Aesthetic Things to Buy on Shopee Malaysia 2022

When it comes to buying things, we usually know what we want to buy before we even open an online shopping platform on our mobile or computer. But while it is the usual, sometimes, we get this feeling of browsing in random –just simply checking what are the new inventions or trending products out there. But with so many things to choose from, your online shopping for random items can quickly get overwhelming. Well, to save you from the hassle, we’ve rounded up the top 10 aesthetic things to buy on Shopee Malaysia. From home appliances to smart gadgets, beauty products and other lifestyle items, you might be surprised to know that there are a whole lot of cool and interesting things out there just waiting to be discovered!

Why Buy from Shopee Malaysia?

Malaysians nowadays prefer to shop online for their convenience, especially in this time of the pandemic. When enhanced community quarantine or lockdown has been implemented globally, the local government required shopping malls and other non-essential markets to stop their operation. Also, people were not allowed to go outside for non-essential activities. Therefore, online shopping has become more popular. Moreover, in this pandemic, online shopping is way better than traditional shopping for convenience and protection.

Due to such changes, online malls and marketplaces became the leading option for consumers. For instance, in Southeast Asia comes Shopee Malaysia. This online shopping platform offers a secure and hassle-free online shopping experience for customers worldwide. Aside from boasting a wide selection of affordable yet high-quality products, the platform also prides itself on having a substantial payment and logistical support system.

Cool Items to Buy on Shopee MalaysiaBest Price to Get
Rustic Ceramic Dining PlateRM16.80
Tapestry Wall Decoration Background ClothRM32.50
Retro Canvas Wall DécorRM11.05
Large Anti-Skid Floor MatRM22.88
Lucky Deer Statue Tabletop OrnamentsRM27.58
Cats Pattern Floor Rug Home DécorRM27.95
Classic Chelsea Football Mouse PadRM18.70
Iron Man Ashtray Helmet DecorationRM48.99
Outdoor Solar LED LightingRM11.90
Anime Mangekyo Sharingan LED Night LightRM11
What are the cool and unique products you can order now from Shopee Malaysia?

Top 10 Aesthetic Things to Buy on Shopee Malaysia that Are Worth Your Money

1. Rustic Ceramic Dining Plate

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Eat your delicious meal such as salads plainly and simply with a bit of the countryside vibe! These rustic aesthetic decors have found their way to modern times because of their simple look that attracts minimalist homeowners. While these items are somewhat pricey on most shops on the online market, at Shopee Malaysia, you can get it at a more affordable price!

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You can get this set of Rustic Ceramic Dining Plate in two shapes: oval or round. You are also guaranteed that the value and quality of the aesthetics pars with the value of your money even the items didn’t undergo factory QC process. Why? Because these aesthetic plates were made differently and not uniform. They are made not to be perfect; they are made to be unique. The products also comes in different colors and measures 20 cm, and weighs 0.50 kgs.

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2. Tapestry Wall Decoration Background Cloth

interesting things to buy on shopee malaysia

Who is not obsessed with room decoration? Exactly, no one! Whether you want your room to have a simple and classic style or, maybe, the regal and heavily decorated one, a tapestry is a must-try!

This Tapestry Background Cloth is made from 3D Digital printed Polyester, making it smooth and easy to wash. The package includes one tapestry, two sticky hooks, three screwless nails, and two double-sided tapes. You will also get a separate six-meter LED starlight, which gives you the freedom to install it or not or how you will use it to complete your wall design.

It also has various designs you can choose from depending on your preference. The wide variety of options will please you –from classic and minimalist design to a dreamy and heavily colored one. The tapestry is also soft, making it an ideal yoga mat, wall blankets, table cloth, and more.

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3. Retro Canvas Wall Décor

cool decor items on shopee malaysia

Canvas painting decors is arguably one of the best and timeless ideas in interior decorating. But, if you’re having a hard time thinking about what design or type of canvas painting you will put on your wall, you might want to check this set of American Retro Oil Painting! If you are thinking of something extraordinary, let’s say for home improvement, this decor item might be the best option.

Each set contains three printed mural paintings. There are five sets and three sizes to choose from based on your preference. The canvas boasts a natural texture that helps the picture look livelier. Manufacturers used high-quality spray to ensure the canvas’ long life and durability. Your order will come with an internal frame and hanging accessories (non-marking nails, straight nails, rulers, gloves, pencils) –allowing you easy and quick wall installation.

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4. Large Anti-Skid Floor Mat

unique things to buy on shopee malaysia

Aside from enhancing the aesthetic value of a space, carpets bring comfort and warmth to homeowners by insulating one’s feet from the cold tiles or concrete floor. It also makes the room more comfortable –you can sit and roll all you want. Furthermore, carpets reduce sound caused by walking or running while at the same time adding colors and vibrant touch to any room. Some products might be pricey, but if you are looking for a great deal, you might want to check out this Large Size Tie-dyed Plush Carpet.

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This carpet comes with unusual yet eye-catching colors. It is made of silk plush and has a rectangular shape, available in different sizes. Furthermore, this beautiful carpet is skid-proof which means it is also child-friendly. It is also durable and easy to care for, making this environmental bedroom and home carpet a precious home item.

