Best Treadmills in Malaysia 2022

With the MCO in place and the COVID-19 pandemic still wreaking havoc around the world, we’re all spending more time at home and indoors than ever before. While some people are trying to make the most of the situation by exploring new things and doing things they’ve never done before, one of the most common things to happen as a result of this ‘new normal’ is a lot of us are packing on some extra pounds.

Whether it’s an effect of a more sedentary lifestyle being stuck at home, or if it’s a direct result of the stress and anxiety we’re all experiencing well into this post-COVID normal, the fact of the matter remains: a lot of us have let ourselves go.

To make matters worse, quarantine protocols mean many of us can’t even hit the gym to burn off those extra calories, and even if we could, some of us might not want to since going to the gym (or any public place) means putting yourself at risk of COVID-19 infection.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this shared predicament. If you can’t go to the gym, try bringing the gym to you. You don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars (although if you can, why not?) to have fitness and workout equipment delivered straight to your home.

For those looking to start their own home gym, or just looking for a safe, convenient way to get some exercise in, one staple you can’t afford to miss is a good, reliable treadmill. However, treadmills can be a sizable investment, and with all of the models and brands available on the market today, it can get tough figuring out which one can offer you the best bang for your buck. Here’s everything you need to know to choose the best one for you:

How to Choose the Right Treadmill?

As we mentioned earlier, a treadmill – especially a high-quality one – can be a big investment that could set you back anywhere between 500 RM and 5000 RM, depending on the brand, the model, and the technology that goes into it. To help you make the best decision for you – and help you get the most value out of your treadmill and your money – we recommend taking the following factors in to careful consideration:

  • Size – Depending on your workout area and the available space you have, one of the most important factors to consider when buying a treadmill is size. Make sure you have enough available room in your home to accommodate a treadmill for your workouts.
  • Price – Treadmills come in different shapes and sizes, and their price tags can vary greatly. Decide your budget and consider whether or not the price is worth paying for the product and how it caters to your needs.
  • Type – There are powered treadmills, and there are manual treadmills. Depending on your needs or budget, make sure you get the right type of treadmill before you buy.
  • Features – Some treadmills offer the bare necessities when it comes to features and ergonomics, while others come with all the bells and whistles you can ask for. Depending on what you need, consider the features of your treadmill of choice before you buy.

Top 7 Best Treadmills You Can Buy in Malaysia For Fitness at Home

If you’re in the market for a reliable, effective treadmill, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated a list of the best treadmills you can buy right here in Malaysia to cater to a variety of needs and budgets. Check out our list below to find out more:

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Best Treadmills to Buy in MalaysiaWhy Buy?Best Price
FitExperte FE-TM9420KS Super Wide 3.5HP TreadmillBest Overall Home TreadmillRM1,297.00
GINTELL SmarTrek Foldable TreadmillBest for WalkersRM2,988.00
GINTELL CyberTrek Sport TreadmillBest for Contemporary WorkoutsRM2,088.00
Johnson Fitness Horizon TR3.0 TreadmillBest for Incline TrainingRM1,388.00
BEDL BD250 Multi-Function Foldable Home TreadmillBest Budget Basic TreadmillRM698.00
Fitness Concept DQUE Moon Walker TreadmillBest for Small ApartmentRM928.00
Fitness Concept Trax Trailer TreadmillBest for BeginnersRM1,309.00
Which treadmill is best for home use in Malaysia?

1. FitExperte FE-TM9420KS Super Wide 3.5HP Treadmill

Best Treadmills in Malaysia is the FitExperte FE-TM9420KS Super Wide 3.5HP Treadmill to place at home

FitExperte FE-TM9420KS Super Wide 3.5HP Treadmill – Treadmills in Malaysia

Designed for the modern fitness buff, with all of the features you would need at home or at the gym, the FitExperte FE-TM9420KS Foldable Super Wide 3.5HP Treadmill is our pick for the best treadmill you can buy in Malaysia.

With 1-12% incline and a powerful 3.5HP motor, this treadmill has a lot to offer for gym novices and fitness buffs alike. The Interactive Drive System and ultra-quiet shock absorbers make this treadmill easier and more comfortable to use while delivering best-in-class fitness performance. Plus, if space is at a premium, its foldable design lets you store it more easily when not in use.

User Review

Order semalam, hari ni dah sampai. Penghantaran sangat pantas, kotak koyak sikit tapi produk ok. Treadmill berfungsi dengan sempurna, size besar, kukuh, terdapat pelbagai program dan mode. Mudah untuk dipasang, english manual. Harga sangat berpatutan dan kualiti sangat bagus. Recommended seller

a*****d on Shopee

Get the FitExperte FE-TM9420KS Foldable Super Wide 3.5HP Treadmill at

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2. GINTELL SmarTrek Foldable Treadmill

GINTELL SmarTrek Foldable Treadmill is the 7 Best Treadmills for Home Use in Malaysia this year

GINTELL SmarTrek Foldable Treadmill – Treadmills in Malaysia

As one of the most popular and most accessible health and wellness brands available in Malaysia, GINTELL consistently delivers high-quality products at reasonable prices. In this list, we’ve included two of our top treadmills from GINTELL, starting with the GINTELL SmarTrek.

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A personal favorite for those busy folks who’d rather do their workouts at home, the GINTELL SmarTrek offers plenty of performance and convenience, especially since it folds for easy storage. Its 1.25HP motor is suitable for beginners and intermediate fitness enthusiasts with a speed range of up to 13Km/h. It has a three-level manual incline system and a comfortable tread area that’s 110cm long by 42cm wide, with anti-slip rails on both sides for added safety.

