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Best Pressure Cookers in Malaysia 2021

Ever since quarantine started, more time is spent at home. And to make meals more exciting, one of the best kitchenware to have is a reliable pressure cooker. They also allow you to prepare and cook your favorite meals in a shorter period of time. Pressure cookers are lifesavers especially if you are someone who loves hosting brunch and dinner parties; it gives you more time to do other things such as arranging the table and keeping your living space neat and tidy. We searched the internet for some of the best pressure cookers you can order online.

Pressure Cookers Malaysia Reviews: Which one to get?

1. Birkeshire PC-261-M Pressure Cooker

Birkeshire Pressure Cookers malaysia price

Whether it is for cooking, baking, and steaming, this 6-liter all in one digital pressure cooker lets you enjoy your food warm even up to 12 hours. You can easily take control of the temperature and pressure with its 36 preset combos. It also has an option for automatic and manual pressure release, which helps you make the pressure inside the pot more flexible.

The heavy-duty triple coated and non-stick inner pot is very easy to clean and maintain. A free measuring cup and spoon are also included for easy and convenient cooking. This pressure cooker can accommodate food cooked for up to 2-6 people. Enjoy your meals with this pressure cooker from Birkeshire.

Key Features:

Multi-layer safety

8 hours temperature control

18 Pressure cooking preset combos

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2. MMX Ewant Multi-functional Electric Pressure Cooker

should i buy a MMX Ewant Pressure Cookers

Make your cooking more efficient with this multi-functional pressure cooker. It has 0-24 hours of delay cooking option, which allows you to have a pre-set cooking time and have your fresh food warm whenever you are ready to eat. You can have your favorite soup, braised meat, and even rice cooked in this pot.

This pressure cooker has a finger point resistant and brushed stainless steel exterior and a sturdy, non-stick inner cooking point. Get a good value for money with this pressure cooker and make delicious food from roasted meat to tasty desserts.

Key Features:

Adjustable pressure time

Automatic Keep Warm function

Safety Lid lock

Special sealing ring for airtightness

Non-stick interior pot

Stainless steel exterior

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3. Philips HD2137 All-in-One Pressure Cooker

Philips HD2137 All-in-One Pressure Cooker is the Best Philips Pressure Cookers in Malaysia

Ensure a worry-free cooking session when you use this pressure cooker from Philips with a 9-safety protection system. Stews and soups will be ready in no time and not much monitoring necessary. The anti-scratch and non-stick inner pot are super durable. The aluminum alloy also makes it a more effective heat conductor.

It has easy to use buttons that allow you to program your cooking progress, adjust pressure-cooking options, and slow cooking temperatures. A recipe booklet, measuring cup, spatula, and steaming tray are included to help you make the most out of your pressure cooker.

“Thumbs to Philips for this amazing cooker & I would highly recommend it to my friends and family.” a full time housewife reviewer is impressed with this new innovation from Philips.

Key Features:

6-liter capacity

Slow cook at high and low temperature

Auto pressure release function

Easy to clean detachable inner lid design

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4. Kenwood 6L Pressure Cooker

Kenwood 6L Pressure Cooker is the best size for family of 4 in malaysia?

Did you know that cooking using a pressure cooker makes the food you make more nutritious and retain its original taste? With Kenwood’s 6-liter pressure cooker, you can make your favorite food using its six pre-programed cooking settings. Its built-in safety feature includes lid auto-lock, auto-relief pressure, temperature limit, and de-pressure options.

The easy to clean non-stick coated inner pot keeps your food hot for up to 12 hours. This pressure cooker has combined the usefulness of an electric cooker, pressure cooker, and braising cooker all in one pot. It is also 70% faster and saves more energy than conventional cooking. Cook fast, easy, and healthy with Kenwood Pressure Cooker.

Key Features:

6 pre-programmed cooking options

5 built in safety features

Keep food hot for 12 hours

Built in overheating protection device

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5. Giselle Digital Pressure Cooker

Giselle Digital Pressure Cooker is Senarai Top 10 Pressure Cookers Terbaik Di Malaysia

If you are looking for a versatile and reliable kitchen item, then you might want to invest in this digital pressure cooker from Giselle. It has 18 cooking programs and a defrost function that definitely makes food preparation much easier.

This 6-liter pressure cooker also includes four advanced cooking functions that allow you to cook rice, deep fry, keep your food warm, and set a custom heat and cooking setting to use. You can also use this for baking if an oven is not available. It comes with a rice spoon and measuring cup that would certainly be useful during your cooking sessions.

Key features:

18 cooking options

Reheat, defrost and slow cooking feature

6-liter capacity

Pressure level indicator

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6. Sharp KQA60RD Pressure Cooker

Sharp KQA60RD Pressure Cooker

Save more time cooking your favorite stew or soup using this dependable pressure cooker. It has double inner pots, which are steel and non-stick. The six cooking functions allow you to cook rice, meat, soup, and stew without a sweat.

The control panel features self-pressure maintenance for 0-99 minutes, a 24-hour preset, and a keep-warm function. The pressurized steam kept inside the pot helps cook the food evenly and lessen the time of the whole cooking process. Another thing that makes this pressure cooker unique is that it has a clean button that makes the water inside evaporate and avoid bacteria build-up.