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5. Lucky Deer Statue Tabletop Ornaments

Lucky Deer Statue Tabletop Ornaments is best top cool items to buy on shopee malaysia

Having a centerpiece on your table at home adds to the displays that draw the attention of your visitors. It is why it pays to have a unique and creative tabletop ornament. Such decorative items can also serve as an ice breaker for your guests sitting around your table. So, if you are looking for one, then it’s your lucky day because this Lucky Deer Statue is just a few clicks away from you.

As we know, deer symbolizes spiritual authority. Moreover, it symbolizes purity, devotion, and God taking care of his children or men for Christians. On the other hand, an elk symbolizes inner strength, wisdom, and grace. Good symbolisms, right?

And you know what’s better? While this decorative item looks classy and sophisticated, this product is not expensive.

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6. Cats Pattern Floor Rug Home Décor

Cats Pattern Floor Rug Home Décor is top 10 interesting items under RM50 on shopee malaysia

For most of us, Tom & Jerry is a big part of our childhood. Who can forget the cliché yet iconic scene wherein Tom is flatten? That one always hit our tickly spot when we were still a kid. Achieve your childhood dream to see Tom flat in person with this fantastic floor rug!

There are many ways you can use this floor rug. You can put it on your front door, staircase, or even next to your bed. You can also put it on your desk as a table cloth and even inside your classroom. This product is available in two different sizes: 60x90cm and 70x120cm. It is made of Polyester, which makes it gentle on the skin, easy to wash, and durable.

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7. Classic Chelsea Football Mouse Pad

Classic Chelsea Football Mouse Pad is top 10 affordable items to buy on shopee malaysia

Hello there, football lovers! If you’re a fan of this sport, especially the Chelsea Football team, surely you’d be interested in this cute, collectible mousepad.

As the name goes, this product comes with the logo of the famous English football club, Chelsea FC. It is made up of materials specially designed for football lovers who also happen to love computers. The sides have gone through precision seaming, which assures the product’s quality and durability. The mousepad is 3mm thick and has a non-slip bottom – making it perfect for all kinds of tabletops. It also boasts a soft and silky surface that brings the utmost comfort to your hand.

Furthermore, this product also offers a variety of dimensions. So, whether you prefer a shorter or a longer pad, they surely have it for you. Among the sizes you can choose from are 180mm x 220mm, 210mm x 260mm, 300mm x 600mm, and 300mm x 700mm.

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8. Iron Man Ashtray Helmet Decoration

Iron Man Ashtray Helmet Decoration is top 10 best decor items to buy on shopee malaysia

These days, who wouldn’t know Iron Man? He is arguably one of the coolest superheroes many of us had watched in several films. From his luxurious house and cars to his incredible inventions, everything about this superhero seems interesting. Well, if you’re an avid fan, this Iron Man Helmet Ashtray would surely be the next addition to your shopping cart.

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This unique product, as the name goes, is an Ironman-inspired ashtray. It is durable, comes with an anti-shock feature, and is extremely easy to clean. You might also be amazed to know that this item is also lightweight. It is portable, which means you can use it indoors, outdoors, or even carry it while walking and smoking around.

Now, if you’re not a smoker, you can still order this for your friends or relatives. The excellent design makes it a perfect gift, no matter what the occasion is!

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9. Outdoor Solar LED Lighting

Outdoor Solar LED Lighting is top 10 aesthetic things to buy on shopee malaysia, What are some cute things to buy?, What to get someone who loves aesthetics?, What Shopee porducts are aesthetically pleasing?

Let’s go outdoor where your garden is located. This area is the first thing your visitors would notice before entering your house; why not add it up with a bit of extravagance without spending too much?

Have this LED Solar Auto ON/OFF Outdoor Lighting Garden. You might be surprised at the elegance it can bring to your space. This decorative item is easy to install and is also waterproof, including the switch. It can survive the rainy days, so stop worrying even if you install it in an open area. It automatically turns on and off and has full battery power, which can last a full day.

If you do not have a garden, you can use it in your garage, porch, even on pathways. It also uses green power and green lighting technology, which helps preserve our natural resources and reduces the risks of natural disasters. Furthermore, this product boasts an ABS body protected from harmful UV rays. It is available in white and black, measures approximately 97mm x 66mm x 53mm, and weighs approximately 120g.

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10. Anime Mangekyo Sharingan LED Night Light

Anime Mangekyo Sharingan LED Night Light is top 10 cool home decor on shopee malaysia

If you are looking for a better way to light up your room at night, you may want to have this Sharingan-themed table lamp. This table lamp illuminates colorful Sharingan symbols and characters that will surely make your room look calm and exciting at the same time.

These LED lights come with an optical acrylic panel, lamp base, USB remote, micro-USB cable, and a user manual. This lamp is also available in different colors, which you set through the remote control or the touch panel on the lamp base.

When you order this product, you will also receive additional acrylic panels, which you can use as a replacement or a temporary substitute. You can choose from four variations: black-based touch, black base remote, crack base remote, and crack base touch. This lamp can be placed next to your bed, on your study table, and even in your living room.

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What are Some Cute Things to Buy on Shopee Malaysia?

Shopee Malaysia is a marketplace where you can shop and sell effortlessly. Aside from the cool things in this list, you have a wide array of product categories to choose from, such as home appliances, baby products, mobile phones and accessories, men and women apparel, kitchenware, pet products, travel accessories, and footwear, among others!

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