Best Home Security Systems in Malaysia 2021

As time goes by, technology is continuously developing, and tons of innovations are being released in the market. Security is one of the essential factors every household needs today, especially that we are not sure when unidentified people come across our house and do something frightening. Unfortunately, there are still instances of robberies and maybe even worse in different homes, and as homeowners, we want to guarantee our family’s safety.

One of the most significant innovations today is home security systems, including surveillance cameras, alarm systems for anti-theft, intelligent door locks, and more. These items are considered must-haves today to protect our belongings and, most importantly, our family. This is why we have gathered the best home security systems in Malaysia that would help our house safe from any harm or robberies. Keep reading to find out the things you may need for your home.

10 Best Home Security Systems in MalaysiaTypeBest Price (RM)
Xiaomi Mijia 360 IP Camera Mi Home CCTV Security Wifi CamCCTVRM103.00
KIDDE Worry-Free Carbon Monoxide and Smoke DetectorSmoke DetectorRM195.00
Daytech WIFI GSM Wireless Touch Screen Smart Home SecuritySmart Home SecurityRM429.90
Samsung Ezon Smart Digital Door Lock SHS-2920Smart Door LockRM294.00
Smart World Wireless Home Alarm SystemAlarm SystemRM164.17
TP-Link Wifi Camera TapoCCTVRM79.00
Wireless Window Door Burglar Security Alarm 90dB System Magnetic SensorBudget AlarmRM2.63
Xiaomi Mi Honeywell Smoke Detector Fire Alarm JTYJ-GD-03MI/BBSmoke DetectorRM107.00
Smart Life Fingerprint Password Door LockSmart Door LockRM305.99
Door Stop Alarm Anti-Theft Alarm SystemDoor Stopper with AlarmRM14.99
Top 10 Best Home Surveillance Systems to Keep Your Family Safe In Malaysia

Top 10 Best Home Security Systems in Malaysia

1. Xiaomi Mijia 360 IP Camera Mi Home CCTV Security Wifi Cam – Best Home CCTV

Top 10 Best Home Security Systems in Malaysia is Xiaomi Mijia 360 IP Camera Mi Home CCTV Security Wifi Cam, Cheapest CCTV Camera for homes, 10 Best Home CCTV Cameras In Malaysia To Monitor Your neighbourhood, The Best Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras are being installed in certain areas to keep video records of what’s happening inside and outside the house. This security WiFi camera of Xiaomi is a top choice when it comes to CCTV. Xiaomi Mijia 360 IP Camera can record your home or surroundings 360 degrees with full high-definition video to easily recognize faces passing by. In addition, the camera has advanced video encoding technology for a smoother and clearer recording of videos. One ingenious feature of this CCTV is its motion detection, or AI face recognition which also instantly and accurately determines when to send alerts and notifications to the phone.

We love this Xiaomi Mijia 260 CCTV because of its outstanding features and smart technology. The CCTV also highlights its infrared night vision bulb and increased visibility to detect faces even at night. Aside from that, it has a two-way audio feature that allows you to talk through the camera. If you’re not around, you can easily communicate with your family at home through phone and the camera. Google or Alexa can smartly control the camera. All recordings are backed up and can be viewed on your smartphone.

Get this CCTV at

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2. KIDDE Worry-Free Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector – Best Smoke Detector for Home

KIDDE Worry-Free Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector is top 10 Best Alarm Systems in Malaysia, Which type of smoke detector is best for home fires?, Can smoke detector detect cigarette smoke?, What smoke detectors are required in a home?, Why are ionization smoke detectors banned?, Best Sellers in Smoke Detectors & Fire Alarms

They say it’s challenging when a house is on fire because almost everything will be gone. That’s why it’s better to prevent fire situations from happening with a smoke detector. KIDDE Worry-Free Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector are built with sensing technologies to detect real fires quickly. This also has a photoelectric sensor that detects visible particles more than other ionization alarms. The alarm alerts you every 30 seconds to notify you of replacing the unit.