Key Features:

Double inner pot

4 cooking functions

24-hour presets

Self set pressure maintaining period

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7. Panaletrik LG-28 Electric Pressure Cooker

Panaletrik LG-28 Electric Pressure Cooker

Discover a healthier way of preparing your meals with Panaletrik Electric Pressure Cooker. Unlike traditional cooking methods this cooking pot requires a little (to sometimes no water at all) to cook making the vitamins and nutrients very much intact with the food.

It has a large, easy to read display that makes operating and setting it up for your cooking needs effortless. The durable, non-stick pot inner pot and stainless steel exterior leave no mess in the kitchen. This makes cleaning quick and stress-free.

Key Features:

Auto pressure release feature

Keep warm temperature up to 80oC

6-liter capacity

Nutritional baking feature

Energy saving

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8. Tefal CY601D65 Home Chef Smart Cooker

Tefal CY601D65 Home Chef Smart Cooker is Best Tefal Pressure Cookers in Malaysia

Spend more time with the family and less time in the kitchen with this pressure cooker from Tefal. Its pressure gives you up to 80% faster time in cooking your food as compared to a normal gas cooker. With its 15 pre-set programs, you can now create different appetizing recipes.

One thing that makes this pressure cooker unique is that it allows you to do the sous vide cooking technique. Many high-end restaurants are using this type of cooking in which the food is cooked at a consistent temperature in a water bath. Have quality meals at home using this smart cooker.

Key features:

Easy to read control panel

1000W Power

15 preset cooking function

Dishwasher safe

Adjustable temperature

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9. Innofood KT-PC06A Pressure Cooker

Innofood KT-PC06A Pressure Cooker is best Pressure Cookers 2020

Have you ever found yourself extremely overwhelmed with your kitchen tool’s buttons? This pressure cooker from Innofood has a large control panel with easy push buttons. It also comes with 11 functions and presets of cooking styles and techniques.

Never worry about kitchen accidents happening because this pressure cooker is also equipped with 9 safety features which include valves that help release steam and pressure adjustments to prevent blockages and burn out.

Key features:

One-touch pressure release

Non-stick inner pot

9 safety features

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10. Bosch GYG800 Multi-function Pressure Cooker

Bosch GYG800 Multi-function Pressure Cooker

Experience tastier and healthier meals when you use Bosch multi-function pressure cooker. With just a button click, you can now create a wide range of dishes to prepare for you and your family. It also has a non-stick inner pot and stainless steel outer body that is durable and easy to clean.

This pressure cooker features two pressure levels that could help you achieve optimal cooking results for both soft and hard ingredients. You can also adjust the pressure and temperature flexibly depending on your dish and recipe. Get an all-around cooker with Bosch Multi-function Pressure Cooker.

Key features:

Easy to operate control panel

Non-stick inner coating pot

6 cooking functions

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11. Russel Taylors PC-60 Pressure Cooker

Russel Taylors PC-60 Pressure Cooker is really good

Satisfy your palate with perfectly prepared meals when you use this pressure cooker from Russel Taylors. You can have stew, soup, curry porridge, meat, and vegetables with just a click of a button. The auto pressure release device ensures safety while cooking and at the same time allows food to be kept warm.

It has an advanced microprocessor technology that features 10 smart programs to cook your meals. This cooker also comes with an easy-to-clean detachable inner lid design and a dual handle design that makes it portable and easy to handle.

Key features:

Easy to clean, detachable inner lid

Child lock system

Airtight safe cooking

Non-stick, dishwasher safe cooking pot

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12. Cornell CPC-E60C Electric Pressure Cooker

Cornell CPC-E60C Electric Pressure Cooker is one Pressure Cooker you must buy

If you are looking for a kitchen appliance that is safe and useful, you can check out Cornell’s Electric Pressure Cooker for starters. It is the perfect tool to help you master your signature dish using its 24-hour preset time, nine-button indicator, and up to 99 minutes of cooking time setting.

To give you a smooth and safe cooking experience, this pressure cooker has pressure control, lid-lock protection, floater protection, temperature detector, fuse protector, and self-relief device. It also comes with a free measuring cup, scoop, and stainless steel rack.

Key features:

9 safety measures

Easy to read digital LED display

Keep warm option

Non-stick ceramic coating pot

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Where to buy the best pressure cooker for your kitchen

Using a pressure cooker definitely saves you the time it takes to prepare for your meals. With most people having a fast-paced lifestyle, this tool lets you allot more time for other things such as focusing on your work at home or simply spending time with your friends and family.

These electric pressure cookers are also much easier to operate and require less monitoring as compared to when cooking is done in a normal gas range. If you really think about it, pressure cookers also let you save energy and are much more efficient than using many pots and pans all at the same time.

With proper care and use, these pressure cookers will certainly be a good investment in the kitchen, and with modern technology constantly innovating the way we prepare our food having a reliable one at home will definitely make a huge difference. So check out some of these items on the list and show off your cooking prowess.

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