practical things to buy on Lazada malaysia

Cool Things to Buy on Lazada Malaysia

With millions of cool and exciting products available at pocket-friendly prices, it is not surprising why Lazada Malaysia contributes a lot to the global success of the Singapore-based e-commerce platform. While other branches in different countries enjoy the same amount of attention and roster of shoppers, Lazada Malaysia is keen to move forward in the online shopping industry by presenting itself as a gold mine for practical and meticulous buyers. And while many questions pertain to the excellent service of this platform, the most common still goes like this, “what are the cool things to buy on Lazada Malaysia? Well, we’ve got you a reliable list.

Cool Things to Buy on AliExpressBest Deal to Get
KEBETEME Aroma DiffuserRM26.39
Cooler Master Connect StandRM85
Fitbit Sense Activity TrackerRM1298
KTS-1050 Wireless Portable Bluetooth SpeakerRM29.90
Ultra-Free Bite Resistant CushionRM107.90
SIMPLYBEST Portable Travel Tea Pot SetRM27.88
FuelBelt Helium Hydration BeltRM109.90
OGAWA Sonic Facial Cleansing BrushRM159
Smart Sensor Trash CanRM47.90
GadTech Lightweight Trolley SuitcaseRM199
What are the cool products you can order from Lazada Malaysia?

Top 10 Cool Things to Buy on Lazada Malaysia: Great Buys that are Worth the Price Tags

1. KEBETEME Aroma Diffuser

cool things to buy on Lazada malaysia

Are you looking for a stylish and revolutionary diffuser? If so, you would surely find it hard to say no to KEBETEME Aroma diffuser. This 3D-printed product comes in a full moon shape, and it is so realistic that you would feel like the moon rests in your room every night!

Mimicking the shape of the Lunar Moon, this eye-catching aroma diffuser and humidifier can easily make any room look like a dreamland. Its decorative lights give off a magical vibe that is both charming and relaxing. Its diameter is 13cm, and it boasts 880MLL capacity. There are two control buttons, one for fog adjustment while the other is for sound. However, you won’t need the second feature as the product itself produces an operational noise below 35db –almost a mute diffuser! You can use it anywhere in your house, and it also serves as a perfect gift to your loved ones, kids and adults alike!

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2. Cooler Master Connect Stand

useful things to buy on Lazada malaysia

With almost everything being performed online today –work, school, meetings, there is little to no time left for our laptops to cool down. And if you happen to find yourself using your laptop non-stop, perhaps you might want to check out this Cooler Master Connect Stand before it gets too late.

This useful product serves two essential purposes – a laptop table and a cooling fan for your gadget. It can support up to 5kg of weight and boast a fan speed of 1200 RPM. And mind you, the fan is detachable. It also comes with a cable management feature for USB connectivity. When your device is cool, and your cables are neat and hassle-free, rest assured that you can work on your laptop uninterrupted. Furthermore, since this product is made from plastic, rubber, and metal mesh, you can definitely count on its durability!

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3. Fitbit Sense Activity Tracker

cool items on Lazada malaysia

Are you looking for a technologically advanced activity tracker? If you want a functional, stylish, and extremely reliable device, you will surely get interested in Fitbit Sense Activity Tracker. It is a ground-breaking product that boasts various features intended to monitor your physical activities and your mental health.

This activity tracker’s best features are the multi-purpose heart rate and electrical sensors supported by EDA and ECG applications, gyroscope, accelerator, vibration motor, and built-in GPS. It also comes with a comfortable band that conveniently hugs your wrist. The screen measures 40mm, and you will surely be impressed by the crystal-clear display even in extreme brightness or direct sunlight. It’s a bit pricey, but the features are worth the price.

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4. KTS-1050 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

useful items on Lazada malaysia

Are you a music lover who wants to bring the vibe out there? With this KTS-1050 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker, you can play your music anywhere you go and in a volume that can match a party!

This product comes with a sleek design. And despite its size, it is lightweight at 552 grams and extremely portable. It conveniently works with smartphones and other audio players with a micro USB jack. Aside from being compatible with SD cards and USB flash, this speaker also comes with an FM Radio. The Li-on battery is rechargeable. You can use this speaker for almost 2 hours of partying non-stop. You can control its wireless connectivity for up to 10 meters away.

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5. Ultra-Free Bite Resistant Cushion

useful items to buy on Lazada malaysia

Hello there, pet lovers! Are you looking for something that will make your furry friend happy? Get this Ultra-Free Bite Resistant Cushion, and your pet will surely feel joyful, secure, and comfortable!

