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Where to Buy Water Heater in Malaysia 2021

There are few things more difficult than having to wake up early and taking an icy cold shower right after. Sure, some people love it, and yeah, it comes with a bunch of health benefits (and disadvantages, too, but who keeps count?) but if you’re having difficulty getting your day started because the water’s just too darn cold, then it might be a good idea to start taking steps to address your problem.

Some people take the old-fashioned approach – they fill up a bucket, heat up some water in a kettle, and mix and match until the temperature’s just right. However, the modern individual has quite a few more technologically advanced options available to him or her. One way to make sure that your early mornings start in warmth and soothing comfort is by investing in a water heater for your home.

Benefits of Water Heaters for Your Home

Water heaters used to be a luxury found only in the homes of the rich and powerful. However, thanks to technological advancement and improvements in accessibility, water heaters are now enjoyed by millions around the world as a staple appliance of a happy home. Their popularity is more than just a fad; water heaters are convenient appliances designed to provide a very basic comfort – warm water. Here’s what else water heaters can do for you:

Save Precious Time

If you’re spending too much time hesitating to jump into the icy grasp of your morning shower, then a water heater won’t just be more convenient – they’ll also be saving you a ton of time. In a similar vein, if you’ve been heating water up the old-fashioned way for your showers, then getting a water heater dedicated to your bathing comfort could slash minutes off your daily routine.

Numerous Health Benefits

Cold water has been proven to be good for blood circulation, but hot baths also have numerous health benefits associated with them. Hot showers can help you lose weight faster, lower your blood sugar, keep your pores nice and clean, and most popularly, help sooth dry sinuses when you have a cold or the sniffles.

The Power of Choice

Without a water heater, you’re always going to have no choice but to bathe in cold water. Whether you like it or not, cold water is what you got. On the other hand, if you have a water heater installed in your bathroom, you will always have the choice. Turn your water heater off when you’re in the mood for a cold shower, or switch it on when you want to bathe in soothing warmth.

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Top 6 Water Heaters You Can Buy in Malaysia

If you’re in the market for a water heater for your home, then you may already know that there are hundreds of models out there available for you to choose from. However, not every water heater is made equal. To help you find the best water heater for you, your specific needs, and to fit your budget, we’ve taken the liberty of sifting through the vast market offerings to come up with this curated list of the best water heaters you can buy right here in Malaysia. Check out our list below!

Panasonic DH-3RL1MW Instant R Series Water Heater

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Panasonic is an internationally recognized appliances company with a reputation for quality, durability, and performance. It’s not a luxury brand – in fact, most of its products are easily affordable relative to the competition – but it continues to be a reliable global brand. The DH-3RL1MW Instant R Series Water Heater is a testament to the company’s commitment and dedication to quality consumers can trust.

The Panasonic DH-3RL1MW Instant R Series Water Heater is a powerful water heater capable of up to 3600 W of energy output. Its universal design makes it easy-to-use and its numerous safety points and features makes it one of the most reliable options out there for anyone looking for a water heater for their home and family.

Get the Panasonic DH-3RL1MW Instant R Series Water Heater for your home at

Rubine RWH-SSE892A Water Heater

Rubine RWH-SSE892A Water Heater

As one of Malaysia’s most trusted and widely-popular home appliance brands, Rubine has long been known in the country as a top provider for home and kitchen needs. Their brand represents quality and innovation in Malaysia, as can be plainly seen in the Rubine RWH-SSE892A Water Heater.

Apart from having great features and superb build quality, one of the best things about Rubine-brand products is their terrific after-sales customer care. Boasting one of the best warranty policies in the country, with different parts covered by individual warranty and a promise of 10 Years On-Site service, Rubine delivers the best customer experience, even when you buy online.

Get the Rubine RWH-SSE892A Water Heater at

JOVEN SC33P Turbo Booster Water Heater

JOVEN SC33P Turbo Booster Water Heater

JOVEN-brand appliances are a popular in Malaysian homes around the country. With great pride and joy, this local brand has consistently delivered top-of-the-line home appliances for almost 40 years. As Malaysia’s #1 brand for home appliances, this list would be incomplete without the JOVEN SC33P Turbo Booster Water Heater.

There’s a reason why JOVEN stands at the top of the Malaysian Home Appliance industry, and that reason is evident in the JOVEN SC33P Turbo Booster Water Heater. With a built-in Turbo Pump and some of the lowest-noise emissions (under 65dB) you can expect from a water pump, the JOVEN SC33P exceeds expectations.

Get the JOVEN SC33P Turbo Booster Water Heater at

Centon EcoSerene Series Instant Shower Water Heater

Centon EcoSerene Series Instant Shower Water Heater

A perennial favorite among Malaysian homeowners, Centon bath appliances may be a little bit on the expensive side, but their dedication to premium quality and reliability has kept them a trustworthy brand in the eyes of consumers across the country.

Get the Centon EcoSerene Series Instant Shower Water Heater at

Midea MWH-38Q Water Heater

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One of the best value brands around, Midea hit a homerun with the Midea MWH-38Q Water Heater – a terrific budget option that packs plenty of punch, promises longevity and build-quality, and is available at the lowest prices.

Get the Midea MWH-38Q Water Heater at

ELBA EWH-G3661 Attivo Home Shower Water Heater

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An internationally-recognized brand of Italian-made appliances, ELBA continues to grow in popularity across Asia – Malaysia included. More and more homes are growing to trust in ELBA for its terrific price-to-performance ratio and overall reliability and consistency. That’s why we’ve included the ELBA EWH-G3661 Attivo Home Shower Water Heater to this list of the best water heaters you can get in Malaysia.

One of the latest models in the Attivo line of Italian-designed but Malaysian-made ELBA appliances, the EWH-G3661 Water Heater boasts a bunch of safety features and shower settings while sticking to the standard 3.6kW power output for fast and safe heating.

Get the ELBA EWH-G3661 Attivo Home Shower Water Heater right now at

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