Best Air Cooler in Malaysia

Best Air Coolers in Malaysia 2021

Have you ever experienced your good night’s sleep getting disrupted due to Malaysia’s unbearable heat? Perhaps your fan is just not enough to give you relief during the summer season. You might want to consider getting an air cooler as an alternative then. Air coolers are definitely easier to maintain and would not cost you too much for a cool room to sleep through the night. In this article, we feature some of the best air coolers you can buy in Malaysia.

Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner

When it comes to cool and refreshing air, discussions on whether air coolers are a better option than an air conditioner is always up for debate. In order to give our readers more clarity on which item to purchase, here are some facts to consider why in our opinion, air coolers are the best.

Air coolers are more economical

Getting an air cooler to lower a room’s temperature is much more economical. Because aside from the cheaper cost, it requires less maintenance such as changing the air filter in air conditioners. Installation of air coolers is also easier and eliminates the cost of hiring a technician or electrician to put in place.

Air coolers add moisture to the air

Both fans and air conditioners often produce dry air that may cause dry eyes and skin. It may also trigger asthma and other dust allergy problems. Unlike air conditioners, air coolers place moisture in the surrounding air that helps increase its humidity and makes it easier for the lungs to breath in.

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Air coolers effectively cool a room using a naturally safe method

Unlike air conditioners that rely on Freon (non flammable cooling agent) and compressor to cool the air, air coolers use water evaporation to cool incoming hot air and its fans then circulate the cool air. With the Covid-19 around, good air circulation is required more than ever. An air cooler also allows much open ventilation because it does not require sealed doors and windows to replenish stale air.

Air coolers are more environment-friendly

Air conditioners require more energy to function and eventually emit more carbon dioxide, which we all know is bad for the environment. Air coolers on the other hand produce significantly less carbon dioxide, use less power, and therefore reduce our carbon footprint. Moreover, air coolers are less noisy while in use.

How air coolers work basically is by converting warm air into cool and moist air. With these factors in mind let us start looking at some of the features of these air coolers and see what makes them a good option for making your place comfortable and inviting.

Best Air Coolers in Malaysia

Best Dustproof Air Cooler

Cornell CAC-E33 Air Cooler

Cornell CAC-E33 Air Cooler is Best Air Coolers in Malaysia. White sleek and space saving, just plug in and enjoy cool and refresh gust of wind.


  • LED Display
  • Wheels make it easier to transfer in rooms
  • Dustproof filter protection


  • Timer limited to 9 hours
  • 3-mode settings only

With its ionic function and dustproof filter protection, you can always rely on a fresher air to breathe with Cornell Air Cooler. The negative ions help clean the air in the surroundings while the multi-layer filter lessens the chances of dust particles being inhaled. It can be adjusted into low, medium, and high-speed settings. A remote control is also included making it easier to adjust and operate anywhere in the room.

It features a drawer-style 4-liter removable water tank and 2 ice packs. It is also equipped with a water pump protection system and water circulation cooling technology that enables water recycling and faster cooling. Some of its drawbacks though are that it only allows up to 9 hours of continuous operation so you might need to turn it on from time to time. Wind types or also only limited to normal wind, natural wind, and sleep wind options.

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Best Compact-sized Air Cooler

Honeywell TC10PCEI Indoor Air Cooler

Honeywell TC10PCEI Indoor Air Cooler is Best Air Cooler Prices & read our Reviews in Malaysia


  • Low Power Consumption
  • Ideal for spot cooling
  • Remote control access
  • Easy to clean filter


  • Maximum of 10-Liter capacity
  • For Indoor use only

If you are planning on putting on some expenses but do not want to sacrifice getting comfortable room ventilation. This air cooler from Honeywell has wheels for easy mobility and allows you to carry it around different areas in your house. You can also choose from three speeds for custom cooling.

Aside from being an air cooler, you can also choose to use this particular model as a normal fan or as a humidifier. The Honeycomb cooling plate and easy to clean filter effectively traps dust and cleans the air. Its modern and aesthetic design is suitable for every office, living room, and bedrooms. Grab the chance to have a reliable indoor air cooler for your home with this one from Honeywell.

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Best Energy Saving Air Cooler

Midea MAC-215F Ionizer Air Cooler

Midea MAC-215F Ionizer Air Cooler is the Best Energy Saving Air Cooler. Buy Air Coolers Online Malaysia from Shopee, lazada or amazon. Shipping is fast and sellers are reliable.


