Best Gifts For Mothers In Malaysia

20 Best Gifts For Mothers In Malaysia 2021

Our mothers are the most precious women in our lives and we only want all the best for them. When looking for a perfect gift for your mom, it’s important to take into consideration her interests and likes. In this way, you can get her something that she would really love. But of course, it’s still the thought that really counts. Imagine having your daughter or son handing you a gift. Who wouldn’t love to receive presents by the way?

Are you having a hard time picking the right gift for your mom? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you a comprehensive rundown of gift ideas perfect for all mothers out there.

What is the Best Gift to Give a Mother?Get it here
Tanamera Pure Essential OilsRM44.40
Jinkairui Neck MassagerRM119
Deerma Air HumidifierRM69.80
Sweejar Ceramic Painting MugRM20.80
Philips Drycare Essential Hair DryerRM79
Singer Electric KettleRM35
Jean Perry Coray Fitted Bed Sheet SetRM197.82
Royal Bagger Tote BagRM170.89
Locaupin Self Watering Planter Flower PotsRM7.70
Baking Tools SetRM8.20
High Borosilicate Glass Teapot SetRM29
Sweejar Manual Coffee Grinder with HandleRM37.44
Philips Moisture Protect Hair StraightenerRM281.50
Electric Foot MassagerRM28.25
PerySmith Air FryerRM153.33
Airbot A500 Robot Vacuum CleanerRM619
Intelligent Electric Garlic MachineRM18.60
Augienb Electric Portable BlenderRM26.90
6-in-1 Women Salon Hair Styling BrushRM11
Household Fabric Chandelier Lamp ShadeRM14.99
20 Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Make Your Mum Smile

20 Best Gifts For Mothers In Malaysia

There’s no specific season, holiday or occasion for you to give your mom something she would really love to receive. Make a typical day special by surprising her with a present. In this article, we’ve compressed some gift ideas if you’re thinking what you should get for her.

Tanamera Pure Essential Oils

10 best gifts for mothers in Malaysia

Air humidifiers are a trend these days and it won’t be completed without essential oils. It’s perfect for relaxation or if you just want your room to smell good. If your mom is a fan of air humidifiers, Tanamera Pure Essential is a great gift idea.

It comes in different scents–ginger, peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus and more. You can choose one depending on your mom’s preferences, or even get them all! These cute tiny bottles are beneficial in so many ways. You’ll reap different benefits depending on your chosen scent. Don’t miss this out!

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Jinkairui Neck Massager

Best Heartfelt Gifts For New Mother Days

Our moms are always busy every single day and they deserve a relaxing treat after a long tiring day. Whether your mother is a working or a stay-at-home mom, she deserves a pamper time! Jinkairui Neck Massager is an ideal gift if you’re looking for something to give your mom.

This neck massager has 16 balls rotating clockwise and counterclockwise with heating vibration that helps relieve muscle tension. Also, it’s a multifunction massager that’s perfect for legs, neck, shoulder, arms and abdomen. Plus, it’s easy to use! You can just set it up in any indoor chairs or even in a car seat.

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Deerma Air Humidifier

10 Best Mother's Day Gifts for this year every year 2021 2022

Speaking of air humidifiers, this is also one of the best gift ideas for moms. There are different varieties of air humidifiers depending on their sizes and shapes. Deerma Air Humidifier has a space saving cylindrical shape that can easily fit your center tables or even bedside tables.

This is perfect especially if you want your mom to have a good sleep after a long day. And it doesn’t disturb sleep! It has an intelligent screen that automatically puts its light off. You can also choose among the three fog adjustments depending on your preference.

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Sweejar Ceramic Painting Mug

What is the best gift for Mother's Day?

Who would ever forget about coffee every morning? Or tea? And of course, moms are having it too! A new and pretty mug is also a good gift to give your mom. Sweejar Ceramic Painting Mug is something that can appeal your mom’s interest.

With its cozy design, she’ll definitely love having coffee or tea every time she uses this mug. These mugs are made with high quality ceramics and easy to clean. And you also don’t have to worry about the painting to fade out after several washings! It has an underglaze technology so the design won’t be destroyed overtime.

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Philips Drycare Essential Hair Dryer

Best Gifts for Mom this year - Perfect Mother's Day Gifts for Mom

Of course, pampering your mom also includes spoiling her with some beauty essentials. Philips Drycare Essential Hair Dryer is a great gift idea especially if your mom is a working lady. For girls out there, you know how hassle it is to travel with wet hair and the aftermath doesn’t look nice.

This is why most women prefer drying their hair first before leaving their home. Your mom will definitely love receiving a new hair dryer as a gift. This hair dryer has three heat and two speed settings you can choose from. It also has a hook at the back for easy storage!

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Singer Electric Kettle

10 Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Show Mom She's the Absolute Best

Electric kettles will never go wrong for mothers. Whether your mom is a coffee lover or a tea lover, this will perfectly appeal to her interests. This is one of the kitchen essentials that’s very useful on a daily basis so giving your mom a new electric kettle as a gift is a great idea.

This electric kettle is made with food grade materials so you don’t have to worry about chemicals mixing the water. It also has a water level indicator in the side part of the kettle for easy measurement.

