Best Food Steamers in Malaysia 2021

One of the healthiest ways to prepare your food is by steaming them. This process helps the nutrients get locked into your food and it doesn’t require oil or other substances. Whether you’re cooking for your family or friends, it’s always good to serve only the best–be it to the taste, or to the overall benefits you can get in a meal.

Food steamers are now in demand because of the endless list of foods you can cook in it. Read along and discover some of the best brands you can pick.

With all the different food steamers available in the market, it might be hard for you to choose the best one. Some factors you can consider to gauge which brand is for you are usage, capacity, materials used and portability. These parameters will tell which one you should pick. In this article, we’ll give you a complete list of some of the best food steamers in Malaysia.

Best Food Steamers in MalaysiaPrice

Tefal Convenient Stainless Steel Steamer


Nakada Jumbo Food Steamer


Pensonic Food Steamer


Trio Food Steamer


Elba Food Steamer


Morgan Food Steamer


Midea Electric Steamer


Hesstar Food Steamer


Mi XB Electric Lunch Box


Itata Electric Steamer Pot


Which food steamer is best in Malaysia?

Top 10 Best Food Steamers in Malaysia

1. Tefal Convenient Stainless Steel Steamer

Tefal Convenient Stainless Steel Steamer is the Top 10 Best Food Steamers in Malaysia, Is stainless steel safe for steaming? rust resistant and strong lasting, stainless steel is perfect for cooking.

Are you looking for a big yet compact food steamer? Then Tefal Convenient Stainless Steel Steamer is for you. It’s made with high quality and durable stainless steel to ensure long lasting use. It also comes with a compact storage which can help you save space.

Also, this steamer has two layers so you can steam two different kinds of foods at the same time. And the food you can steam using this brand is almost limitless! If you want to shift to a healthier way of processing your meals, this is the best way to do it.

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2. Nakada Jumbo Food Steamer

Nakada Jumbo Food Steamer is the best steamer pot malaysia, for healthy living healthy cooking healthy lifestyle

If you’re looking for a bigger food steamer, you can go for Nakada Jumbo Food Steamer. It has a fast steaming feature which allows to steam foods quickly depending on their type. Rice can only take 30-35 minutes while chicken, vegetables and fish can take 8-25 minutes. This isn’t that long for a healthily processed meal!

This jumbo food steamer has 39L extra-large capacity with a classic and modern design. It’s also made with food grade materials and non-toxic polycarbonate plastic to make sure your food will not be contaminated with chemicals. And since it’s color white, it will fit almost all kitchen motifs.

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3. Pensonic Food Steamer

Pensonic Food Steamer is the best food steamer, enjoy all the benefits of steam cooking, best for family cooking, individual one person cooking meal

Let’s take a break from large food steamers. Here’s a regular sized food steamer you can use for your daily meals. Pensonic Food Steamer has 12L capacity with 1L rice bowl that can accommodate two different kinds of food at the same time.

It also comes with a water window with a water refill at the side where you can easily see the water level if it’s running low. This steamer is made with high quality stainless steel housing and polycarbonate plastic food containers to make sure your food will remain clean and healthy. This is a great choice if you have a small family.

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4. Trio Food Steamer

Trio Food Steamer is the 10 Best Food Steamers of this year for safe and healthy cooking, steamer for mothers who want to cook healthy food, vitamins and nutrients are retained by steaming as stir fry usually destroy the vitamins, vegetables, meat

Trio Food Steamer is one of the most popular food steamer brands in Malaysia. This is trusted for having the highest quality and comes with two 10L capacity containers which can accommodate huge amounts of food.

Another interesting fact about this food steamer is that it comes with double heaters to give a more intense heat to the food. This is definitely the perfect steamer if you have a big family. And finally, it has an auto-stop timer that signals you when the food is ready to serve.

This food steamer is made with food grade polycarbonate plastic so you can ensure chemicals won’t get into your food.

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5. Elba Food Steamer

Elba Food Steamer is 10 best Food Steamers in Malaysia For Healthy Meals, How do I choose a food steamer?, if possible get one with visible water gauge so that you can see clearly the volume of water in the tank, water has to be top up as steam is lost thru evaporation during cooking process

Of course, Elba Food Steamer shouldn’t miss this list! This food steamer comes with three layers of food containers that have 10L capacity. It also has a detachable and washable steam tray that’s made with stainless steel.