This cushion is borderless, which means your pet can stretch with freedom. Even when they are in a playful mood, you have nothing to worry about as the bed is made from corduroy and other materials resistant to bites. The bottom boasts an anti-slip material that secures it in place. The zip cover that houses the polypropylene cotton is also removable, making it easy to clean. You will also appreciate the angled edges, which means this bite-resistant pet cushion can fit any corner of your house.

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6. SIMPLYBEST Portable Travel Tea Pot Set

worthwhile things to buy on Lazada malaysia, Top Selling Cool Products on Lazada

Are you a tea lover? You have slim chances of finding a good tea house when traveling, especially when you’re in the outback. Why deprive yourself of your favorite tea as well as the precious tea-sipping moment when you can have a portable teapot set? Check out this product from SIMPLYBEST, and you’d surely find yourself adding it to your cart!

This exquisite and sophisticated teapot set is handmade. It has a smooth texture and classy appearance, quickly making you feel relaxed wherever you are. When you order, you’ll get a teapot with four cups, a canister, a towel, and of course, the set’s portable bag. Since the products are made durable using high temperatures, rest assured that they wouldn’t break easily. It is still an excellent item if you do not often travel since you can use it as home décor.

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7. FuelBelt Helium Hydration Belt

functional products on Lazada malaysia

If you are fond of running as your form of exercise, you surely feel the dilemma of stopping in your tracks to drink water, with your adrenaline levels going down due to the pause. Well, if you are looking for something that will allow you to engage in your physical activity without slowing down, then this FuelBelt Helium Hydration Belt is the ideal product for you.

This hydration belt comes with pouches for your essential items. It also has free water bottles that perfectly fit the storage spaces. You can easily reach out for your bottle even while on the go. The belt is adjustable and waterproof as well. You will also appreciate that race locks are made detachable. Furthermore, when you run at night, this belt also helps in keeping you visible and safe in the dark with its reflectors.

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8. OGAWA Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

practical things to buy on Lazada malaysia

Do you often struggle when removing makeup on your face? With this OGAWA Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush, you can now say goodbye to that cumbersome task! This expertly designed makeup remover ensures a deep and comfortable cleansing routine.

This beauty product boasts reverse motors that work in a two-way rotation manner. It also has a self-balancing feature that ensures the safety of your skin. The three small brushes work together gently, giving you that deep cleanse and healthy-looking, vibrant glow. Aside from the makeup, this brush also removes dirt and oils in just a few minutes.

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9. Smart Sensor Trash Can

Are you looking for a more hygienic way to dispose of your trash? With this Smart Sensor Trash Can, you can effectively lessen the risk of getting in contact with bacteria and germs inside your waste bin. This product offers a hands-free and convenient trash disposal operation.

This 16L touchless trash container comes in a slim design that easily fits in narrow spaces or corners. You can use it in your bathroom, kitchen, and even your living room because of its minimalistic yet sophisticated design. There are three ways you can open this trash can –button, knock vibration, and infrared sensing. At the bottom, you will find a storage space for trash bags. What’s more impressive is that this product has a built-in LED light which means you can shoot your trash even when the light is off.

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10. GadTech Lightweight Trolley Suitcase

cool items to buy on Lazada malaysia

Do you want to own a backpack that you can use for various purposes? Whether it’s a casual or formal occasion, this versatile GadTech Lightweight Trolley Suitcase will surely make you appear in trend!

This backpack, which you can easily convert as a trolley suitcase, is made from 1680D nylon, a notable durable material. It comes with a top and side handles that are all soft to touch. There’s a net side pocket for water bottles or other things that you want to quickly access whenever you’re on the go. The handle can be launched by pressing the auto push button. Inside the bag, you’ll find durable compartments for laptops, iPads, electronics, clothes, valuables, and the likes.

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Why Turn to Lazada Malaysia for your Shopping Needs?

Lazada Malaysia is notable for its continuous endeavor to provide value to sellers and shoppers alike. Every time you check the website, you will indeed find announcements of new products along with flash sales on its homepage. With great deals always ready to entice visitors, it is easy to understand why Lazada Malaysia becomes a magnet to shoppers not only in its locality but worldwide. So, if you haven’t tried checking out this e-commerce platform, you might as well do. Start with our list of cool things to buy on Lazada Malaysia!

Top Reasons to Check out Cool Things on Lazada Malaysia Every Day

Who doesn’t enjoy great products, sales, and bargains? At Lazada Malaysia, the online shopping season never ends! Not only does this e-commerce platform offer a wide array of cool and exciting stuff, but the majority of its products are competitively priced. There is always something new to check every day, and you’d be amazed to know that there are tons of cool things to buy out there that are well within your budget! So, don’t be guilty. Start your shopping spree from this list!

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