This smoke detector has a battery life of up to 10 years hassle-free; no battery replacement is required. Plus, its Hush™ feature helps silence nuisance alarms. This KIDDE smoke detector is ideal for your kitchen to prevent any fire from occurring.

Get this smoke detector at

3. Daytech WIFI GSM Wireless Touch Screen Smart Home Security – Best Smart Home Security System

Daytech WIFI GSM Wireless Touch Screen Smart Home Security is The Best Smart Home Security Systems for this year, The Best Smart Home Security Systems for Comfort, Convenience, Security, How secure are smart homes?, What are the best DIY home security systems?, How much does Smart security cost?

Protect your family from dangerous situations like fire, robbery, or any emergency with smart home security. This touch screen intelligent home security from Daytech lets you send messages or calls to the phone if the alarm alerts. This is also supported with a two-way communication of phone calling mode and can help you monitor your home if an alarm call is holding. The device can be controlled through your phone with a smart WiFi app where you can receive alarm messages, arm or disarm remotely, and SOS immediately. Additionally, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice interaction at home.

What makes this Daytech smart home security a must-buy item is its double protection for disassembling in times of trouble. Furthermore, in instances where burglary happens, and someone tries to disarm the system, it will trigger a loud alarm, which is helpful for security and protection purposes.

Get this smart home security at

4. Samsung Ezon Smart Digital Door Lock SHS-2920 – Best Smart Digital Lock for Doors

Samsung Ezon Smart Digital Door Lock SHS-2920 is the Top 10 Best Home Surveillance Systems In Malaysia, Samsung Ezon Smart Digital Door Lock SHS-2920 - Best Smart Digital Lock for Doors, Can smart door locks be hacked?, Are smart door locks worth it?, How safe are smart door locks?, Which Samsung smart Lock is best?

Lock your doors safely and in a smart way. Some burglars can open doors even without keys. That’s why some houses tend to have multiple locks on their doors. Digital door locks are a trend today because it not only protects you from robberies, but it also helps detect fires so you can prevent your house from it. One good thing about smart locks is their convenience. With just a touch and a password, you can lock and open doors quickly without a hassle. Most people tend to miss their keys, but all you have to do is set a password with digital locks.

This Samsung Ezon Smart Digital Door lock features automatic locking, double-lock, and security to protect your house and family. This is also equipped with two-factor authentication, so if anyone tries to open the door, it will alert an alarm. When it comes to design, this digital lock has a slim and glossy finish equipped with the latest touchpad design, ideal for any door.

Get this smart lock at

5. Smart World Wireless Home Alarm System

Smart World Wireless Home Alarm System is the Best Security Alarm Systems Suppliers In Malaysia, The Best Smart Home Security Systems for this year, The Best DIY Smart Home Security Systems, monitor, protect and automate your home
Protect your family

For a safer home, you need an alarm system to alert the house in dangerous situations. Smart World Wireless Home Alarm System is an intelligent siren and a sensor in one that lets you secure your home with an alarm and sirens in emergencies. This works with the TUYA smart app and also supports Alexa and Google assistant.

The smart siren has supported 8 remote controllers and 24 wireless detectors and can set multiple innovative automation controls. The door or window sensor detects its status with a low battery detection, too. With the use of an app, you can easily control your home even when you are outside. This will detect a motion and send you an alarm notification through your phone.

Get this security alarm at

6. TP-Link Wifi Camera Tapo

TP-Link Wifi Camera Tapo is 10 Best Home Security devices in KL and Selangor, The Best Indoor Home Security Cameras for this year, What is a smart home cam?, Do smart cameras need Internet?, Do smart homes have cameras?, Can wireless cameras work without Internet?

Make your home safer with a smart security surveillance camera. This CCTV from Tapo has tons of unique features it could offer. Starting with its primary camera, it records in high-definition, which provides more precise, sharp images and helps recognize faces from far away. When the camera detects unusual motion, you will receive a notification, and you can personalize the settings by capturing detection zones. The camera is still clear at night, and you can watch the CCTV through your phone for your peace of mind. Additionally, it has two-way audio that enables you to communicate with your family using your phone because it has a built-in microphone and speaker.