User Review

dah sampai. hampir 1 minggu untuk delivery. semua berjalan lancar. service pun ok. tq

ramlikiosk on Shopee

Get the GINTELL SmarTrek Plus Foldable Treadmill at

3. GINTELL CyberTrek Sport Treadmill

GINTELL CyberTrek Sport Treadmill is 7 Best Treadmills In Malaysia this year (Top Brands & Prices)

GINTELL CyberTrek Sport Treadmill- Treadmills in Malaysia

Another terrific product from GINTELL, and one that we highly recommend for intermediate to advanced workouts, is the GINTELL CyberTrek Sport Treadmill.

Outfitted with the Cloud Stabilization System, the GINTELL CyberTrek Sport Treadmill offers a flat surface for track running that’s comfortable enough for long runs. It’s also equipped with 8 hybrid shock absorbers in three different cushioning zones – a system they call Cloud Cushioning Technology for maximum comfort and safety.

Capable of speeds of up to 14km/h, the GINTELL CyberTrek Sport Treadmill is powered by a 1.5HP motor and comes with a smart digital control interface that lets you access workout presets, control every aspect of your run, and even provide you with real-time information regarding step count, calories burned, and distance travelled.

Get the GINTELL CyberTrek Sport Treadmill at

4. Johnson Fitness Horizon TR3.0 Treadmill

Johnson Fitness Horizon TR3.0 Treadmill is 7 Best Treadmills for Home Gym in Malaysia (Reviews) this year

Johnson Fitness Horizon TR3.0 Treadmill – Treadmills in Malaysia

One of the most popular fitness brands that’s good enough for higher-end gyms and fitness centers, the Made in USA Johnson Fitness Horizon TR3.0 Treadmill offers versatile use for all fitness levels.

With a powerful 2.0HP motor, and 50” of cushioned supports, is a highly efficient treadmill that promises lower noise emissions than other brands. It also comes with a hydraulic folding system for easy and convenient storage. We love the 2 manual inclination levels to tone your lower body more intensely. Plus, if you’re planning on using long term, the Johnson Fitness Horizon TR3.0 comes with a 10 Year Warranty.

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The Johnson Fitness Horizon TR3.0 also offers Bluetooth connectivity, so you can track your performance and connect your device to your heart rate monitors, fitness trackers, smartphones, smart watches, and more.

Get the Johnson Fitness Horizon TR3.0 Treadmill at

5. BEDL BD250 Multi-Function Foldable Home Treadmill

BEDL BD250 Multi-Function Foldable Home Treadmill is Treadmill Malaysia - 7 Best Picks to Keep You Healthy in 2021 2022

BEDL BD250 Multi-Function Foldable Home Treadmill- Treadmills in Malaysia

For those looking for a more versatile treadmill option, we recommend the BEDL BD250 Multi-Function Home Treadmill. Not just a treadmill, this piece of fitness equipment is great for all kinds of exercises, including running, twisting, supine exercises, and pulling.

The BEDL BD250 is also a manual treadmill – it’s not motorized, so it’s available at a much more affordable price point. Despite that, the heavy-duty build quality and effective shock absorption make the BEDL BD250 an excellent budget treadmill for those looking to get an effective workout at home.

Get the BEDL BD250 Multi-Function Foldable Home Treadmill at

6. Fitness Concept DQUE Moon Walker Treadmill

Fitness Concept DQUE Moon Walker Treadmill is The 7 Best Treadmills in Malaysia to Jumpstart Your Fitness at home, Which treadmill is good for home use?, Is treadmill good for weight loss?

Fitness Concept DQUE Moon Walker Treadmill – Treadmills in Malaysia

Fancy, compact, and affordable, the Fitness Concept DQUE Moon Walker Treadmill is arguable one of the best options out there for home workouts. Designed to take a minimal footprint without making any compromises in terms of safety and comfort, the Moon Walker offers a premium treadmill experience with just that.

However, the Moon Walker also has a lot more to offer. Bluetooth connectivity lets you connect your devices to help you keep a better track of your fitness performance or keep you entertained and motivated for the duration of your workout.

Our favorite thing about the DQUE Moon Walker is the advanced LCD control panel, which gives you a sleek, clean interface to track your progress, control your workout, and more.

Get the Fitness Concept DQUE Moon Walker Treadmill at

7. Fitness Concept Trax Trailer Treadmill

Fitness Concept Trax Trailer Treadmill is top 7 Best Treadmills in Malaysia for Home Gyms, How much do treadmills cost in Malaysia?

Fitness Concept Trax Trailer Treadmill – Treadmills in Malaysia

One more from Fitness Concept, the Trax Trailer Treadmill is one of the best options for beginners, thanks to its wide variety of comfort and safety features in addition to easy and intuitive operation.

With a great user interface and fitness performance feedback, this treadmill comes with a built-in heart rate monitor and ports for your USB and MP3 devices. Outfitted with six multi-point shock absorbers and a robust 1.75HP motor, the Trax Trailer is a great choice for those who want the best in terms of comfort and performance.

Get the Fitness Concept Trax Trailer Treadmill now at

How much do treadmills cost in Malaysia?

Whether you’re up for some intense home workouts or just looking to get some exercise done in between everything you need to do in a given day, a treadmill can be a great way to achieve your fitness goals all from the safety and comfort of your home. We hope you found the ideal choice for you, your needs, and your budget right here in our list of the Best Treadmills in Malaysia.

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