Covid-19 Essentials At Home to Survive the Pandemic in Malaysia 2021

Covid-19 has changed the world, especially the lives of many. Some people lost their jobs, students paused studying, and many people were infected, and survived. What most Malaysians need to do now is to stay safe and be alert at all times. As every family member should stay at home, it is important to have essential items with you in times of need. The same goes for those who need to travel outside for essential services. Every household must be prepared and gather all the necessities required to stay protected during this tough period. Going outside to buy groceries and essentials might be a little dangerous, for you don’t know the situation you might encounter.

Here are some things that you need to add to your checklist, that we think are some Covid-19 essentials to survive the pandemic. We have gathered them so it will be easier for you to tick those boxes. From the hand sanitizers to soothing tea that will help you with Covid-19, they are all listed below for you.

10 Covid-19 Essentials in MalaysiaUse forBest Price

Medishield 3 ply Non-Medical Disposable Mask

Face Mask


Cleanse360 Hand Sanitizer Spray – 75% Alcohol

Hand Sanitizer


BLACKMORES Vitamin C – 500mg (60s)

Improve Immunity


Dettol Wipes Anti-Bacterial

For Surface Disinfecting


Puer Tea Cane’s Teabags by Purple Cane



REDBUZZ Air Purifier PM2.5

Air Purifier


Greenwipes MD-7030 Disinfectant Alcohol Wipes

For Surface Disinfecting


Dettol Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitizer


AXE Medicated Oil

Relieve Pain


Ahmad Tea Lemon & Ginger (20 Teabags)



What are the Covid-19 Essentials to Survive the Pandemic in Malaysia?

Top 10 Essential Item to deal with Covid-19 for Homes in Malaysia

1. Medishield 3 ply Non-Medical Disposable Mask – Full Denim Blue (50pcs)

Medishield 3 ply Non-Medical Disposable Mask - Full Denim Blue (50pcs) is an Essential Items Required For Malaysians during COVID-19, Your Essential Guide to Stuff need at home in Covid 19

This Medishield disposable face mask should be added to your Covid-19 checklist to keep you protected when going outside to buy some essentials or groceries. When you go outside and cross paths with different people, you save yourself from talking and are protected from harmful air.

The quality of this face mask is excellent, for it has a premium ultra-soft non-woven fabric that is gentle to the skin. Moreover, it is breathable with seamless crimping, so you can comfortably wear it anywhere. The 3 ply helps block and filter small particles from the air, making it an excellent use. This face mask comes in 50 pieces for you and your family’s use.

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2. Cleanse360 Hand Sanitizer Spray – 75% Alcohol (500ml)

Coronavirus Tips and Supplies Guide: What to Buy, (COVID-19) Essential Items Checklist, Cleanse360 Hand Sanitizer Spray - 75% Alcohol (500ml) is an essential item for homes in Malaysia

One essential thing you must take note of is to keep your hands sanitized always. Hand sanitizers fight off germs and bacteria, and it is helpful for prevention of Covid-19. Whether you are going out or staying at home, alcohol is a must.

This Cleanse360 Hand Sanitizer Spray is rinse-free and quick-dry to help you kill germs easily. With a sterilizing rate of 99.9%, this is effective alcohol to use for disinfecting your home or sanitizing hands. The hand sanitizer has a gentle and safe formula that is mild and non-skin irritating. Additionally, it has a mild aloe vera but keeps it with no fragrance.

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3. BLACKMORES Vitamin C – 500mg (60s)

What to Stock Up on for COVID-19 , BLACKMORES Vitamin C - 500mg (60s), Tips for Keeping COVID-19 Out of Your Home, What to Buy for Home Quarantine During the Coronavirus

Boost your immune system and prevent yourself from any illnesses. Vitamin C will help strengthen your body and is helpful for your general health. This is involved in collagen, which is an essential protein in our body. That’s why, to avoid any stress and illnesses, we need a Vitamin C intake.

Blackmores Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid that provides the vitamin C we need. This dietary supplement offers you the body strength you need and aims to face your day without fear. As there are viruses that spread in the world, it is right to protect our bodies against these harmful particles. This vitamin C is easy to swallow and is suitable for kids and adults who need vitamin C. Since this involves collagen, it is also helpful in wound repairs.

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4. Dettol Wipes Anti-Bacterial (50’s)

Dettol Wipes Anti-Bacterial is top 10 Gear and Tips to Help You Get Through the Coronavirus Pandemic, supplies you might need, What are wet wipes used for

One essential item that you should carry around with you is anti-bacterial wet wipes. When you go outside, you may use your wet wipes to disinfect surfaces you will sit on or touch, especially in public places. This is also an excellent option for washing or sanitizing your hands, arms, or face.

Dettol Wipes protect you from unseen germs and help kill 99.9% of them. The wipes are soft and non-irritation, which gently cleanses your skin. This has a pre-moisturized formula with purified water that is safe. Plus, it is alcohol-free yet keeps you protected.

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5. Puer Tea Cane’s Teabags (30 Teabags) by Purple Cane

covid-19 essential items list, Puer Tea Cane's Teabags (30 Teabags) by Purple Cane is something to Stock Up on for COVID-19, What is Pu Erh tea good for? Can I drink Pu Erh tea everyday?

They say tea helps cleanse your body and also provides a boost to your immune system. Tea has tons of great benefits, and it is essential to tick in your Covid-19 checklist. Aside from providing health benefits, tea can somehow lessen your exposure to certain types of viruses.

Puer Tea Cane’s Tea Bags has a mild, mellow, and sweet finish that is gentle to the stomach. This tea helps in your digestion of fatty food and is providing you with benefits your body needs. Moreover, it is suitable for those who want to improve their shape and well-being.