If you’re new to food steamers, this brand is definitely a good pick. It comes with a control panel that’s easy to use and understand plus its auto cut off function, anti-dry protection and timer. Its body is made with high quality and durable stainless steel to ensure it will last long. And finally, the detachable baskets are made with food-grade polycarbonate plastics to make sure your food is safe from chemicals.

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6. Morgan Food Steamer

Morgan Food Steamer top budget Best Electric Steamers to buy in Malaysia, Does steam food make you fat? steaming is considered healthier choice as little or no oil is used during steaming, it is best for Malaysians who are trying to lose weight without taking strange supplements, stir fry or deep dry uses too much oil and when you take in these food, you become obese and fat

If you’re looking for a food steamer that can cook a bulk of foods at the same time, then you can go for Morgan Food Steamer. This is one of the top brands in Malaysia when it comes to huge food steamers. It comes with 28L capacity that can cook almost all types of foods with its two huge layers of food containers.

The unique selling point of this food steamer is its double heater system which allows a quicker steaming process. It also comes with a rice container and removable water refill cup. And just like the other food steamer brands, it has an anti-dry thermostat protection to make sure it’s durable enough to last for a long time.

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7. Midea Electric Steamer

Midea Electric Steamer is Best food Steamers bpa free to buy in Malaysia, best budget and affordable food steamer for housewifes

Here’s another large food steamer that’s perfect for big families! Midea Electric Steamer comes with three layers of food containers that’s made with food grade polycarbonate materials. It also has stainless steel housing and steamer so you can ensure durability.

One of the best features of this food steamer is that it has a tempered glass lid so you can easily look through it to check the food you’re steaming. It also has different settings you can use for stewing, roasting, steaming seafood and many more! And finally, it comes with a unique fuse design that can help prevent overheating.

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8. Hesstar Food Steamer

Hesstar Food Steamer is Best Overall Food Steamer

Do you prefer sleek and sturdy food steamers over large ones? Then Hesstar Food Steamer is perfect for you. It comes with three sturdy and secured plastic containers that are made with food grade polycarbonate materials to ensure chemicals won’t contaminate your food.

It also has a high temperature heating cycle feature and a convenient water tray design that’s easy to clean. Hesstar Food Steamer also features a water level indicator so you can easily see if it’s running low. This is best for steaming vegetables, rice and other foods. The options are almost limitless!

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9. Mi XB Electric Lunch Box

Mi XB Electric Lunch Box is Best Overall electric Food Steamer that double as lunch box for busy yet health conscious malaysians

Are you looking for something that can make your pack lunch freshly hot like it’s newly cooked? Mi XB Electric Lunch Box is the best choice for you! With all the given food steamers above, this stands out since it’s portable and easy to use.

It’s made with food-grade plastic materials and stainless steel with a 2-layer compartment inside. It also comes with a sleek and elegant design that you can’t actually think it’s a food steamer. Eat your lunch like it’s freshly cooked using this one and you’ll surely won’t regret it!

This one is definitely a must-have especially for those who go to work or school.

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10. Itata Electric Steamer Pot

Itata Electric Steamer Pot is Best Multi-Purpose steamer Malaysia, transparent cover with hook handle, colorful and appetizing, 4 amazing functions in one

If you prefer a multipurpose electric steamer, Itata Electric Steamer Pot is the best choice you can go for. This brand features four functions of this amazing steamer. It can be used as a fryer, steamer, boiler or cooker. It’s really a game changer since you can have one cooking equipment and use it in different ways instead of having a bunch of pots and fryers in your kitchen.

With this 4-in-1 electric steamer, you can surely reduce clutter in your kitchen and cook foods more conveniently and efficiently. This is perfect for those who have a small family since it only has 1.8L capacity that’s perfect for 3-4 people.

Enjoy your meal like no other in a healthier way! Don’t miss this steamer out.

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Where to Buy Food Steamers in Malaysia

While there are so many top-notch food steamer brands available in the market, you can always pick the perfect one for you depending on your preferred size and use. This list has mentioned different varieties of food steamers not only from small to large, but also the level of portability it can give.

Food steamers are usually intended for home use. But you can select one that’s portable enough to bring to the office or school. And of course, you can always consider your budget and compare it with the quality of your choices so you can ensure you only pick what’s best for you.


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