreshment.

Lemon Tablets offer a unique melt-in-your-mouth texture that’s pleasant to taste, especially thanks to the authentic lemon flavor that makes this candy great for freshening your taste buds after a meal. Plus, they’re certified Halal too!

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Sugus Soft Candies

Sugus Chewy Candy 200gm (60pcs +-) is Top 15 Snacks You Should Buy The Next Time You're In Malaysia childhood candy used for praying in malaysia

With so many flavors to choose from and enjoyable chewy texture, Sugus soft candies are loved by children and adults all over Malaysia. Technically, they’re not even marketed as “candies”; instead, they’re flavored fruit juice squares wrapped in paper. If you’re skeptical about what that means, you won’t be once you try it. Every bite into a Sugus juice square releases so much flavorful juice into your mouth that it feels like you’re having a sip of your favorite fruit juices.

Sugus comes in a variety of flavors, including orange, green apple, strawberry, lemon, and grape.

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Figs (Wu Hua Guo)

Fig 250grams is 15 Malaysia Childhood Snacks to Munch On!

Wu Hua Guo are basically dried, candied figs that are sold in packs. Enjoyed by both children and adults – kids love them for their sweetness and unique flavor, adults because they’re a healthy treat to much on in the middle of busy workday – Wu Hua Guo offers a fruity energy boost that instantly perks you up thanks to the combination of natural sugars, vitamins, and minerals. After all, figs are one of the healthiest fruits best for digestion!

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POLO Original Mints

POLO Peppermint Candy -27g X 36rolls is The best 15 snacks you should buy in Malaysia

POLO – the ever-popular O-shaped mints enjoyed the world over by children and adults alike – are one of the must-try snack foods in Malaysia. Minty, but not too strong, and sweet, but not overpoweringly so, POLO Original Mints offered a refreshing menthol snack that kept your breath fresh and cool. Just make sure you don’t take out your roll of POLO Original Mints in the middle of class, or you’ll find everyone knocking on your chair asking for more.

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Durian Pop Corn

Pop Corn Perasa Durian 15g OR 70g is 15 Malaysian snacks: idea for event

Okay, they’re not really durian popcorn in the sense that they take durian kernels and pop them like they do corn. Instead, this delicious snack food is corn puffs with a sweet and uniquely-durian flavoring. With a soft, puffy crunch and the unmistakable aroma and flavor of durian, one of the “smelliest” foods in the world, durian popcorn is one of the most popular snacks and a must-try in Malaysia. That said, durian isn’t something that everyone enjoys, so if you’re not a fan of the pungent and powerful-tasting fruit, you may want to steer clear.

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Wang Zai Xiao Man Tou

you can buy 旺仔 小馒头 原味 125克 Wang Zai Man Tou Biscuits 125G old school snacks in Malaysia

This melt-in-your-mouth biscuit is a favorite for many people. SInce it’s so soft, parents love to give it to children from a young age. Pretty much miniature steam buns lookalike, xiao man tou (literally ‘small steam buns’) are small biscuits that offer a soft, crunchy, and even powdery texture – great for all kinds of snacking, anytime and anywhere.

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Apollo Chocolate Wafers

12g x 48pcs Apollo Milk Wafer Cream 1010 / Milk Chocolate Wafer Cream 1011 Old School Childhood Snacks: 15 Places Where You Can Get

Almost everyone’s have had an Apollo Chocolate Wafer – they’re popular school snacks and party giveaways, after all – but what we loved about them the most was how they seemed to just melt in our mouths with their sweet, creamy chocolate filling.

Apollo comes in Milk flavor, too, but those were never as popular as the delicious chocolate flavored Apollo wafers that many of us enjoyed as kids.

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Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet

280g 750g ORIGINAL Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet Snack Ikan Halus 大发鱼丝 Old Is Gold: 15 snacks To Buy Unforgettable Old School

If you’re looking for a more savory treat, then we highly recommend trying Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet. Salted to perfection with just the right amount of spice, Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet is celebrated far and wide in Malaysia for its unique taste and even more unforgettable texture. There are plenty of other dried fish fillet brands today, but none so far have been able to emulate the unique flavor that Dahfa offers.

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What is the most famous snack in Malaysia?

Whether you’re looking to reminisce with your favorite childhood snacks, or introduce family and friends to the food you enjoyed back then – and continue to enjoy to this day – then we hope you found these must-try Malaysian snacks to your liking. They may not be as easy to find as before, but fortunately online marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee have you covered.

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