Best Home Water Pumps in Malaysia 2021

Here are the Best Home Water Pumps in Malaysia. You’ve just woken up and you see that you have roughly 30 minutes to get to work. You hastily eat breakfast and walk in the shower after and then you’re stumped – there’s no water pressure. Water has been a precious commodity that we have always taken for granted since it’s everywhere.

Occasionally, this resource is sometimes elusive in Malaysian households which can hinder convenience, especially on one of those days where you’re running late for work or when the weather is scorching hot. Water is paramount in every household, especially in Asia where when it’s hot, it sometimes can feel like hell on earth.

Why Should I Get A Water Pump For My Home?

Water pressure problems usually start when after the rainy season ends or even when you live high up in an apartment or a building. Having a home water pressure system can save you the agony of waiting for the water pressure to pick up, especially if you live in a building where pesky neighbors on the lower floors leave their tap open or when you’re the only one in your building that doesn’t own a home water pressure system. These days, it’s essential to have a home water pump system installed so that there’s a reliable flow of water coming into the household.

Furthermore a water pump is also indispensable when flooding occurs in your basement, it is able to extract or drain the water more effectively. This powerful machine can move and transfer water fast, and get all the dirty jobs done double quick time.

Top 6 Home Water Pumps You Can Buy in Malaysia

If you’re looking for the best home water pumps for your needs and your budget, then we have your back. There are literally hundreds of options out there when it comes to home water pumps – different brands, varying models – so much so that choosing the right one for you can get pretty intimidating. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of sifting through the multitude of options out there and compiled the best of the best in this list of the best home water pumps you can buy right here in Malaysia.

6 Best Home Water Pumps in MalaysiaWhy We Like it?Best Deal
Grundfos CM3-5PM1Best High Pressure Pump for BathroomsRM1,543.00
JOVEN JHP 230Best water pump for home useRM785.00
Tsunami CMH4-40-K Booster Water PumpBest Pump for Dirty WaterRM899.00
Grundfos Scala2 Water Booster PumpBest for Toilets in MalaysiaRM2,574.00
Panasonic A-130JACK Auto Water Pump 125WBest Budget Water PumpRM340.00
JOVEN JHP440Best Pump for Excess Water & FloodingRM1,015.00
Which water pump is best to buy in Malaysia?

1. Grundfos CM3-5PM1 – Best High Pressure Pump for Bathrooms

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As one of the global leaders when it comes to pumping technology, Grundfos produces about 16 million pumps per year for various commercial uses. One of the more common pumps you’ve probably seen in most households, the Grundfos CM3-5PM1 is one of the most reliable pumps you can use for that extra push when it comes to water pressure in or out of the house.

It’s easy to use. Just plug it in, and enjoy the convenience of having adequate pressure for your needs. It’s also guaranteed to last since it’s manufactured with high-grade stainless steel with longevity in mind to avoid wear and tear as well as corrosion.

The CM3-5PM1 was made to be space-saving while also accommodating more than one bathroom in the household. With top-notch material and performance, this small water pump can deliver pressure to multiple parts of your household all at the same time.

This pump is the very definition of “small but packs a punch” and is certainly ideal for instant water showers.

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2. JOVEN JHP 230 – best water pump for home use

JOVEN JHP 230 is best water pump for farm, Best Water Pump For Domestic Uses  in Malaysia 2021 2022 2023, How do I choose a water pump for my house?, What are the best water pumps for home use?,

Made by JOVEN, the leading company in Malaysia when it comes to home appliances since 1983. They have put their names on the list globally when it comes to water delivery systems, especially with their heater lineups.

Probably one of the heavyweights when it comes to home pressure booster systems, the Joven JHP 230 is a crowd favorite when it comes to how it can be used in multitudes without giving out.

This water pump beats the competition with its thermal cut-outs that regulates the temperature of the pump so it can withstand prolonged use. It also features IP55 splash-proof protection so you don’t need to worry even when you put it outside during bad weather conditions. This is an underdog with the other lineups for home water pumps with its low output but it proves to be on par or better with other competitors with its quiet operation, extended use, and with its high-quality manufacturing.

If you’re a fan of JOVEN and the myriad of products they make when it comes to the water needs inside your home, this is definitely the one that can provide strong, constant water pressure around your house.

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3. Tsunami CMH4-40-K Booster Water Pump – Best Pump for Dirty Water

Tsunami CMH4-40-K Booster Water Pump is best water pump for flooded yard, Best Sump Pump to Clear a Flooded Area in Your Yard or Home, How do you pump water out of a flooded lawn?, How do you get rid of standing water in your garden?, Can I pump water out of my backyard?, What is the best pump for dirty water?

Although it’s lesser than compared to the industry giants that made it to our list, Tsunami has been making a name for themselves with their high-quality water pumps, effectively selling them online since 2007 for industrial and domestic use. They pride themselves on assuring that every pump comes out as a product for a VIP client and they boast excellent quality control for their products making sure that the pump you’re getting definitely feels and functions like a premium.

