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Best Lawn Mowers in Malaysia 2021

When choosing a lawn mower, the most important factor to consider is, of course, your type of lawn. For smaller lawns, a small electric or handheld lawn mower/grass cutter will be able to do the trick. For mid-sized lawns – like most lawns – a walk-behind mower is ideal for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

If you have a large lawn, then getting a ride-on mower might fit your needs more closely – although you might have to pay a visit to the local hardware store to find one of those. It’s also worth noting that different lawn mowers perform differently depending on the kind of terrain you have. Flat terrain should be able to accommodate any lawn mower, but uneven/hilly terrain might need you to bring in something more maneuverable.

Top 6 Best Lawn Mowers You Can Buy in Malaysia

Here are the best lawn mowers you can buy right here in Malaysia.

SONCO 12V Lithium Battery Cordless Lawn Mower

SONCO 12V Lithium Battery Cordless Lawn Mower is the Best Lawn Mowers in Malaysia

With a wireless design and multi-purpose functionality, the SONCO 12V Lithium Battery Cordless Lawn Mower is a handheld lawn mower that we recommend should be a part of any caretaker’s arsenal of tools. Convenient and easy-to-use, this lawn mower from reliable manufacturer SONCO applies German technology for versatile use. It can be used for greening, yard pruning, branch pruning, and more, in addition to standard lawn mowing.

Built with an imported copper motor, the SONCO 12V Lithium Battery Cordless Lawn Mower delivers up to 450W of power featuring a high temperature resistance of up to 200 degrees Celcius. On a single charge, this lawn mower can keep trimming for approximately 50 hours – more than enough time to get through all but the most demanding mowing jobs. Plus, it charges to full in just two hours.

Made of a combination of steel, aluminum, and high-quality plastic, the SONCO 12V Electric Lawn Mower is a reliable, well-made product that any lawn caretaker – can benefit from. Its selection of blades makes it ideal for a variety of mowing jobs: plastic for lawn mowing, stainless steel for weeding, and the allow saw web for getting rid of crops and shrubs.

APACHE TurboCUT ZF6117 Electric Lawn Mower

APACHE TurboCUT ZF6117 Electric Lawn Mower is Top 6 Best Lawn Mowers You Can Buy in Malaysia

One of the best-selling electric lawn mowers on the market, the APACHE TurboCUT ZF6117 raises the standard for lawn mowers everywhere with its superior design and build quality. APACHE is one of the most popular garden machinery brands in the world, and with the TurboCUT line of lawn mowers, they’re showing off their market dominance and expertise.

Favored by many for its convenient use, the APACHE TurboCUT ZF6117 is purely electric – no petrol requirements, no engine oil needed, no periodic engine maintenance like you would need to do for a petrol-based lawn mower. Despite being all-electric, this lawn mower features a 1200W brushless motor that packs plenty of power. With a wide rotary blade and a cutting width of 320mm, the APACHE TurboCUT ZF6117 can make quick work of any lawn.

In terms of ergonomics, the APACHE TurboCUT ZF6116 Electric Lawn Mower comes with a variety of options to help you mow your lawn to perfection. Three-position height control lets you adjust your cutting height to 25mm, 40mm, or 55mm. Disposal is quick and easy thanks to the detachable 35L grass catcher, and since the whole things weighs only about 12kg, it’s easy to maneuver around all kinds of terrain.

BLACK + DECKER BEMW451BH Electric Lawn Mower

BLACK + DECKER BEMW451BH Electric Lawn Mower is the The best lawnmowers you can buy right now How much do I need to pay for a good lawn mower

Arguably one of the most well-known hardware brands in the world, Black + Decker has made a solid reputation for itself by consistently providing the market with the highest-quality products that are reliable, powerful, innovative, and built to last. The BLACK + DECKER BEMW451BH Electric Lawn Mower is no exception.

Outfitted with Bike Handles, this walk-behind electric lawn mower offers superior ergonomics for a convenient and comfortable user experience. Ideal for up to mid-sized gardens with an area of around 300 square meters, this corded lawn mower can get all kinds of mowing jobs done with ease and efficiency thanks to the powerful 1200W motor and 32cm cutting width.

With modern features and adjustments to the Black + Decker lawn mower line, the new BEMW451BH Electric Lawn Mower boasts an 80% improvement in cutting and collection. Its front and rear height is adjustable anywhere between 20cm and 60cm, so you can tailor your cutting height according to your preferences. The 35L capacity grass catcher may not have any fancy ergonomics, but its large sizes proves useful especially for bigger, more time-consuming jobs.

