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Let’s face it, getting intimate with your special one is entirely normal as human beings. On the other hand, safe sex is one of the things that everyone should be aware of. We don’t want unplanned pregnancies or unexpected STDs (sexually transmitted disease) affecting the lives of you and your partner.

Condoms are one of the most effective contraceptives and protection for . Most of the time, they are 98% effective. They are also the best way to protect yourself from sexually-transmitted diseases, especially HIV.

Unsure where to start? If you’re looking for the Best Condom in Malaysia that you can easily find online, we are here to help!

Top 10 Condom in Malaysia

Top 10 Safest Condoms in MalaysiaWhy We Love It?Average Cost
a Piece (RM)
Play Ersi Time Delay CondomBest Overall Value0.24
Elephant G-Studs CondomBest Ultra-sensitive2.38
Durex Together CondomBest for Regular Sex0.42
Zero One Ultra-Thin Hyaluronic Acid CondomsBest Feeling for Pleasure0.70
Banana Project CondomsBest for Sensitive Skin1.36
ONE True Fit CondomsBest Soft Condom1.72
003 Lubricated Regular CondomBest Affordable0.21
P’ sang Asian Fit Buttercup CondomsBest Fitting1.99
Durex Fetherlite Classic Gold CondomsBest for Feeling0.91
Playsafe Fit-tex Nano CondomsBest for Lasting Longer1.66
Which Condom to Buy for Safe Sex in Malaysia?

1. Play Ersi Time Delay Condom – Best Feeling Condom for Pleasure

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Make your special night even more special and safe with the Play Ersi Time Delay Condom. One of the best features of this condom is that it has premature ejaculation prevention. You and your partner would have a lasting special time through the help of this condom.

It is made from high-quality latex, so you are assured that it won’t rip off on your intimate night. There are three variations that you can choose from according to color. The gold color has some dots and ripples for some hints of added pleasure. The silver one is the smooth and regular type of condom, and the black one has a floating-point screw combination design.

You can buy this condom (12pcs) at

2. Elephant G-Studs Condom – Best condoms for women

Elephant G-Studs Condom is Best Comfortable Condom in Malaysia, Best condoms for women, What condoms are good for women?, Which condoms give the most feeling?, These Are the 10 Best Condoms You Can Buy in Malaysia Right Now, The 10 Highest Rated Condoms for Her Pleasure in 2021 2022

Make the night extra exciting with the Elephant G-Studs Condom. This condom features a dotted design, which is larger but softer than usual condoms. The manufacturer claims that this condom provides a smoother feeling and alleviates the pain felt by women.

It also contains 550mg of lubricant to help prevent any discomfort for both men and women. It also ultra-thin, so it would feel like men are not actually using a condom. There are no fragrances added on this condom, which is perfect for couples who are not fans of fragranced ones.

You can buy this condom (10s’) at

3. Durex Together Condom – Best condoms for long lasting

Durex Together Condom is best condoms for long lasting, Top ten long lasting condoms, 10 of the Best Condoms for Premature Ejaculation, Best Condoms For Long-Lasting Sex, Safe Condoms Can Help You Last Longer in the Bedroom for More Enjoyable Sex for You and Your Partner

Durex is one of the most popular condom brands across the world, so it is not surprising that they are also popular in Malaysia. The Durex Together Condom features an easy-on shape, so it fits perfectly every time you need it!

They are also transparent in color and adequately lubricated for a smooth lovemaking time. Each condom was 100% electronically tested, which is performed to check holes and imperfections. This process ensures that each condom would do the one thing that it should do: be an effective contraceptive and protection.

The condoms are also dermatologically-tested for your sensitive skin’s safety.

You can buy this condom (12pcs) at

4. Zero One Ultra-Thin Hyaluronic Acid Condoms – Best condoms for feeling

Zero One Ultra-Thin Hyaluronic Acid Condoms is Best Ultra-Thin Condom in Malaysia, best condoms for feeling, Which condoms give the most feeling?,Do condoms take away the feeling?,Does ultra thin condoms feel better?, The Best Condoms Will Keep You Safer Without Getting allergy, best thin condoms for feeling,types of condoms,best condoms for feeling quora

This is one of the thinnest condoms that you can find in the market. The Zero One Ultra-Thin Hyaluronic Acid Condoms is half the thickness of regular condoms, making the feeling more natural. The hyaluronic acid component of this condom retains the moisture and lubrication and also provides more pleasure.

The long-lasting moisture of this condom makes lovemaking even more special. Men are assured that there would never be any pain and discomfort felt by their partner. Plus, you are both protected from any sexually-transmitted disease.

You can buy this condom (10pcs) at

5. Banana Project Condoms

Banana Project Condoms is Best Small Condoms in Malaysia, best condoms for sensitive skin, What kind of condoms are good for sensitive skin?, What are the healthiest condoms?, What condoms dont irritate?

Which condoms are the most sensitive?

The goodness and sensual taste of bananas are now in Banana Project Condom. This condom is made from banana plant extracts that are carefully manufactured to produce high-quality condoms. The lubricant on this condom was imported from the Netherlands, which makes the lubricant easier to clean

Another great feature of this condom is that it has delay wipes to help men last longer. It only has 0.02mm of thickness, so this condom provides the most natural sensation during your special night.

This condom is suitable for people who have sensitive skin, so no itchiness and other discomforts can hinder your lovemaking. It also contains a Hydro-gel that contains medical extracts that moisturize the vaginal wall of the ladies.