  • Multi-functional
  • Built-in Ionizer
  • Aroma Smell
  • 60W Power


  • Bulky size and heavy
  • Water pumping system may cause a bit noise
  • 7-hour timer limit

When purchasing an appliance for your place, it is best to invest in one that you can certainly use all the time to make the most out of your hard-earned money. This air cooler made by Midea can be used as a regular fan during the cold season or you can just add a few ice to fully utilize it during the hot and humid season. It has a 3-speed setting that you can adjust manually on the unit or through its complementary remote.

It comes with a built-in ionizer that blows and cleans stale air and bad odor. This evaporative air cooler is Freon free and is able to operate using low energy consumption. You may have to perfectly plan on where you want to put it because it bulky size may take too much space in certain areas. It may also produce a bit of a noise when the water pumping system and the fan is in use.

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Best Portable Air Cooler

ELBA EAC-H6580RC Air Cooler

Best Portable Air Cooler is the ELBA EAC-H6580RC Air Cooler. Senarai Top 10 Terbaik Di Malaysia


  • Low water level sensor
  • Wheels with skid lock
  • Auto Swing
  • Easy to clean air filter


  • Cooling ice packs only lasts for 2 hours
  • 14-liter water tank capacity

Stay cool and comfortable during the hot and dry season using this portable air cooler from Elba. It gives a significant difference in lowering the indoor temperature by as much as 20 degrees. You can choose from three different speed fan settings. It also has three different wind modes like normal, natural, and sleep mode.

No need to constantly check the water level because it has an automatic low water sensor that automatically shuts off the water-pumping feature. Its honeycomb filter comes with a dustproof cover that aids in cleaning the air you breathe in the surroundings.

Some things to take note though is that even though it can function as an ice cooler, the cooling ice packs have the maximum capacity to last up to 2 hours only. Its tank can only hold until 14-liter of water which is comparably smaller than the other air coolers on this list.

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Sleek and Modern Air Cooler

Sharp PJA200TVB Air Cooler

Most Compact Air Cooler in Malaysia is Sharp PJA200TVB Air Cooler. Air coolers really work. Buy the right sized one to cool down your room. furthermore there are dehumidifier features.


  • 4 fan speed functions
  • 4 pcs. of Ice Pack
  • Smooth and quiet operation


  • High price point

Proven to be one of the best manufacturers of stable and durable home appliances, this air cooler from Sharp will certainly be worth the price. It is ergonomically designed that enables the evaporator, filter, and water tank to be easily and properly maintained.

With its 145W power, you can enjoy using the cooler in soft, low, middle, and high fan speed. You can now enjoy staying in your room with peace and comfort because this cooler operates smoothly, perfect for your workspace and/or bedroom area.

The water tank has a 20-liter capacity and can be set to work for up to 8 hours. Its LED display is very easy to read and operate, although a remote control is also provided so that it would be easier to control anywhere from the room. If you want to have a top of the line air cooler, this unit from Sharp is suited for you.

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Do Air Cooler Actually Work?

For air coolers to work efficiently, there should be proper ventilation for air to circulate. As air coolers lowers temperature by means of evaporation with cooling pads, a smooth passing airflow is essential.

Moreover air coolers can cool down a larger area in lesser time due to their faster cooling process. Furthermore an air cooler can be used even outdoors, where using an air conditioner will be ineffective.

The best place to position an air cooler is right before the window where air can be drawn in effectively. Just open the windows slightly ajar to maintain the air flow and to retain the coolness in the room.

What to Consider Before Getting an Air Cooler

Electric fans and air condition units are some of the conventional ways of making room temperature low enough to be comfortable, especially if you live in a place that usually has a hot and humid climate. But what most people don’t know is that air coolers are much more efficient and give you healthier and more environmentally friendly air surroundings.

Most air coolers use an evaporating technique to add moisture to the air and make it easier to breathe in. It also gives a cooler air temperature than a regular electric fan while at the same time offered at a lower price point than air conditioning units. It is also easy to maintain and does not require installation. This makes it portable and practical to use both indoors and outdoors.

Now that we have listed some of the air cooler’s awesome features, have you fixed your mind on which one to get? Check out these wonderful stores in Lazada and Shopee to get your hands on the best air cooler options in the market today.

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