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Best Powerbanks in Malaysia 2021

In today’s fast-paced world, we cannot stress enough the importance of our mobile gadgets. It is tough to imagine our lives without our mobile phones –from communication to education, professional career, and more. Just imagine you’re in the middle of playing a game or watching your favorite movie, and your phone went dead. Isn’t it irritating? It can feel much worse if you’re in the middle of an important call or if you are lost or stranded somewhere? Thankfully, there are available solutions that are both reliable and affordable. In this post, we’ll be discussing the importance of having a portable power source along with some of the best powerbanks in Malaysia. Our top picks will surely suit not only your lifestyle but as well as your budget!

Advantages of Having a Powerbank

With the changes we have to adapt to in this new normal, all the more you’ll find the need to have a powerbank. But if you’re still feeling reluctant, perhaps the following reason will help you make up your mind.

Powerbanks are portable.

Compared to other alternative power sources like generators and car engines, power banks provide immense portability and accessibility. Imagine you’re in a remote place without the usual power source. Would you dare carry a power generator in your pocket? It is one of the reasons why you should have a power bank. You can carry it anywhere you go. Most designs are lightweight and don’t take too much space in your bag. You can even put it in your pocket.

Powerbanks allow you to maximize your gadget’s performance.

Unwanted circumstances happen when you have to use your phone in a low-battery saving mode –it can quickly result in a gadget’s poor performance. Saving mode prohibits your phone from telling you what is happening online. Draining your gadget’s battery could also affect your gadget’s life expectancy. But with the power banks’ function, you can prevent your phone from having a low battery or getting it drained. With a convenient charging device, you can use your phone to the greatest extent possible, anytime and anywhere you are.

Powerbanks are versatile.

You can use powerbanks to charge different gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, AirPods, and digital notebooks. Notably, most products available in the market offer two to six charging ports. You can charge multiple devices at the same time. It conveniently allows you to share your power brick with your friends and family.

Furthermore, powerbanks boast a variety of charging capacities. If you need something to back up your mobile phone battery, a 10000mAh can already serve the purpose. With this, you can fully charge a standard smartphone up to two times at the least. Meanwhile, if you own a gadget with higher power needs, you might want to buy a 50000mAh charging bank. However, keep in mind that the products with higher charging capacity might be a little pricey compared to the standard ones.

Powerbanks are valuable in times of emergencies.

In times of emergency, your mobile devices play a crucial role in your safety and security. As per the record, mobile devices have saved plenty of lives already. If your phone is out of power and there has been an accident or natural disaster, you will not be able to contact emergency lines or your family members right away.

Powerbanks are affordable.

Powerbank is a technology that you can purchase at a low price. Yes, they do have many advantages, but that doesn’t mean that these products are costly. Just like the reliable power banks in this list, they usually come at a price you can afford.

Top 10 Powerbanks in Malaysia

Best Powerbanks in MalaysiaBest Price to Get (RM)
Xiaomi Mi 20000mAh PowerBankRM57.12
Rock P51 Mini 10000mAh Matte PowerbankRM69.90
Original Pineng PN-951 10000mAh PowerbankRM27.90
We Bare Bears 20000 mAh Mini PowerbankRM17.76
Yoobao 20000mAh PowerbankRM62.00
LDNIO PR1002 10000mAh Power BankRM33.90
ROMOSS 30000mAh Power BankRM110.00
Huawei AP09S SuperCharge PowerbankRM136
Baseus Mulight Quick Charger 20000mAh PowerbankRM89.90
XiaoMi Power Bank 10000MAHRM13.99
Where can you find the most reliable powerbanks for your phone today?

1. Xiaomi Mi 20000mAh PowerBank

best powerbank in malaysia

Who doesn’t want to travel with the security of a lasting phone battery life? If you are always on the go, you would surely appreciate having this Xiaomi MI 20000mAh! With this product, you can worry less and travel more!

With a high charging capacity of 20000mAh, this powerbank offers a more durable and optimized charging efficiency. It comes with two USB and Type-C Ports for charging multiple devices at the same time. Furthermore, it is compatible with smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and handheld gaming devices. There are different colors to choose from –white, light blue, light green, pink, and black.

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2. Rock P51 Mini 10000mAh Matte Powerbank

portable powerbank in malaysia

Are you looking for a powerbank that you can easily slip in your pocket? If so, you might want to check out this slim and sleek Rock P51 Mini 10000mAh Matte Powerbank!

This powerbank provides a high-quality performance that reflects its price tag. It boasts a10000 mAh high charging capacity with dual USB outputs for simultaneous charging. It also comes with an intelligent frequency division technology that secures the safety of your devices.

To be specific, your phone is protected from the electromagnetic field, short circuit, overcharging, overheating, over-voltage & current, overpower, over-discharge, and recovery. And there’s more! It is also made from environment-friendly materials with unparalleled classic design, scratch, and high-temperature resistance.

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3. Original Pineng PN-951 10000mAh Powerbank

best brands of powerbank in malaysia

Are you looking for a product that is worth more than its price? Indeed, you’d fall in love with this Original Pineng PN-951 10000mAh Powerbank! This product has a power capacitance of 10000mAh, and it comes with dual USB ports precise for two electronic gadgets charging simultaneously. It also promotes fast and efficient charging capability – the voltage is automatically detected by the intelligent voltage recognition chip.

This product contains a built-in battery protection IC which prevents overcharging/discharging and short circuits. You can be updated on the power bank’s battery percentage on a LED display that comes with a fitted LED light. You can choose among the available colors –white and black. A micro-USB cable is also included in the package.