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Jean Perry Coray Fitted Bed Sheet Set

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas this year Malaysia KL Penang Melaka

A nice bed sheet can give your mom a good sleep. This is why a bed sheet set is another ideal gift to give her. Jean Perry Coray Fitted Bed Sheet Set is made up of 100% Egyptian combed cotton sateen, making it a soft and comfy sheet.

A bed sheet set is one of the best gifts every mom loves to receive. Each set includes one king fitted sheet, two pillow cases and one bolster case. Give your mom the comfortable sleep she deserves!

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Royal Bagger Tote Bag

10 Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Presents

It’s unarguable that almost all moms love to collect bags–be it a shoulder bag, a sling bag, or a tote bag. As long as it’s stylish and cozy, every woman would love it. And sending it as a gift is timeless! If you’re looking for a beautiful bag to give your mom, Royal Bagger Tote Bag is the best option you can pick.

This is a handy tote bag that can suit almost all outfits–be it a formal, or a casual one. It’s also spacious and has divisions and extra pockets inside. Also, it’s made with authentic genuine cow leather so you can ensure this bag will last long. Your mom will definitely love this one! Royal Bagger Tote Bag appeals to almost all ages!

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Locaupin Self Watering Planter Flower Pots

Mother's Day gifts: 10 best gifts you can give for under RM50

Moms love to collect plants as well! Locaupin Self Watering Planter Flower Pots is a great gift idea especially if she loves taking care of plants. This self watering pot is very convenient and beneficial since you no longer have to water plants everyday. It can store water that’s good for one week, and it helps your plants grow easier.

This pot is also transparent so you can easily see the water level inside. Plus, its smooth and glossy finish make it more stylish. It will compliment almost all areas–be it in an office, desktop, apartment, or even outdoors.

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Banfang Baking Tools Set

10 Unique Mother's Day Gifts this year in Malaysia - Meaningful Presents for your loved one

Does your mom love baking? Then a new set of baking tools is a great idea if you’re looking for something to give her. Banfang Baking Tools Set is made with high quality materials to avoid deformation and resist high temperature.

It also comes in a hook design at the end of each tool so you can easily hang them in your kitchen. This brand offers spatulas, tong, scraper, whisk and shovels. You can also get them all! Baking is a great bonding between you and your mom and having cute high quality tools can make it more fun!

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Banfang High Borosilicate Glass Teapot Set

Banfang High Borosilicate Glass Teapot Set is the Best Gifts for Mothers in Malaysia

Tea times are common among moms out there. Sometimes, it’s best enjoyed while chit chatting and catching up with friends. This is why Banfang High Borosilicate Glass Teapot Set is a great gift idea for your mom especially if she’s a tea lover.

This teapot set includes one light and flexible pot and two glass cups. The most interesting part of this teapot set is that it’s made with high borosilicate glass so you can ensure it can tolerate both hot and cold tea.

It’s also exquisite and compact that you can hold it in one hand so it’s really convenient to use. Don’t miss grabbing this one for your mom!

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Sweejar Manual Coffee Grinder with Handle

Sweejar Manual Coffee Grinder with Handle is Best Gifts for Mom this year

Does your mom love coffee that much? Well, giving her something that can help her brew her own cup of coffee is great! Give your mom this Sweejar Manual Coffee Grinder with Handle as a gift and she’ll surely love it.

Nothing is better than grinding your own coffee beans and brewing it freshly. This gives your cup of coffee the perfect aroma that you like that instant coffees can’t give you. This high quality coffee grinder is made with food grade materials so you can ensure it’s safe and healthy.

Another thing is that it’s easy to clean and has a non-slip feature to make sure it’s convenient for you to hold it. With this coffee grinder, making good coffee with your mom will surely be more enjoyable. It’s a great bonding indeed!

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Philips Moisture Protect Hair Straightener

Philips Moisture Protect Hair Straightener is the best gifts for mom for this year - Meaningful gift ideas she'll love

Spoil your mom by giving her something that can pamper her! Philips Moisture Protect Hair Straightener is perfect for office moms or for those who frequently go on a weekend day out. This hair straightener has a moisture protect technology to prevent your hair from getting damaged.

It also has a sensor technology that helps balance the moisture in your hair. It comes with a very sleek design so it’s also perfect for traveling. It can fit your organizers well and is not bulky to carry in your luggage. If your mom loves styling her hair, this is yet one of the best gift ideas for her.

Make her feel more confident and prettier when going out with this hair straightener! After all, it’s important for our moms to maintain their self care even if they’re busy everyday in taking care of us.

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Electric Foot Massager

Electric Foot Massager is the Best Gifts for Mom this year - Great Gift Ideas Perfect for Mothers

Every mom deserves to be relaxed and pampered after a long tiring day. This electric foot massager can be the best gift to give your mom! This helps relax your muscles and improve blood circulation. It’s also portable and handy so you can bring it in any place in your home where your mom is most comfortable resting at.

This foot massager is easy to use. Just simply sit on somewhere comfortable and step on it. It will definitely help your mom relieve her fatigue and relax her muscles. If you’re looking for something that’s pampering for your mom, this is one of the best ideas to give her.

