Best Air Humidifier in Malaysia 2021

Did you know that humidifiers have tons of great benefits? Many people are into humidifiers these days, especially those with which you can add some essential blends. Humidifiers add moisture to the air, and they can effectively treat any dryness or skin irritation. Most people use humidifiers in their living room, bedroom, or even in their office. It just feels great to change your room’s atmosphere with lighting and a great smell, knowing that at the same time, it humidifies your air.

If you are searching for air humidifiers for your home, then look no further because we got the best for you. We have listed the top best air humidifiers in Malaysia that you can buy. These humidifiers are one of the best-selling and top-rated in different online stores. So keep reading to find out their features so you can choose which one is the best for you.

What are the benefits of a humidifier?

Humidifiers not only provide their functions but also give benefits to their users. These include health, sleep, and skin benefits. If you want to find out more, here are some benefits of a humidifier.

Moisturizes the skin

Since humidifiers add moisture to the air, they may provide benefits for your skin. This helps those with respiratory symptoms or dry skin.


Humidifiers help lessen symptoms of allergies, coughs, sinus headaches, and more. This is because the air from humidifiers becomes moisturizers that pass through the airways.

Good Night’s Sleep

A night of good sleep is necessary, and humidifiers can help in giving you a comfortable one. While sleeping, you can feel moisturized and, at the same time, provide health benefits. Furthermore when the air is more humid, snoring may be reduced.


Some air humidifiers can be used for essential blends, adding scent to the air and providing calming benefits. Depending on your essential oil, you will feel relaxed, stress-free, and calm.

10 Best Air Humidifier in MalaysiaCapacityBest Price (RM)

Deroma Aroma Diffuser Wood 600ml + Deroma Essential Oils



Xiaomi Mijia 4L Air Humidifier



HL Mini Air Aromatherapy Diffuser Nightlight



Cute Pet Bear Cool Mist 300ml Humidifier



Deerma F300 Air Humidifier



BSBOSS Ultrasonic Purifier With LED Light Mist Maker



Misty Can USB Mist Humidifier 220ml



REDBUZZ Biang 3.3L Large Ultrasonic Humidifier



3D Moon Lamp Light Air Humidifier Diffuser



Silent Air Humidifier Night Light 2400ML



Which brand is the best air humidifier in Malaysia?

Top 10 Best Air Humidifier in Malaysia

1. Deroma Aroma Diffuser Wood 600ml + Deroma Essential Oils

Deroma Aroma Diffuser Wood 600ml + Deroma Essential Oils is Top 10 Best Air Humidifier in Malaysia, Steam vaporizers, Ultrasonic humidifiers, add essential oil to humidifier, What happens if you put essential oils in a humidifier? add a few drops and its best not to use essential oil with a cool air humidifer., Can you add essential oil into humidifier?, How to Diffuse Essential Oils With a Humidifier

Get ready for a relaxing sleep and let your stress be gone. This Deroma Aroma Diffuser has 7 LED mood lights and also includes some essential oils when you purchase. The diffuser wood can let you choose your time mode from 60, 120, or 180 minutes or leave it on. For every mood, you can change its LED lights, and the brightness is adjustable. Adding to its features is the high-quality and energy-saving performance.

When it comes to design, the Deroma Diffuser has a sleek and refined body, with a touch of wood to match in different room ambiance. The mist mode works separately, and with a full 600ml of water and weak mist, it can last up to 16 hours. This humidifier is highly recommended, and it is an ideal partner for your family. Use it in any mood, whether working, having some romantic time, family bonding, or for your baby. This is safe to use. Plus, it will help you have good yoga and sleep.

Deroma is a great choice for anyone who loves essential oils since it is best to use with it. Who wouldn’t love a high-quality humidifier which saves you more money and helps you a lot at home?

Get this Deroma Aroma Diffuser at

2. Xiaomi Mijia 4L Air Humidifier

Xiaomi Mijia 4L Air Humidifier is top 10 Best air purifier and humidifier Malaysia, comes with 4L water tank small but able to last for quite a while, educes the sound of large particles of water mist, best humidifier for baby, best air purifier for allergies and asthma malaysia, Xiaomi Mijia humidifier review

From a famous brand, Xiaomi Air Humidifier is a talk-of-the-town today. This humidifier is packed with amazing features, and of those is their silver-ion. The silver-ion makes it 99% antibacterial, and it is equipped with dual-layer security that stops it from working when it lifts up. More from its highlights are its design which is very modish and perfect for your room or living room. The humidifier has a separate water tank that can accommodate up to 4L.

One of the best things about the Xiaomi Mijia Air Humidifier is its 3-mist adjustment, where you can choose from low-grade, mid-grade, and high-grade mist, depending on your liking. Moreover, it has a low noise performance with considerate humidification, and its light is soft.