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4. We Bare Bears 20000 mAh Mini Powerbank

cute powerbank in malaysia

Can you resist the cuteness of Grizzly, Panda, and Ice bear? This We Bare Bears 20000 mAh Mini Powerbank is perfect for adults and kids alike with its vibrant and eye-catchy character design.

But aside from the cuteness of this charging device, you will also love it for its fantastic functions. It might be described as a mini portable version, but it has a power capacity of 20000mAh. You can easily carry it in your pocket. The product is available in pastel colors such as white, pink, and blue. You can use it for your needs or buy it as a gift for your friends and loved ones.

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5. Yoobao 20000mAh Powerbank

fast charging powerbank in malaysia

Do not miss the opportunity to have the best and most comfortable charging experience anytime and anywhere you are with this Yoobao 20000mAh Powerbank! You can charge your devices multiple times without worrying that you’ll run out of battery life.

This product comes with various charging ports –Micro USB, Type-C, and Apple Lighting input types. It is also a versatile tool since it is compatible with almost all devices, regardless of the brand. The product design is sleek and classic, and it is ideal for minimalists as well as corporate professionals.

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6. LDNIO PR1002 10000mAh Power Bank

recommended powerbank in malaysia

Weighing only 0.35kg, this LDNIO PR1002 10000mAh Power Bank is both highly functional and portable for users on the go. It allows you to charge your devices up to three times in full.

Not only that – the ports of this powerbank boast an input and output of 2.0A and 2.1A – perfect for a fast as lightning charging! Press the N/A switch to turn on the LED light indicator – it will tell you if the power bank is working or if it needs to be charged.

The product is also designed with a Micro input type and dual USB ports for multiple device charging. When you order this product, you’ll get a 1-year warranty as well as a user’s manual and a Micro USB cable. You can choose between white and grey or metallic blue.

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7. ROMOSS 30000mAh Power Bank

bestselling powerbank in malaysia

If you’re looking for a quick charging power bank, you found the one! This ROMOSS 30000mAh Power Bank is a heavy-duty product and has high-end battery storage! It supports Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC3.0), can accommodate three charging devices simultaneously, and has 18W two-track fast charging that allows you to save time.

Not only that, this powerbank boasts a TSMC, a core Apple supplier, and a Sense 6+ that comes with a self-developed fast charging chip. It works well with iPhone 12.7 times faster, HUAWEI and OPPO 7.2 times faster, Vivo 7.6 times faster, and many more.

What are you waiting for? Boot up your mobile devices to 50% in just 30 minutes! You can also view the battery’s percentage on a digital display. The colors available are black and white. Hurry while stocks last!

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8. Huawei AP09S SuperCharge Powerbank

affordable powerbank in malaysia

Business and corporate meetings can be exhausting – you have to carry papers and other proposal paraphernalia. Not only that – you need your phones and tablets as well. But what if you forgot to power up your devices at home while busy preparing for the proposals? You’ll get anxious right before the meeting or, worse, during the presentation. Prevent those mishaps with this Huawei AP09S SuperCharge Powerbank!

This product is a business-style design power bank with a simple, slim, and sleek body covered in an aluminum finish. It is portable and convenient to bring– the texture is a frosted finish that provides a delicate feeling. With this product, you can boot up to more than 50% battery status in just half an hour! It is compatible with conventional and modern smartphones alike, especially HUAWEI.

Furthermore, the brand’s SuperCharge Technology is known as the world’s fastest charging system. Four LED indicator lights display the battery level. It is available in black and looks extremely sophisticated.

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9. Baseus Mulight Quick Charger 20000mAh Powerbank

best powerbank in malaysia price

Fast charging power banks are in demand for busy-bee people who are always on the move – who wants to waste time anyway? And if you are now eyeing a quick charging powerbank, this Baseus Mulight Quick Charger 20000mAh Powerbank is one of your best options!

This product is specifically made for users who always need their gadgets. It supports Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC3.0) –perfect for a quick charging experience. The battery rated capacity of Baseus is up to 20000mAh, and it has multiple 18W ports for simultaneous charging. Furthermore, it comes with dual USB and Types C ports and an output/input port. A digital LED indicator displays the battery level of the power bank – if it’s still usable or when it needs to be charged. You can choose from the available colors – black and white.

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10. XiaoMi Power Bank 10000MAH

best powerbank malaysia review

If you’re looking for a sleek powerbank that is highly portable and comes in vibrant plain colors, then you’re on the right track. This Xiaomi Power Bank 10000MAH will surely catch your attention!

This powerbank boasts a battery capacity of 10400mA. It has a single port (2.0A) that is ideal for personal use. Also, it boasts the leading chip protection technology that takes care of your battery while providing a super-fast and efficient charging experience.

Notably, Xiaomi powerbanks are excellently engineered with nine protective technologies – it controls the device’s temperature, charge limit, voltage input/output limit, PTC protection, circuit breaker, feedback protection, reset, and device detection. This product comes in various metallic colors – blue, red, green, purple, silver, gold, and black.

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Which is the best power bank for mobile?

Most of us spend our whole day using our mobile devices. Having said so, it is understandable why we have to charge our phones at least once a day, regardless of the phone’s brand or cost. There are so many applications that can easily consume our battery power, and smartphone manufacturers have yet to find the formula for long-lasting batteries. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for that day as powerbanks prove to be a viable solution to this dilemma. If you still haven’t got one today, perhaps the reasons below would inspire you to check out one right away.

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