End your mom’s day with this foot massager and let her have a more comfortable sleep afterwards. This will definitely help her feel more relaxed and ready for another day ahead.

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PerySmith Air Fryer

PerySmith Air Fryer is the best gift to give a mother

Air fryers are a trend today because of its amazing features. So giving your mom a high quality one can surely delight her and make her more excited to cook. PerySmith Air Fryer is one of the best brands when it comes to air fryers. It comes with an adjustable thermostat and a food grade diamond coated pan and basket.

When cooking, we only want to make it as healthy as possible. With an air fryer, you no longer have to use oil when cooking. And it’s also multipurpose! Aside from frying, you can also roast and even cook steaks using this! And the food that you can cook with an air fryer is almost endless.

There are so many air fryer brands you can choose from, but PerySmith is a good option to go to. Its classic and aesthetic color combination, black and gold will surely fit your kitchen’s theme whatever your wall color is. After all, you want a kitchen appliance that matches your kitchen.

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Airbot A500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Airbot A500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a great gift for the mom who has everything

Make cleaning more convenient! Airbot A500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a great cleaning ally. It’s android-supported so you can easily control it. You just have to download the app on Android Play. This cute robot cleaner can definitely be a great gift idea for your mom.

Aside from its cleaning features, it’s also enjoyable to watch it roam around your home. It has a sensor so it automatically changes directions when it hits the walls. This is good for cleaning furs, or other small dirt that our naked eyes can’t see.

Indeed, this is a right choice when looking for a handy cleaning device. You can trust it to do the cleaning chores while you’re cooking or even just relaxing on your couch.

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Intelligent Electric Garlic Machine

Intelligent Electric Garlic Machine is a Gifts for Mom: 40 Thoughtful Gifts at Every Price this year

It’s given that most moms love to cook and giving her some equipment that can make cooking more convenient for her is great. This intelligent electric garlic machine is a useful kitchenware since it can save a lot of time chopping garlic and other other vegetables like carrots, onions or nuts.

It has a stainless steel blade that’s durable and sturdy and can cut finely. Also, all materials are food grade so you can ensure it’s safe and healthy. And the other interesting fact about this chopper is that it’s portable and perfect for compact needs.

Get rid of chopping your cooking ingredients with the use of a knife and chopping board. Aside from it’s time consuming, it’s also energy draining at some point. Grab one of these portable choppers and get it done quickly. This is surely a must have!

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Augienb Electric Portable Blender

Augienb Electric Portable Blender is the Best Gifts for Mom this year - Perfect Mother's Day Gifts for Mom

Does your mom love fruit juices and smoothies? Then a blender must be an essential in your kitchen. But let’s give it a twist–this time, why not go for a portable one? Blending and juicing fruits can never be this handy with Augienb Electric Portable Blender!

This portable blender is a perfect gift idea for your mom if she loves fruit shakes. This allows you to just simply put fruit slices inside the tumbler then blend it in an instant. It has four blades so you can ensure every fruit bit is finely blended for a more flavorful juice.

It also comes in three different colors: pink, white and turquoise. You can choose one that perfectly suits your mom’s personality and she’ll surely love it. Who would’ve thought that making fruit smoothies can be this convenient?

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6-in-1 Women Salon Hair Styling Brush

6-in-1 Women Salon Hair Styling Brush is 20 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Mom

Almost all women love to style their hair. So if you’re looking for a great gift to give your mom, this 6-in-1 women salon hair styling brush set is a perfect option. Who says you can’t achieve salon-like hair at home?

This hair styling brush set is made with high quality materials, making it suitable for both professional and personal use. It’s compact, lightweight and portable so you don’t have to worry about packing them if you need to travel. Also, it’s easy to clean and durable enough that can last for long.

Plus, it doesn’t just comb your hair. It also massages your scalp, helping your hair to grow healthier. Indeed, this is a must-have hair essential.

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Household Fabric Chandelier Lamp Shade

Household Fabric Chandelier Lamp Shade

Moms love to redesign and beautify their home by buying new stuff from time to time. So a new lamp shade for their bedside coffee table is surely one of the best gifts you can give her. Household Fabric Chandelier Lamp Shade has an aesthetic appeal that can be suitable for almost all room types.

What’s interesting in this lamp shade is that it’s purely hand-made using high quality materials. Also, it has a classical style that suits both home and hotel decoration. This can prevent the light from being too bright and protect your eyes from too much light.

This is also applicable to other lights around your home like wall lamps, chandeliers and even small tabletop lamps.

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Best Gifts for Mom

One of the best things in life is seeing our moms happy. While they can be happy with simple things in life like having her family complete and knowing that everyone is safe, it’s still important to make them feel valued by giving unexpected presents.

These gift ideas are all well-suited for almost all mothers out there. Depending on their interests, you might find some in this list that they might love. While customized and DIY gifts are also appreciated, you can always look up to this list if you’re having trouble thinking what to get for your mom. 

And remember, price doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you’ll get her something she can use everyday or something that can help her ease the stress after a long tiring day. It’s always good to see your mom feel relaxed, after all.

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