While the BLACK + DECKER BEMW451BH Electric Lawn Mower does have a lot to offer in terms of design and effectiveness – plus the bike handles are a total game-changer – just don’t forget that you’re pretty much attached a power socket with the mower’s cord at a length of 10m.

PRODIY 12V Lithium Battery Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

PRODIY 12V Lithium Battery Cordless Electric Lawn Mower is the Best lawn mowers this year – the top models for cutting the lawn and clearing leaves

If you’re looking for something a little more compact and low-profile but no less versatile, we recommend the PRODIY 12V Lithium Battery Cordless Electric Lawn Mower. With a rechargeable 1,500 mAh battery powering its performance, this wireless electric grass trimmer is a lightweight tool that every lawn-owner should have.

With a 12V quick charge feature, this lawn comes with indicator lights to denote remaining battery capacity. The PRODIY 12 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower also comes with comprehensive safety features, including an independent safety and trigger switch to eliminate the risk of accidental starts. With a high-quality plastic blade for light-weight performance, and a premium stainless-steel blade that’s corrosion-resistant for heavier-duty jobs, this lawn mower should have no trouble with all kinds of lawns.

In terms of ergonomics, the PRODIY Electric Lawn Mower has a stretchable pole that can be adjusted anywhere between 90cm and 120cm, with a detachable protective cover to protect the blade. Its 450W motor should provide enough power to make quick work of small lawns and trimming jobs, but with its super lightweight build at 1.2kg, you should have no problem with bigger projects, too.

DAEWOO Power Products DLM1400E Electric Lawn Mower

DAEWOO Power Products DLM1400E Electric Lawn Mower is the Best lawn mower this year The best electric, cordless, petrol and manual

Made in Korea to the highest standards of quality, the DAEWOO DLM1400E Electric Lawn Mower is a walk-behind lawn mower that packs plenty of power and modern features under the hood. With a voltage range of 110 – 240V at a frequency of 50-60Hz, this electric lawn mower packs a punch – its 1400W power output is capable of no load speeds of up to 3450rpm. With its 320mm cutting width, this lawn mower can swath down even the most unkempt of lawns with ease and efficiency.

Ergonomics-wise, the DAEWOO DLM1400E Electric Lawn Mower comes with a plethora of adjustments and modifications. Height can be adjusted to three levels – 25mm, 40mm, and 55mm – for tailored grass cutting on all kinds of terrain. The 35L Collection Bag should have enough room for entire lawn-mowing sessions, moreover with its easy removable and disposal, even larger projects can be taken care of with little hassle.

One of the best things about the DAEWOO DLM1400E Electric Lawn Mower is its super-quiet electric motor. Despite delivering power of up to 1400W, this lawn mower guarantees noise emissions of under 96 dB, and with its full anti-vibration system, users can expect premium comfort that’s easy to handle, especially considering the whole thing weighs just 8kg.

HUSQVARNA LT154 Ride-On Lawn Mower – Best Heavy Duty Mower

HUSQVARNA LT154 Ride-On Lawn Mower has the best deal on lawn mowers in Malaysia

For the true heavy-duty lawn mower – one that’s designed for large lawns and big mowing projects, we recommend the HUSQVARNA LT154 Ride-On Lawn Mower. A Garden Tractor and Lawn Mower built into one, this petrol-fueled lawn mower offers high-end performance tailored for landowners who want only the best for their lawns.

The HUSQVARNA LT154 Ride-On Lawn Mower is highly versatile, with a wide range of options and adjustments available to help users tailor-fit their mowing experience to their lawn and their objectives. With a cutting width of 42 in (107cm), this lawn mower can make quick work of even the biggest lawns. Height adjustments can be made from minimum of 1.5in (38mm) to a maximum of 4in (102mm), with a total of seven adjustment settings in between. With several cutting methods – including collect, mulch, and side discharge – this lawn mower is every lawn-owners dream.

Powered by an FR Series Kawasaki engine, this lawn mower is capable of astounding amounts of power up to 16.03kW (21.5hp). Its two-cylinder gasoline setup has a displacement of 762 cubic centimeters, and with a total tank volume of 15.1 L, this lawn mower can keep going all day – or at least until the job’s done.

Buy the Best Lawn Mowers Online in Malaysia

Whether you have a small lawn, a medium-sized one, or a large one, we hope you found the best lawn mower for you right here in our list of the best lawn mowers in Malaysia.

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