The alarm system triggers lights and sounds, which will also be sent to you as a notification. What’s more to this surveillance camera is its privacy protection, where you can save your recordings, and you may also shut down the surveillance whenever you want. Moreover, this CCTV camera is easy to set up using the app as a guide.

Get this surveillance camera at

7. Wireless Window Door Burglar Security Alarm 90dB System Magnetic Sensor – Cheap and Really Loud Deterrent

Wireless Window Door Burglar Security Alarm 90dB System Magnetic Sensor is the best Household Sensors & Alarms for the Best Prices, What does a burglar alarm do?, Which burglar alarm system is best?, Do alarms stop burglars?, Do burglar alarms actually work?, How to buy the best burglar alarm

If you need a small magnetic sensor, this will be a great choice for your doors or windows. However, suppose there are dangerous situations and the magnetic sensor was released. In that case, it will alert a loud alarm to notify you, and you can easily catch suspicious persons trying to enter your house. This wireless alarm system is very convenient and suitable for any door or window type. Plus, it is dustproof with insect prevention.

Get this alarm system at

8. Xiaomi Mi Honeywell Smoke Detector Fire Alarm JTYJ-GD-03MI/BB

Xiaomi Mi Honeywell Smoke Detector Fire Alarm JTYJ-GD-03MI/BB is the best cheap home Security System for family safety, Burglar Alarm System in JB Selangor Kl

Entrust your home’s safety to a well-known brand. In case of real fires, this Xiaomi Honeywell Smoke Detector has a sensor that detects smoke and notifies an alarm immediately so you can prevent the house from fire. Furthermore, when linked to the Bluetooth Getaway, you will instantly receive a notification of emergency wherever you are.

This smoke detector has five years of battery life, and it is triggered every 10 days. This uses an advanced optical labyrinth design that sensitively detects visible smoke particles and triggers the alarm for the family’s safety. The high decibel reminder helps you deal with certain situations early. Moreover, you can instantly view the situation with the linked camera, and it can be recorded using Bluetooth. In case a fire is detected, the app will send notifications to MIUI devices you use.

Get this smoke detector at

9. Smart Life Fingerprint Password Door Lock

Smart Life Fingerprint Password Door Lock is The 10 Best Home Security Systems in Malaysia, The Best Smart Locks for this year, Are Samsung digital locks safe?, How Safe Is a Smart Lock?

Using a smart lock for your home gives innovative and much safer security for your family. Aside from using keys that can be misplaced or duplicated, you can now use a fingerprint or password for your door. Input your and your family and friends’ fingerprints so they will have access to your door. Plus, it has an anti-peep password, so if you use the password to unlock the door, it will be safe and only for you. What’s good about this smart lock is that you can view the door open history to know who enters your house.

More of its outstanding features is its smart 5-in-1 unlock through fingerprint, password, card, the app unlocks, or a mechanical key. Even with a strong force, anyone cannot open it unless granted access, making it secure and safe from robberies. With all of these advanced features and functions, you will need this smart lock for your home.

Get this smart door lock at

10. Door Stop Alarm Anti-Theft Alarm System – Simple Device to Deter Thiefs

Door Stop Alarm Anti-Theft Alarm System is best cheap life alarm system malaysia, smart alarm system, Wireless alarm system for Home, Simple device to stop bulgary or theft when you are away, is malaysia safe?, Is Malaysia safe for female Travellers?, Is Malaysia safe to live?

Who would believe that a small size item can help save you from any dangerous situations? This alarm system is practical because it protects your home in an inexpensive way with its three gauge pressure sensors. When the alarm is triggered, it lets out a loud and strong sound. This gadget is portable and handy, which is ideal for your home or bedroom, and it can also act as a door wedge that also prevents intruders from entering.

Get this door stopper at

Is a Home Security System Worth It in Malaysia?

The answer to this is pretty obvious. To be exact, most people, or homeowners, will want the best security and protection for their families. Home security systems are worth it since it provides huge security and assurance for homes and families. People cannot predict dangerous situations like fire or robberies, so it’s better to be safe and alert.

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