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6. REDBUZZ Air Purifier PM2.5

REDBUZZ Air Purifier PM2.5 is the 10 things to stock up on for coronavirus, COVID essentials list, What to stock up on for COVID second wave, Do air purifiers really work?, Why are air purifiers bad for you?, What are the disadvantages of air purifier?

Purify your home at all times to keep your family safe and protected from the Covid-19 virus. Air purifiers are a great addition to your home, especially during these tragic times. Since one of your family members needs to do some errands outside, it is important to purify your home aside from disinfecting with alcohol—Air Purifiers help purify bacterias around your home and bring in fresh air.

Redbuzz Air Purifier features an intelligent purification with four stages of filtration system and quick purification. This effectively purifies unwanted particles like dust, allergens, pollens, mold, and smoke. Furthermore, it reduces the odor of your home and provides fresh and healthy air inside. The air purifier also has a built-in dual smart sensor that monitors harmful substances throughout the day.

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7. Greenwipes MD-7030 Disinfectant Alcohol Wipes (For Surface Disinfecting)

Greenwipes MD-7030 Disinfectant Alcohol Wipes (For Surface Disinfecting) is Covid-19 Essentials to Survive the Pandemic, What To Buy For The Coronavirus Outbreak - How To Stock, Buy Antiseptics & Disinfectants Online, Pharma-C-Wipes Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes

Disinfecting your home is a must. Every part of your home, especially those commonly touched areas, should be disinfected at all times. This is to make sure that germs and bacterias will not harm you and your family. Disinfectant alcohol wipes help kill germs on any surface, making this item worth buying for Covid-19 prevention.

If you are looking for disinfectant wipes that are effective and safe, choose these Greenwipes Disinfectant Alcohol Wipes. Like those in hospitals, these wipes are hospital grade which effectively kills 99.9% of germs and viruses in just 60 seconds. What will make you buy this product is because it is “Award Winning Best Innovation 2020” and “Outstanding Business Award.” This was also tested with human corona, so this product is a trusted companion of every family. The formulation dries quickly and leaves no residue on any surface. There are more reasons why you should buy these disinfectant alcohol wipes. Try it for yourself.

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8. Dettol Hand Sanitiser (50ml)

Dettol Hand Sanitiser is Covid-19 Essentials to Survive the Pandemic, Does Dettol hand sanitizer contain alcohol?
Dettol Hand Sanitizer price, How effective is Dettol hand sanitizer?, Is Dettol hand sanitiser alcohol free?

Traveling outside might be a bit risky these days, and it’s best to have handy protection in your purse. A hand sanitizer is ten times more helpful today, for it kills germs and sanitizes your hands instantly. People can’t stop themselves from touching things publicly, especially when they need to buy groceries and essentials. So, as much as possible, we need to sanitize all the time.

This Dettol Hand Sanitizer contains 50ml of guaranteed protection that fights off germs and bacterias quickly. Aside from that, it moisturizes your skin, leaving a gentle feel and protection. The formulation of this sanitizer is rinse-free and non-sticky, perfect for on-the-go protection. Keep a hand sanitizer in your bag, office, or car to keep you protected at all times.

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9. AXE Medicated Oil AXE Medicated Oil , Why do I need to quarantine myself if I have a fever?, How can I protect myself from the virus?, What is AXE oil good for?, Is it safe to inhale AXE oil?, Is AXE oil and eucalyptus oil same?, Axe Oil made from which country

If you have any problems like headaches, colds, or stomachaches, it’s best to treat it with a medicated oil. Some known symptoms of Covid-19 are cough and cold, and we can’t determine whether or not we acquire the virus if we feel these symptoms. That is why it’s better to apply some medicated oil to at least soothe the pain. Medicated oil helps you stay calm and relaxed because of its eucalyptus scent. This is a perfect companion for every body ache you might feel.

AXE Medicated Oil has a cool effect in the application, which helps soothe your headaches or cold. The smell of eucalyptus effectively eases the pain and makes you feel calm or relaxed. Apply a generous amount in the part where you feel hurt.

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10. Ahmad Tea Lemon & Ginger (20 Teabags)

What to Buy for Home Quarantine During the Coronavirus, Ahmad Tea Lemon & Ginger (20 Teabags), covid-19 essentials store, COVID essentials list, What is lemon and ginger tea good for?, Is it okay to drink lemon ginger tea everyday?, What are the side effects of lemon and ginger tea?

Ginger is best for some illnesses, especially those related to your nose or lungs. This is also known for its soothing feeling, which makes it also helpful for Covid-19 prevention. Of course, lemon provides the vitamins you need for your body. So, why not combine these two beneficial ingredients in one?

From a well-known brand of tea, Ahmad Tea Lemon and Ginger helps in revitalizing and calming your mind, which also enables you to boost up your energy and vitality. This tea is infused with spicy and sharper notes of ginger for an enticing brew, plus it is caffeine-free.

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How to Protect Yourself from Covid-19?

Following some simple precautions like regularly washing your hands, sanitizing, and staying at home will help you prevent Covid-19. If, in any case, you need to go outside, it is important to have some essentials with you like alcohol, wet wipes, and a face mask. To those staying at home, taking vitamins every day will boost your immune system and protect you from the virus. Watch the news and be alert.

Where to Buy Covid-19 Essentials?

Suppose you worry about going outside and buying all the stuff you need for your family. In that case, there is no problem buying these online for your safety. The essentials listed above are some things you and your family need to keep you protected and safe in these tragic times. All of these are great precautions in Covid-19, whether you are at home or outside. Consider buying these because this will be helpful for you to keep you away from the dangerous virus that is continuously spreading around the world.

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