Xiaomi is well-known when it comes to intelligent and electronic items, and no wonder their humidifier is a perfect must-have for families.

Get this Xiaomi Mijia Air Humidifier at

3. HL Mini Air Aromatherapy Diffuser Nightlight

HL Mini Air Aromatherapy Diffuser Nightlight is the 10 Best Humidifier in Malaysia for Better Indoor Air, Diffuser Portable USB Humidifier Quiet Aroma Mist Maker with Nightlight for Car Home Office Yoga 120ml, benefits of humidifier in summer, air humidifier for Malaysia weather

If you want a convenient and lightweight air humidifier yet have extensive features to offer, then this HL Mini Air Aromatherapy Diffuser is a perfect choice. This one is a 3-in-1 multi-functional diffuser with air aromatherapy, air humidifier, or a nightlight. When used with essential oils, it spreads evenly without damaging its natural ingredients because of its ultra-thin mist. The diffuser also can hold up to 120ml, and it has a water sensor when water is running out, where it prompts with a red light for about 10 seconds.

To build an atmosphere in your room, office, or home, you can choose from 7 light colors to lift up your mood combining it with an amazing smell. In addition, it is a USB plug-in, and you can bring this anywhere with you, whether in your room, living room, kitchen, or office.

Get this HL Mini Air Aromatherapy Diffuser at

4. Cute Pet Bear Cool Mist 300ml Humidifier

Cute Pet Bear Cool Mist 300ml Humidifier, cute and suitable for kids room, humidifier that kids will love in Malaysia, Health Benefits of Humidifiers and How to Use One Properly, Why Everyone Should Own A Humidifier

A cute addition for your room, especially for little ones to have a relaxing sleep, is this Cute Pet Bear Cool Mist Humidifier. Why this is a great buy is because it helps add moisture to the air to avoid dryness, especially irritations that air can cause. This humidifier can also ease some symptoms of cold or flu and helps treat dryness on the skin.

Talking about its cuteness, aside from the bear, it has a pastel color pleasing to the eyes. Plus, it has multi-colored lighting, which is not too bright. This makes a perfect humidifier for your kids’ room, and it is also suitable for offices or in your living room. Also, humidify your room in silence for it has a low noise consumption so you can have a better sleep.

How cute is this humidifier? This one is a good choice for Malaysian moms and dads looking for air humidifiers for their homes.

Get this Cute Pet Bear Humidifier at

5. Deerma F300 Air Humidifier

Deerma F300 Air Humidifier is the 10 Best Humidifiers In Malaysia this year Review for Home & Office, Fill water from top water tank easily without spilling water around, Do humidifiers kill germs in the air?, Does a humidifier help with smoke in the house?

This Deerma Air Humidifier is one of the best options when you are looking for high-quality and trusted air humidifiers. Because of its many features and highlights, most people considered buying this one from Deerma.

With its small and lightweight body size, you can carry it anywhere with you or place it on top of your desk or table. In addition, there is no need to lift up the humidifier’s water tank because you can easily add water on the top, making it convenient. Another thing is the water shortage automatic power failure protection that monitors the humidifier’s water level. This makes it turn off automatically when it is running out of water to prevent it from burning.

An impressive feature of this air humidifier is its 360-degree rotating mist and has a wide range of gathering spray humidification. Additionally, its ring system has a combination of turbine air duct circulation, making the fog concentrate further and moisturize your home.

Get this Deerma F300 Air Humidifier at

6. BSBOSS Ultrasonic Purifier With LED Light Mist Maker

BSBOSS Ultrasonic Purifier With LED Light Mist Maker is the 10 Best Air Humidifier Reviews in Malaysia 2021 2022 2023, Top-Rated air humidifier benefits, adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness, Are air humidifiers good for you?, Why are humidifiers bad?, Do humidifiers clean the air?

This humidifier from BSBOSS is another top-selling air humidifier online, for it offers tons of impressive features. This ultrasonic purifier is USB-powered, so you can use it anytime and anywhere. The multi-functional humidifier has a high water tank capacity of 800ml, with a multi-effect water purification filter. Moreover, the humidifier’s design makes it easier for you to fill in the water by simply rotating and pulling out the top cover.

Additionally, a lot of fine mist humidifies the air for your relaxation and helps in moisturizing skin. For mist options, you can choose two types of haze. This could be continuous spray or intermittent spray. When sleeping, this is your quiet companion to ensure a quality and comfortable sleep. The atmosphere light operating has colorful breathing light, and you may add a touch of warm glow when you need it at night.

It’s time to stay hydrated and moisturized anywhere. Whether you are at home, in your room, or at the office, you can bring this with you anywhere.