You can buy this condom (10pcs) at

6. ONE True Fit Condoms

ONE True Fit Condoms is Best Small Condoms in Malaysia, 4 Non-Latex Condoms to Avoid Latex Allergies, best condoms to last longer, Condoms for sensitive skin pH, Best condoms to prevent pregnancy

Keep the momentum going with the ONE True Fit Condom. It fits like a glove, and it lets you enjoy the closeness and comfort that you need. It also stays in place properly, so you don’t have to worry about the condom slipping off in action.

What’s interesting about this condom are the different artworks from the foil covers. The ONE True Fit Condoms have over 200 designs from various fans all over the world! If you’re an artist, you can also try submitting your designs to them!

Also, this condom brand uses Sensatex™ technology, which is an innovation in condom manufacturing to produce softer condoms. You have all the pleasure and confidence that you need inside the bedroom, thanks to the ONE True Fit Condom!

You can buy this condom (12pcs) at

7. 003 Lubricated Regular Condom

003 Lubricated Regular Condom is Best Large Condoms in Malaysia, What condoms are hypoallergenic?, Which condoms are the most sensitive?, best condoms for preventing uti, Can condoms help prevent UTI?Do lubricants cause UTI?,Can sperm give you UTI?,Can you get a UTI from fingers?,

The 003 Lubricated Regular Condom might be termed “regular,” but if you are looking for an affordable but high-quality condom, get this one! This condom is made from natural rubber latex with a shaped teat. It is also parallel-sided with a stippled surface for more exciting bedtime.

Each condom is electronically tested to make sure that there are no imperfections and holes, making you feel safe and secured on your special night. The 003 Lubricated Regular Condom is made from premium quality natural fiber to provide total reliability and pleasure.

Each condom has a 2mm thickness more or less, but all in all, it provides an effective way of preventing pregnancies and sexually-transmitted diseases.

You can buy this condom pack (144pcs) at

8. P’ sang Asian Fit Buttercup Condoms – best condoms for tight foreskin

P’ sang Asian Fit Buttercup Condoms is Best Large Condoms in Malaysia, best condoms for tight foreskin, The Best Condoms for Uncircumcised Penises, The Best Condoms for Every Shape, Size, and Proclivity, tight foreskin home solution, uncircumcised problems with condoms

Get yourself some P’ sang Asian Fit Buttercup Condoms that are made explicitly for Asian men like you! It only has a diameter of 49mm, unlike the regular 53mm from other brands. It also retains its shape to give you and your partner a lasting sensation.

Each condom comes with a tightening ring that has an anti-slip feature, making sure that the condom fits nicely and comfortably without it falling off. Aside from the condom being 100% electronically-tested, it has also undergone a bursting test and water leakage test.

You would surely get that fit, confident, and astonishing stamina that your wife would love!

You can buy this condom pack (12pcs) at

9. Durex Fetherlite Classic Gold Condoms

Durex Fetherlite Classic Gold Condoms is Best fitting thin Condoms in Malaysia,best condoms for safety, What Are the Safest Condoms and How to Use Them, Are Durex condoms safe?, What condoms give the best feeling?, Best Condoms for Pleasurable Safe Sex, Safest condoms: Effectiveness and use

During your intimate time, the one thing that you won’t want to lose is the sensitivity due to wearing condoms. The Durex Fetherlite Classic Gold Condoms promises that you won’t lose any sensation during your lovemaking.

The condoms are made from fine quality raw materials, and Durex has made them as thin as possible. Even though they are light and thin as a feather, it gives you the same level of assurance and protection, just like other regular condoms.

They are easier to put on, and it provides a sleek fit for most Asian men. This condom also comes with a free lubricant, so if you need that extra smoothness, you got it all on this package!

You can buy this condom (12pcs) at

10. Playsafe Fit-tex Nano Condoms

Playsafe Fit-tex Nano Condoms is Best fitting thin Condoms in Malaysia, Best condoms to prevent pregnancy

The Playsafe Fit-tex Nano Condoms delay your climax and prolong your lovemaking excitement with your wife. This condom was manufactured and tested beyond the requirements of international standards. So, you can always rely on this condom for your safety and protection.

This condom offers a smooth and anatomical shape for extra sensitivity and satisfaction. It is also lubricated adequately for utmost comfort, smoothness and satisfaction. This condom is also extremely thin, but it doesn’t mean that its safety and effectiveness is compromised. Enjoy being intimate with your spouse even more with the Playsafe Fit-tex Nano Condoms!

You can buy this condom at

Can you wear two condoms?

Please be advised that you should never use two condoms at the same time. It might seem that using two or more would increase its effectiveness against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. But, do note that the friction between two condoms actually make them break easier instead.

Can you get pregnant if you use a condom?

Condoms are known to be 98% effective in preventing pregnancies while used correctly. This means that 2 out of every 100 people who have sexual intercourse can get pregnant when only using a condom as their contraceptive. However some people make mistakes whilst using condoms. Such condom failures include condom slip off, a wrong condom size, using expired condom, wearing the condom incorrectly and so on.

Getting the Best Condom in Malaysia

There are tons of condom brands out there but there are some things that you need to check before having your favorite brand. You must always check the tests conducted for each brand of condom. These tests ensure the effectiveness and quality of the condoms from manufacturing.

The more tests a condom has, it means that there are zero to no imperfections from being an effective contraceptive and prevention.

We must accept that sexual intercourse is 100% human, but never forget to always be safe when getting intimate. Condoms are one of the most affordable yet effective ways of protecting yourself, so always be prepared with at least one!

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