The Tsunami CMH4-40-K is another competitive product designed primarily for big housing. This pump can easily pressurize up to five bathrooms at the same time with ease. No need to wait in line for other people in your house to finish, given that you have that many bathrooms in the house. But, with big housing means bigger, hotter and noisier performance, right? The engineers at Tsunami thought about that as well. They made this product with all those variables in mind and produced the CMH4-40-K which uses thermal protection and an aluminum frame so that it can withstand prolonged usage as well as provide the convenience of less noise emissions.

The Tsunami CMH4-40-K Booster Water Pump is also good to drain shallow areas that are flooded after a downpour or pipe leak.

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4. Grundfos Scala2 Water Booster Pump – Best for Toilets

Grundfos Scala2 Water Booster Pump is Best Water Pump For Home Use 2021 Reviews, How To Choose A Water Pump For Your Home, Which pump is best for well?, 6 best well pumps for rural homeowners,

The smallest of the Grundfos lineup, the Scala2 was made with fragile households in mind. This water pump is most suited for old houses with delicate pipeworks since it offers a variable speed setting to control the release of water so you don’t have to worry about random leaks in the house or outright breaking pipes.

Small doesn’t always translate to a lack of features though – the Scala2 has a built-in intelligent pump control sensor that constantly monitors the pressure being discharged, even on multiple outlets to automatically provide you with the perfect pressure at all times in any part of the house. Our favorite feature of the Scala2 is the noise reduction feature they integrated with the pump. Largely due to the water-cooled motor, the Scala 2 has the lowest noise emission on the market to date – it’s only as noisy as your standard household dishwasher.

If you’re one of the people that values peace and quiet like us, then this is definitely the right water pump for your needs.

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5. Panasonic A-130JACK Auto Water Pump 125W – Best Budget Water Pump

Panasonic A-130JACK Auto Water Pump 125W is best water pump for flooded basement, pump to remove water from basement, how to get water out of basement without a pump

Panasonic surely loves to dip its fingers in every line of business when it comes to consumer products. The company that’s made its name globally for its electronics also makes a good pump with lavish style and function: the A-130JACK. This product is Panasonic’s representative when it comes to home water pumps. A trademark of the Panasonic formula, they always make an effective compromise between space-efficiency, elegance, and functionality.

This home water pump features thermal protection for extended usage. It also helps keep the pressure stable with its auto pressure detection feature which provides a smooth stream when using tap or when showering. The A-130JACK delivers power and comfort to your water pressure while also being more energy efficient than the other competitors on this list.

A globally trusted brand when it comes to consumer electronics, you’d probably think that the A-130JACK is one of the more expensive pumps on this list, but we really adore the stainless Butyl material and anti-leakage safety feature.

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6. JOVEN JHP440 – Best Pump for Excess Water & Flooding

JOVEN JHP440 is Best Sump Pump to Clear a Flooded Area in Your Yard or Home, Best Pumps for Excess Water & Flooding, How much does it cost to install a water pump in a house in Malaysia?
Best Pump for Excess Water & Flooding

Another entry from one of Malaysia’s most-trusted brands when it comes to your water pressure needs, the JHP440 is more suited for bigger households with more rooms to provide water pressure to, proving that you can absolutely never go wrong with JOVEN products. The big brother to the JHP 230, the JHP440 has all the features of the JHP 230 but with better noise reduction and motor overheating protection integrated into this pump. Bigger and better, this bad boy can definitely handle a lot more stress than the JHP230.

If you have to deal with a room flooded with water, you will understand how effective this water pump gets.

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How much does it cost to install a water pump in a house in Malaysia?

How much does it cost to install a water pump in a house in Malaysia?, how to install water pump for house, How much is water pump for a house?, How do I choose a water pump for my house?, What is the best household water pump?, What are the popular water pumps brands in Malaysia?, How much does a Water Pressure Pump cost?, What is a water pump?, best water pump for home use, How do I choose a water pump for my house?, What is the best water pump to buy?

Usually, when you buy a water pump in Malaysia, it comes with installation from the provider. This usually costs around 550MYR to 900MYR, depending on the company. Some offer free installation, and there are tons of that in-store or online. Prices also depend on the installation packages you will avail of. 

Which pump is used in home of Malaysia?

A popular water pump in Malaysia is Grundfos, which is the perfect solution when you need a water pump pressure. It is popular because of its good quality, and it is proven that its products last for at least 10 years. Moreover, it provides a quiet operation which makes it the best water pump to buy for Malaysians.

Water Pump for 2 Storey House in Malaysia

Whether you go for a global brand like Grundfos and Panasonic, the more locally renowned brand of JOVEN, or the underdog Tsunami, these are definitely the best home water pumps you can get your hands on for your household.

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