Get this BSBOSS Ultrasonic Purifier With LED Light Mist Maker at

7. Misty Can USB Mist Humidifier 220ml with FREE USB LED & Fan

Misty Can USB Mist Humidifier 220ml with FREE USB LED & Fan is 10 Best Humidifiers in Malaysia this year Reviewed, 3 in 1 Misty Can Humidifier 220ML Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Diffuser for Home Car USB Fogger Mist Maker, Can be charged by any USB sources, Should humidifier run all day?, Why does my humidifier smell?

How cool is a humidifier just like the size of a can? Well, search no further because if you are looking for a humidifier, you can bring it anywhere that is portable, here is Misty Can USB Mist Humidifier. Plus, it has a free USB LED and dan, which makes it more awesome to purchase.

This Misty can humidifier has 2 mist modes, the ultrasonic continuous spray or interval spray. The portable cup size is perfect for adding 220ml water. An amazing feature of this humidifier is its waterproof capability, so pouring water on it won’t affect its performance and durability. Furthermore, its night illumination is perfect for enhancing the atmosphere. Because of it is lightweight and compact, you can use this anywhere, like in your car, room, or office. What’s more interesting in this can mist are their free LED and fan where you can use it anytime by simply plugging it on the USB port.

We just love this humidifier because of its unique design and functions. For those looking for humidifiers to bring anywhere, this is a good choice.

Get this Misty Can USB Mist Humidifier at

8. REDBUZZ Biang 3.3L Large Ultrasonic Humidifier

REDBUZZ Biang 3.3L Large Ultrasonic Humidifier is 10 Best Air Humidifier Malaysia this year, Is it OK to use tap water in humidifier? Always choose demineralized, distilled, or purified water for your humidifier., What are the benefits of cool mist humidifier?

Increase your air moisture to improve good breathing and fresh air. Made with PP and environmental-friendly materials, this Redbuzz Biang Ultrasonic Humidifier is a great option when looking for a large humidifier for your home. With the amount of 3.3L water you can put in this humidifier, you can have a serene sleep and help prevent skin dryness. At night, you can use it as your night lamp to improve your mood and your room’s atmosphere.

Let yourself feel relaxed in a fresh environment with this air humidifier from Redbuzz. This humidifier is just simple to operate, durable, and sturdy. More from its features is its double spraying nozzle, which you can adjust into the condition you desire. This humidifier helps reduce and relieve colds, flu, dry skin, and other skin irritations.

Get this REDBUZZ Biang 3.3L Large Ultrasonic Humidifier at

9. 3D Moon Lamp Light Air Humidifier Diffuser

3D Moon Lamp Light Air Humidifier Diffuser is good humidifier in Malaysia, Which brand humidifier is best?, What are the top 10 humidifiers? Moon lamp made with 3D printing technology, good for sleeping with,

A moon beside you that can light up the whole night and at the same time humidifies the air. This 3D Moon Lamp Air Humidifier looks like a realistic moon with craters and pockmarks that moon lovers will definitely love. Plus, you can change its color by touching the light so you can change your home or room’s ambiance, whether you like it white, yellow, or warm.

The 3D Moon Lamp Air Humidifier adapts to the latest atomization technology for its performance and quality, which effectively diffuses water in the air. This can be used for about 8 hours with an 800ml water tank. This is also made with environmentally friendly degradable materials and also includes a solid wood base so the mood will stay in place.

Get this 3D Moon Lamp Light Air Humidifier Diffuser at

10. Silent Air Humidifier Night Light 2400ML

Silent Air Humidifier Night Light 2400ML is 10 Best Humidifiers in Malaysia for Optimal Humidity, air humidifier purpose, Do humidifiers clean the air?, Are air humidifiers good?, Can you sleep with a humidifier on?

One of the best-selling humidifiers, this Silent Air Humidifier Lamp Light is your best partner for a cozy sleep. With its large capacity of 2.4L, this makes it long-lasting without the need to refill it repeatedly. Of course, the best feature it got is its silent operation, so you won’t hear any droplets or noise at night. Another impressive highlight of this is its multi-colored lighting which you can set the mood of your room.

This silent air humidifier is suitable for water-based essential oils to keep you calm and relaxed. Plus, it is easy to refill since you only need to fill it from the top.

Get this Silent Air Humidifier at

Should you sleep with a humidifier?

Humidifiers are best companions while sleeping, and it is beneficial for adults and kids. This may help you avoid certain illnesses like flu and coughs since it moisturizes the air while you sleep. Additionally, the moisture in the air can help in preventing skin dryness and irritations. Another exciting thing is it helps reduce snoring. In Malaysia, most people use humidifiers today while sleeping because aside from the moisture it provides, it is also a good night lamp at night. What’s good about humidifiers is it helps you stay protected and healthy.

If you are convinced of the benefits these humidifiers provide, it’s best to consider the humidifiers we have listed since they are the top ones we found for you. Read their features and check the price, you will know how they can also benefit you.


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